McSARS – Double SARS!

<p><img alt=”sarssoda.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”300″ width=”400″></p>

<p>I saw this unfortunately named product while grocery shopping with my mates today.</p>

<p><img alt=”newmarsb.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”142″ width=”400″></p>

<p>I also found out that Mars is having another “Free Bars” promotion.
It’s spelled “bars” instead of “baaa’s” now though, and there is no
sheep motif on the wrapper. I wouldn’t have even noticed it if it
weren’t for <a target=”_blank” href=””>this cryptic comment</a> [] on the previous Mars post, which I saw before going out.</p>

<p><img alt=”newmarsw.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”300″ width=”400″></p>

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