Kind bud


I’ve had some problems getting a decent amount of cannabis ever
since I came back to Melbourne. Yes, I arrived here a couple of days
ago. The person I usually go through usually have no problems
in getting really QUALITY dank ass weed, but he is going through a
different supplier now. He related the story to me today while he
brought over some of his personal stash. Apparently, there were some
problems with the usual supplier in that he’s decided that he’s going
to quit supplying because it gives him too much temptation to do it
himself. So, my contact has to go through another guy, who has to go
through another guy, so there are some supply issues. The stuff is not
as good as the dank ass nuggets from the previous supplier but I still
consider it kind bud as it’s stronger, hairy-er and has more THC
crystals than the commercial quality weed I get from another guy. I
like this guy coz there’s not many people out there who delivers
(remember, mosts busts are made just after you’ve purchased) and is not a dodgy guy to boot. There are just too many dodgy people in the business.

Disclaimer: veritas is not the owner of He’s a guest author who occasionally posts here.

Disclaimer #2: veritas is not currently in possession of any illicit substances. All the abovementioned cannabis has been disposed of.

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