“How to make a cracker” by CT


This is written by CT:

OK Guys,
This Is Easy Peasy, follow me:

1. Get one bulb, take it to Bunnings. Go to the plumbing section and find the copper fitings the look like those in the photos.
2. Find a Cap like the bit that unscrews (make sure its just the right size for the bulb to fit in)
3. Find the “middle bit” from the photos here (male to male adapter)
make sure its the same size as the cap so they screw into one another.
(also check the bulb fits into this snug (not so snug that it doesnt
have a little clearance on the sides).
4.Finde a “Male to Male” reducer (the bit on the end in the photo) this
should fit the bulb in it at one side but reduce to a smaller size at
the other end.
5. Now buy some nice sturdy screws with wide bottoms (the bit you stick a skrew driver into) make sure they are not to long
5. Buy some epoxy glue (you know it looks like a double syringe) Also some plumbers tape (the white stuff in the photos.
6.Put a screw in the base of the cap, put a bulb in the tube (male to
male addapter) like the screw up so that it consides with the part of
the bulb that you need to pierce. NOW DO NOT MOVE IT (blue tac helps
here) Now get your epoxy and fill the cap about half up with it. BE
VERY CAREFULL not to get the glue on the thread of the upper half of
the cap or you will reck the cap and need to get another.
7. Let this dry.
8. Get some wire (reasonable thick) and twist into a circle. Cut half
this so you have a half circle of wire (maybe even just cut a quarter
of the wire.
9. Force this down the male to male reducer (it allows the gas to pass
the end of the bulb. (i realy need pictures here, will talk to veritas)
10. Once dry you have a working cracer. “The Nanganator 3000” heheheh

Thanks for all the comments regarding my first time IV use. I’ll
reply everyone when I get back, I need to do something now. I’ll also
write Part II (of course there’s a sequel ;)) later – stay tuned! 🙂

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