I had a supervisor meeting again this morning and since the shuttle
bus does not run outside the normal semester, I’ve been taking the
train to get here. Anyway, I just noticed today that the male toilets
on Platform 4 in Caulfield station are pretty ancient. They must hail
from the 1940s or something, it’s comparable to the one at the
Caulfield Racecourse. I usually take the train on Platform 2 coz I tend
to take late afternoon/evening classes so I’ve never really noticed
until today. Hmm…

Anyway, it seems that ticket prices goes up every time I come back…or maybe it’s only for Zone 2? Noticed a 10c increase.

Oh, how I wish I was back in Malaysia for the Chinese New Year
holidays. I had been looking forward to my final (don’t get much
holidays when you work) 4 month summer holiday before I graduate, but
it has been cut very short into a meagre 1 month holiday. Hmph…

Can the time go faster, please? I think I’ll feel much better once
Chinese New Year is over…although I suspect I won’t feel 100% until
semester properly starts again in March. It’ll only be 3 months until I
go back again then. Whee.

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