4-MAR (U4EA)

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Two foils of 4-MAR containing 100 mg each.

Okay, I have recently acquired 2 points (a point is 0.1 gram or 100
mg – local slang) of a substance sold to me as Ice. I’ve been told it’s
NOT methamphetamine but U4EA (U4Euh). U4EA (pronounced euphoria) is the
common name for 4-methylaminorex (4-MAR)
[erowid.org]. Now this substance is not common at all, so I was
surprised at the availability of it. It costs only A$25 for a point of
powder. It’s not pure crystals (that’s a given, considering the price)
but I can see crystals in the crushed white powder mix. It burnt really
bad going up, and take note that I regularly insufflate crushed
dexamphetamine tablets, so I know the difference between an
unremarkable burning and a fairly bad burning, although my scale might
differ from yours. πŸ™‚

Substance: 4-methylaminorex (4-MAR) also known as U4EA (Euphoria).
Initial dosage: 50 mg (eyeballed 1/2 of a point)
Method of administration: Insufflated (snorted)
Notes: I had 50 mg dexamphetamine orally about 6 hours ago on an
empty stomach, if that’s of interest. I was coming down when I
insufflated this.
Taste: Very, very bitter, like methamphetamine (licked a bit off the foil).
Drip: Gosh, I don’t even want to go into the drip. Nasty, bitter
stuff. Man…either the crystals are cut with something like quinine or
4-MAR tastes different from methamphetamine.
Visual: It’s a white powder with crystalline bits visible inside.

I’m feeling charged up now, renewed the flagging dexamphetamine
high. I snorted another 1/4 point and it’s definitely feeling pretty
speedy here in my slice of space/time. πŸ™‚ I can’t tell for sure
(scientifically) whether it’s really U4EA (4-MAR), but it’s definitely
at least methamphetamine. It takes fairly long to come up though, it’s
not the instant charge of methamphetamine but it took damn near half an
hour to make it’s presence felt. It feels different from meth though,
but unless someone knows how to test for methamphetamine vs 4-MAR I
can’t say for sure.

The white powder with crystals inside the foil

My contact is pretty knowledgeable about drugs, and he’s not a dodgy
guy plus I can see no reason for him to say it’s U4EA as opposed to
meth, coz I would have bought it anyway. He also got hold of something
that most people can’t (Uncle Sid is in town =D), so I don’t doubt his
ability to get rare substances. I don’t care either way, coz it’s good
stuff compared to the meth that I used to get off another contact. It’s
definitely a powerful substance, just 0.75 mg (snorted) staved off and
totally negated a 50 mg dexamphetamine comedown and overcame the built
up amphetamine tolerance to give me a new rush of energy. My contact
warned me to go slow on this one, and that’s good advice. With only
0.75 mg insufflated, I’m feeling borderline amphetamine overdosage
indications, although strangely without the anxiety. This is going to
keep me up for a long while indeed. I get icy cold hands and feet and
compulsive behavior like biting my bottom lip.

stop doing that! stop it! can’t…feel a compulsion…stop! my bottom lip is getting mangled.

I’m feeling a strange body high too. Yes, a very different body
high. I’m feeling it now, it’s like the feeling of pissing while on
dexamphetamine, you get this head rush and a tingly sensation all over
your body. It started out very messy and scattered and it’s quite an
intense high, but whether this is from the combination with
dexamphetamine or just that I took too much amphetamines type
stimulants in one day, I don’t know. What I do know is that my heart is
beating uncomfortably fast and that worries me. I’m ignoring it though,
standard amphetamine side effects *whistling in denial*.

Okay, after an hour, my mind is starting to clear up, and heavy jaw
clenches and jaw tension is getting better. I feel like I can actually
work and think on this drug again, instead of the messy, scattered come
up I felt then. Unless I have contrary evidence, I believe my contact
in that this is 4-MAR (U4EA). I’m very wide awake and clear headed now.
It’s a surprisingly very ‘clear’ and ‘clean’ high compared to
methamphetamine. Keep in mind that this is qualitative evidence based
on my experience, how much is placebo and how much is true
pharmacological effects is questionable. What I mean by this is that I
can’t scientifically claim that this is either 4-MAR or meth, but I can
say for certain that the substance is a strong stimulant comparable
with methamphetamines. Furthermore, 50 mg of dextroamphetamine was
consumed orally beforehand (T -6:00) and that might have affected the
substance in unknown ways. I’ll try again next time with just 4-MAR
alone to really get a feel for the substance.

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