T-Shirt (Powered by: C10H15N)


Front of the T-Shirt


Back of the T-Shirt

Okay, I’ve been getting into fooling around with Photoshop during my
breaks. I’m currently working on one of my 4000 word assignments now
and fleshed this out during a 15 minute break. I’m was thinking about
this during the character design requests for The Kollective [sixthseal.com] manga (which will be drawn in late June by Daniel
[geocities.com], the aspiring manga creator ;)) a couple of posts back
and I’m planning to get this printed into a real t-shirt. I like how it
came out, it reflects my interests and it’s subtle enough to not mean
anything to people not into the scene (and thus not attracting unwanted
attention) and yet gets the point across with an obscure reference
(which rewards people in the scene by ‘getting’ the reference and other
people for having the intellectual threshold to grasp the reference in
principal). What does everyone think? Should the back design be on the
front? I’m thinking this is better to get more ‘views’. Putting the
back design on the front is counter-productive because most people tend
of avoid eye contact and looking at my chest is too obvious and so
people will not have the chance to read everything. Having “I’m faster
than you…” on the front is meant as a ‘hook’ to get attention. The
phrase is fast and easy to read and ideally will generate interest. If
the ‘hook’ is effective, people will turn back to see the ‘punch line’
at the back of the t-shirt, so to speak. They can then read the more
verbose back design (which also p1mps my site ;)) while my back is to
them without appearing too hostile/confrontational or obvious due to
the “eye contact factor”. Thus, more ‘views’. This is from someone
who’s a computing major and is really clueless about design and hasn’t
done any sociology and minimal psychology subjects, so I may be
speaking out of my ass here with my quasi pop-psychology, but that’s
what I’ve noticed from human behavior extrapolated to effective t-shirt
designs. πŸ˜‰ The “Powered by:” idea is from the AMD/Intel slogans and
the methamphetamine molecular structure picture and chemical formula is
from Rhodium
[rhodium.ws]. Any chemistry majors out there, feel free to correct any
errors in the molecular structure or chemical formula. Also, the fonts
are going to be sharper than they appear right now. Otherwise, I’ll
like to hear about what everyone thinks. Comments please, good design
or bad design and why?

Edit: I’ve been informed by a respected chemistry degree
holder that the chemical formula does not match the molecular
structure. Now, I’m no chemistry expert and I failed even SPM level
chemistry, but I think the ASCII representation is correct, they just
don’t show the hydrogen atoms. How do I know which ones are hydrogen
atoms and what are carbon atoms? I compared it to this 3D representation
[erowid.org] and counted the white thingies manually. πŸ˜‰ I’m such a
hack, I have no skillz. I found that there were 15 white thingies and
the chemical formula has a H15 so I figured those are hydrogen
molecules. Haha! Anyway, also found out that the ASCII representation
drew the carbon atoms correctly, with the nitrogen atom connection
intact. I’m using atom and molecule interchangeably here, which again
highlights my lack of chemistry knowledge. πŸ™‚ What is strange to me is
the fact that they drew the hydrogen atom at the nitrogen bond but not
anyplace else. Hmm…why is that? To save time or is it understandable
enough already? Chemistry people out there, is the ASCII design (the
one on the t-shirt) accurate enough or do I have to add H at
every joint and ending? Anyway, I still think the ASCII one looks
better (more subtle) than the 3D representation (link above). What do
you all think?

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