Feel the burn

I had a physical exam for my gym membership and an appointment with a trainer to manage my
workout today. I seem to have a “risk factor” in that I have hypertension. It’s 143/95, which is
slightly high, but I already know I have borderline high blood pressure. It seems that the
diastolic blood pressure is an important hypertension number for younger people. I have clocked in
higher blood pressure figures though. I didn’t have my usual nitro powered coffee and sodium
saturated meals today to have a more presentable reading. Heh. I actually haven’t eaten anything
for 16 hours prior to the reading, but that’s because I usually only eat one meal a day. I seem to
have put on some weight too. I’m 73 kgs now, a gain of 3 kgs since my last weighing. However, I
seem to have grown 1 cm. Heh. I had 171 cm down as my height and after measuring, it turned out to
be 172 cm. Anyway, I was put on a rather rigorous cardio + weight training program. It was
punishing to finish the sets that were recommended by the trainer. There were exercises that worked
on small muscle groups I didn’t even know I had. I am supposed to do 20 minutes of cardio and 40
minutes of weight training three times a week. There is another program for a one hour weight
training which should be done on alternate days. Hell yeah, I felt the burn today. =D

4 prints on a Polaroid minus one that was cut out for the membership card

I’m going to get my gym membership card tomorrow. I went to the MONSU service desk to get my
photo taken for the membership card. I always lose my passport sized photos for some reason. It was
A$5 for 4 prints on a Polaroid film. Apparently Polaroid film needs to dry out for around 2 minutes
before it can be cut, but I was strapped for time so I just cut it up anyway and it didn’t smudge
or anything. I look fat in this picture, so I’m going to stick to my workout and attempt to go from
fat ass to beef cake in one month. Watch me folks. =D

Four days?

I tried to get my photos developed today, but apparently Advantix (APS)
film needs a couple of days to develop. I bought a

Kodak Advantix Switchable disposable camera
[kodak.com] at Mt Buller
when my digicam was recovering from death by snow. I dropped it off at my
campus bookshop this morning, and was told to check back again on
Thursday. I saw that panoramic APS film costs A$2 each to develop. I’m
being reminded again why I got a digicam. Film developing prices are
ridiculous. Oh well. I also checked the option for a

Kodak Picture CD
to save myself from having to scan in those prints
manually. Four days seems like a long wait though, and on campus
developing prices are not that different from private places too.

Anyway, I also signed up for a one month membership at the campus gym
today. There was a promotion where you can get a membership at a renewal
price. The physical exams are all booked until next week though, and I
can’t use the gym until I pass the physical. They want to make sure
members don’t drop dead from a heart attack the moment they start using
the facilities or something.

This limited edition orange Crunchie is pretty good. Not only is the milk
chocolate covering orange flavored, but so is the honeycomb! Nice.

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