How to make a hanky bra

I just re-learnt how to make a bra out of a handkerchief today. πŸ™‚ We
used to do this all the time in primary school, and it was an endless
source of laughter and fun. Now that I think of it, most people in my
class in primary carried a hanky. I used to carry one too, until about
Primary 4, when I couldn’t be bothered anymore. Anyway, here’s how you
make a bra out of a handkerchief. Origami with cloth, if you like.


Get a square-ish handkerchief. This is the same one I actually used
in primary school (!). I found it in one of the drawers at my house.
It’s a wonder it’s survived all these years. Ah…memories.


Establish a center line in the middle of the hanky and fold the
handkerchief vertically (towards the center line), making sure that
both folds are of approximately equal size.


Turn the hanky over, making sure that the folds on the opposite side are not disturbed in any way.


Approximate another center and fold the sides horizontally. You
should now have about four equally sized ‘squares’ making up a larger


Grip the two top squares with one hand and grip the bottom two squares with your other hand. Apply force as needed. Pull.


You now have a bra made out of a handkerchief. Har har. I’m so juvenile. πŸ™‚

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