1st Birthday was officially launched on 19th April 2002. πŸ™‚


This makes today the first anniversary of In the
beginning, everything was done manually using Microsoft FrontPage. Each
daily update took at least 30 minutes, due to the painstaking and
time-consuming process of adding a new post on the top, changing the
Picture of the Day (POTD), adding the old POTD into the POTD archive
(which held 7 days worth of pictures), running an FTP server, Telnet to
my Silas (now called SNG) Unix account, FTP using Telnet to my own FTP
server, manually getting the files, FTP using Telnet to
and manually putting the files. The final stages were done using a
command line Telnet FTP program and I didn’t know commands like mput or
mget then, so each file has to be retrieved manually by typing commands
like “get 20020403s.jpg”. There was no commenting system, the dates and
times had to be cut and pasted and manually modified, most pages had a
template that was out of sync, and archives had to be manually created
using HTML. In other words, it was a plain old HTML blog – no frills,
no trills.

This was what the main page of the old HTML blog looked like

The plan was to have a 24/7 webcam running, a Picture of the Day
(POTD) at the main page and daily updates. The 24/7 webcam plan fell
through due to the Monash University’s proxy, which requires HTTPS
authentication and most FTP clients were not capable of doing that
then. I’ve only done two manual webcam shots since then before totally
scrapping the plan due to the infeasibility of doing that every day.

The first webcam shot – 19/04/2002 @ 14:28:24

The second webcam shot – 09/05/2002 @ 00:08:04

Ever since the beginning, I’ve always tried to include a picture in
every post, and that was done using a Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000. This
was replaced by a Nikon 885 on 25th May 2002. The time commitment
needed to make daily updates was reduced drastically on 9th November
2002 when I finally pulled myself out of the stone age and installed a
CMS – Movable Type. This decision managed to decrease the daily update
time to 10-15 minutes. The blog essentially started anew and the old
HTML blog was moved to my SNG Unix account. The start of 2003 makes it
evident that has outgrown the old host.
moved to a new host offering more disk space and bandwidth on 21st
March 2003. The old HTML blog which was previously hosted on my SNG
Unix account was (manually) imported into Movable Type after the move
to keep everything on one site. veritas (previously known as “Mr. Foaf”
(friend of a friend) and “friend”) made his first appearance on 30th
August 2002 as a guest author.

This was what the first post of the old HTML blog looked like

The first post was made on 19th April 2002 at 02.44 PM. Click here [] to see the first post.

You might also be interested in seeing the posts for the whole month of April 2002 [].

Other noteworthy posts in the first year (19th April 2002 – 19th April 2003)


This is not a fire drill? []
May 27, 2002
Melbourne This marks the first use of the Nikon 885.

Let my angels sing []
June 14, 2002
Melbourne Melbourne Indoor Pistol Club. Heckler and Koch USP 45. Beretta 92D 9mm. .357 caliber revolver. Real handguns, real ammo.

Mukah Trip Report []
July 01, 2002
Sibu Mukah. A small town near Sibu, Sarawak. Rural Adventures Part I.

Sibu Band Competition []
July 06, 2002
Sibu Band competition in my hometown.

Bintangor Day Trip []
July 07, 2002
Sibu Bintangor. Small town near Sibu, Sarawak. Rural Adventures Part II.

Sarikei []
July 11, 2002
Sibu Sarikei. Town near Sibu, Sarawak. Rural Adventures Part III.

Mt Buller Postmortem Part I []
August 05, 2002
Melbourne Mt Buller Ski Resort. Snow. Ski. Snowboard. Part I.

Mt Buller Postmortem Part II []
August 07, 2002
Melbourne Mt Buller Ski Resort. Snow. Ski. Snowboard. Part II.

WWE Global Warning Tour Melbourne 2002 []
August 12, 2002
Melbourne WWE. The Rock. Triple H. Stacy Kiebler. Torrie Wilson. Rikishi. Chris Jericho. Edge. Test. Kurt Angle. Brock Lesnar.

Grampians []
August 26, 2002
Melbourne MONSU. Grampians. Rocks. MacKenzie Falls.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week []
September 06, 2002
Melbourne Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Models. Catwalk.

Mid-Autumn Dinner []
September 23, 2002
Melbourne Mid-Autumn Festival dinner. Gathering of high school friends.

Breaking news: Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne shooting []
October 21, 2002
Melbourne October 21, 2002. Monash University Shooting. Gunman. Huan Yun Xiang.

The need for speed! []
November 16, 2002
Melbourne Go KartSport Racing. Indoor.

SEXPO 2002 Melbourne []
November 23, 2002
Melbourne SEXPO. Sex. Melbourne. 2002. Ron Jeremy. Jacklyn Lick. Serenity. Porn. XXX. Contains: Nudity.

MAN – The Powerstation Concert []
December 12, 2002
Sibu MAN – The Powerstation Concert.

Annual Christmas Procession 2002 []
December 22, 2002
Sibu Sibu Annual Christmas Procession 2002.

