ELC1000 Postmortem

ELC1000 @ Blue Diamond Room

Notice the empty room? I was one of the last ones out. The examiner
looked at me with a puzzled smile when I took this photo. I told her
this is my last semester and she went “Ah…I see”. The exam was great,
but I didn’t have enough time to write, I left one question
half-answered. It was an easy paper though, I should be able to do well
and in this site’s tradition:

Expected Grade: Distinction

Do you notice that exam halls in winter (or autumn rather) tend to
be filled with sneezes? The weather factor together with the closed
windows seems to exacerbate this even further. I’m just sitting there,
thinking hard when *sneeze*!

That’s cool man, so you’re having a cold. I feel sorry for you.
*sneeze* Okay, the cold is infectious. *sneeze* *sneeze* Very
infectious. *sneeze* (beside me) *sneeze* (the girl in front) *sneeze*
*sneeze* (somewhere behind) *sneeze*


It’s very hard to concentrate when the whole room’s a-sneezing.

I’ll be writing furiously, when I suddenly think of another
important point and put that in my memory cache (so I can write it down
when I’m done with this sentence), when out of nowhere – *SNEEZE*! Nope, lost it. Curses.

Poor AlCee
[tripod.com] had the same problem today but it was with whispering
instead of sneezing. I reckon that’s even worse as whispering has a
certain tone to it that just totally messes up your concentration. I just thought of something. ELC rhymes with AlCee.

The Blue Diamond Room @ Caulfield Racecourse. This is the last time I
sat for an exam in this room. My apologies for the out of focus photo.
I had set the custom mode to optimize for close-ups and accidentally
used that instead of auto.

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2 thoughts on “ELC1000 Postmortem”

  1. The blue diamond room sounds really cool, but why it looks so small? Is that enough space for hundreds of student to sit in?? I have been to the first floor once, the space was large with stunning view…

    • Good question! πŸ™‚

      It’s been over a decade since I was in uni so I imagine a lot has changed since then. Yup, it can sit hundreds, the angles aren’t so good but it’s a huge room with partitions (kinda) in the middle – support structures rather, so the entire Blue Diamond room is actually huge, as I remember it, more like a lecture theatre instead of a room.

      We used to hold our finals exams there, it was one of the bigger rooms for popular first year electives (took this as a bonus elective since I fulfilled my credits so was just taking ELC1000 for fun as well as a 2nd year elective from Social Sciences called “Drugs and Alcohol” (an interest of mine).

      …and as you can imagine, my list of subjects came up more than once in a job interview. I did a complete circuit of Computer Science classes plus some weird electives that I was personally interested in.


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