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I’ve got an exam tomorrow – the final paper of BUS 3650 Business
Applications of Neural Networks. That’s my summer semester subject if
you’re wondering. Well, the subject is not as easy as I thought due to
several formulas that requires knowledge of DIFFENTIATION.

/me makes a gesture to ward off evil.

I never would have thought I’ll come across that word again after
Additional Math in high school. My thinly disguised attempt to solicit
specific hints didn’t go so well either:

I suggest you make sure you understand
the tutes and examples given in the lectures. If you don’t understand
something, come and see me during my consultation hours this week (see
web site for times) with very specific questions.

Dr. Kate A. Smith
Deputy Head & Director of Research    
School of Business Systems  telephone: +61 3 9905 5800
Monash University    mobile: 0438 112912
Clayton, Victoria 3800    fax: +61 3 9905 9422
Australia   email:

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