Victor/N Chung Concert @ KDU []
December 23, 2002
Sibu Victor/N Chung Concert @ KDU.

Junaco Park in Sibu (a last hurrah) []
January 04, 2003
Sibu Junaco Park in Sibu (a last hurrah).

Australian Open 2003 []
January 15, 2003
Melbourne Australian Open 2003. Daniela Hantuchova. Alexandra Stevenson. Denisa Chladkova. Adriana Serra Zanetti. Margaret Court Arena.

Karen’s Birthday @ Dion []
March 09, 2003
Melbourne Karen’s Birthday @ Dion. Greek. Ouzo.

Melbourne Moomba Waterfest []
March 10, 2003
Melbourne Melbourne Moomba Waterfest. getting together and having fun. Fireworks. Carnival.

March 30, 2003
Melbourne Do you want to rule the world with an iron fist? JOIN US AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD! We need YOU! THE KOLLECTIVE.

Magnum “The Sixties Nine” []
April 04, 2003
Melbourne Magnum “The Sixties Nine” Wood Choc Cherry Guevara
Peace Man Go Candy Warhol Jami Hendrix Guava Lamp Cinnaman on the Moon
John Lemon Choc Work Orange

previously known as Mr.Foaf and friend

DXM []
August 30, 2002
Melbourne “friend” – First appearance on DXM Trip Report.

It’s 4:20 somewhere []
September 08, 2002
Melbourne Mr. Foaf – Second appearance on Cannabis (marijuana, weed, grass).

Where are you going in such a hurry? []
September 27, 2002
Melbourne Mr. Foaf – 150 mg methamphetamine, insufflated.

Dusted by an Angel []
September 30, 2002
Melbourne Mr. Foaf – Rave. Lab 4. Hard Kandy. Durex. Safe Sex.
Ecstasy. MDMA. Methamphetamine. Cannabis. Ketamine? 2C-B? PCP?
Hospital. Ambulance. A story of meth paranoia.

Veritas – Latin for Truth []
November 08, 2002
Melbourne veritas – The first appearance of guest writer veritas in his own nick.

Cool Codeine []
November 19, 2002
Melbourne veritas – Nurofen Plus. Codeine.

Xany Xanax []
December 04, 2002
Malaysia veritas – Xanax. alprazolam.

Benzo bliss []
December 13, 2002
Malaysia veritas – Xanax. Valium. alprazolam. diazepam.

Kai Sing Guo (Fruit of happiness) []
December 15, 2002
Malaysia veritas – Erimin-5. Erimin 5. 5. Nimetrazepam.

Pill review – Orange AK47s []
December 25, 2002
Malaysia veritas – Orange AK47 circa December 2002. Ketamine.

Green AK47s on NYE []
January 02, 2003
Malaysia veritas – Green AK47 circa late December 2002. Amphetamine. Methamphetamine. Ketamine? Methcathinone?

Green Dragon []
January 18, 2003
Melbourne veritas – Green Dragon. Cannabis dissolved in 95% alcohol. Everclear.

Heroin []
January 25, 2003
Melbourne veritas – Heroin. Springvale. 50. cap. Insufflated. Chasing the Dragon.

Royal Blunts Cognac Flavored EZ Roll Tube []
February 01, 2003
Melbourne veritas – Royal Blunts Cognac Flavored EZ Roll Tube. Cannabis. Marijuana. Weed.

Cones []
February 09, 2003
Melbourne veritas – Mountain High. Cones. Cannabis. Marijuana. Weed.

Pill report: White ? (Question Mark) []
February 14, 2003
Melbourne veritas – White ? Melbourne. February 2003. Question Mark. Ketamine.

Project Doctor Shopping I – Project Deep Sedation []
March 02, 2003
Melbourne veritas – Doctor shopping. Prescription fraud. Temazepam. Diazepam. Valium. clonazepam. Klonopin.

Pill: @ (brownish white with blackish brown specks) []
March 14, 2003
Melbourne veritas – @ ats dot coms MDMA Ecstasy March 2003.

Xanax scripting []
March 26, 2003
Melbourne veritas – Xanax. alprazolam. script.

500 mg dexamphetamine + 200 mg clonazepam = success! []
March 28, 2003
Melbourne veritas – Dexedrine. Paxam. Klonopin. clonazepam. dexamphetamine. dextroamphetamine. script.

Baking soda potentiates amphetamines!!! =D []
March 30, 2003
Melbourne veritas – Dexedrine. dexamphetamine. dextroamphetamine. Alkalinizing Agents. sodium bicarbonate. baking soda.

C21H23NO5 []
April 04, 2003
Melbourne veritas – C21H23NO5 heroin Springvale insufflated smack H.

4-MAR (U4EA) []
April 07, 2003
Melbourne veritas – 4-MAR U4EA U4Euh 4-methylaminorex

Nicorette Inhaler Review []
April 15, 2003
Melbourne veritas – Nicorette Inhaler Review

Thanks for stopping by everyone! πŸ™‚

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