Meth IV Part II – Hitting the vein, synergies and the comedown

veritas in the process of IV methamphetamine, taken by trip sitter (doesn’t want to be named). Liberal use of smudge to well, smudge details.

IV seems to make meth more like a “fun drug” than a “work drug”.
That’s my thoughts anyway, as always, YMMV. YMMV = Your Mileage May
Vary. Having to type that out defeats the purpose of acronyms, but oh
well, just in case anyone doesn’t know that. Well, back on topic, I did
get supervision this time, since I wanted to IV 70 mg (crystal meth). I
wouldn’t have blinked at insufflating twice that amount, but this is IV
so I wanted someone to look out for me since I already had quite a bit
and I fear the dose-response curve would be different for IV meth.

Hitting the vein:

These two are probably my last experiments with IV meth, unless
there is a reason to continue. I appreciate everyone’s concern, but I
do have a “safety net” – I’ll be going back to Malaysia (for good –
graduating) soon, and my access to recreational substances there is
very limited, due to family obligations, legislation that strikes fear
into the hearts of man and other factors.

IV meth #2

I got another fit pack and this time it only had 2 cotton filters!
Wtf??? Why doesn’t it match the number of syringes? It can’t be all
that expensive, so it would make more sense to have 5 filters inside
instead of a measly 2. I didn’t know that only a small bit of filter is
required, no wonder I lost some meth solution to the filter (which I
always ate after the shot anyway, so it doesn’t matter :p). The real
problem to the fit kits is this – the sterile water isn’t resealable.
There’s 10 ml of water, and each syringe will fit only 1 ml (but no one
in their right mind uses that much anyway) so the leftovers
become…unsterile. The top is a twist off plastic seal and once it’s
open, it’s open. I didn’t want to risk using “sterile water” that has
been sitting opened for many hours coz bacteria and other stuff might
have started a family in there. Being aware of this, I asked for
sterile water in smaller single packs and got this:

Astra Water for Injections BP

These comes in a much more sensible 2 ml and it’s in glass ampoules.
Very nice. These are the snap top vials, you open it by “bending” the
glass ampoule at the thinnest point (the yellow line) with one hand on
the top and one on the container. It makes a satisfying snap too, and
it’s a fun thing to do – this belongs in the same category as popping
bubble wrap and pressing the round things that your McDonalds drink
cover has. I mean the ones that say “Diet”, “Regular” and “Other”. I
can never resist pressing those things, they’re just begging for it! πŸ™‚

Astra Water for Injections BP back

Well, I don’t know how much I did, it was 8 shards but that doesn’t
mean anything at all, considering the wide range of different sizes
crystal meth comes in. I gave the spoon a wash with detergent and left
it under running hot water for a minute. That’s about as close to
sterile as I can get, but I think using disposable sterile spoons (do
they have these things?) would be better in the long run. I made things
more sterile this time. Anyway, I have to be quick so here’s the

Opened everything that needs opening without touching the inside:
Pealed syringe wrapper back so I could take it out with my clean hands without touching the wrapper.
Snapped top off the glass ampoule.
Opened box containing meth so I could get them by just touching the crystals.
Went to wash my hands with soap and hot water.
Checked that the spoon has no traces of water (I washed it with hot water and I didn’t want drops of that in the spoon)
Used left hand to pick up meth shards and drop into spoon.
Used left hand to pick up glass ampoule and pour an appropriately small amount into spoon.
Used left hand to agitate spoon to make meth dissolve faster.
Used right hand to pick up filter and drop into solution.
Picked up syringe and loaded it through the filter.
Held syringe with left hand (pointing upwards) while alcohol swab pack is opened.
Used right hand to take the alcohol swab and swipe intended injection
area. I know my hand is not sterile at this point, but I used the
“other” surface of the swab ie not the one I was touching, so that
should be okay.
Used left hand to inject solution into right inner elbow.

It’s practically begging to be snapped. Go snap it! πŸ™‚

By the way, the reason I didn’t use a tourniquet is because I can
see my veins, so there isn’t a need for one. It does help though, so I
used one in third IV experience, for reasons I will explain later
because I have a feeling I’m going to digress again so I’m going to
focus. I think I got the medial cubital vein this time, I was aiming
for that and there’s only two veins I could see in my extreme inner
elbow (the part closest to me) so I went for the second one as the
picture in Getting Off Right shows. I still have shaky fingers though,
and I found that what really helped is taking a couple of deep breaths
and then resolutely position the syringe while steadying your hand with
the little finger against the arm you’re injecting into. Personally, it
was much easier to inject with my left hand into my right arm, even
though I’m right handed.

I also found that it’s better to IV into the veins that are closer
to your body, not only because they’re easy to spot, but because it
makes solo injection easier, due to the way you can steady your fingers
against the arm. My trip sitter is only there just in case something
bad happens. I do not feel comfortable at the thought of having someone
inject me, unless it’s a medical doctor or a nurse. :p I’ll much rather
do it myself, coz I have more control and can modify settings based on
sense cues and just for paranoid hypochondriac reasons, I don’t want
someone sticking a syringe into me, even though I prepared everything

You asked for it…

Anyway, this time I only needed two tries and although my trip
sitter isn’t going to be awarded Photographer of the Year anytime soon
(just kidding hehe!) he managed to get some decent photos out, but most
of those would not be posted and the ones that are will need liberal
use of the “Smudge” tool in Photoshop. I meant for them to be personal
memorabilia only anyway, so the unmodified form are staying in my photo
archives. I have photos of myself in the act of
consuming/insufflating/injecting most substances, and while they are
for my own viewing only, I do sometimes wonder if keeping that is a
wise idea. While I don’t think anyone would bother to hack my box (my
net connection is always on), the possibility of that happening (remote
as it can be) exists and the ramifications could be unpleasant.

I would not like my offspring seeing those photos and think that I’m
either condoning drug use or lose their respect for me. Do as I say,
not as I do. πŸ˜‰ Shh…but I also harbor grand thoughts for my future, so
I would not appreciate those photos coming back to haunt me when say,
I’m running in an election. Of course, I don’t think I’ll go into
politics, but the same applies to corporate culture, it would be
damaging photos, unless society’s views on drug use becomes more
tolerant, like the way alcohol is viewed now. πŸ™‚

See what I meant about digressing? I even bore myself sometimes.
Anyway, I found it easier this time, the first time I thought I got a
vein (it was visible and I stuck right into it) but the plunger test
did not produce blood, so I withdrew and stuck it in again on the same
vein, but higher up. I pulled the plunger back and *swoosh* (that what
I imagine the sound is like :)) blood entered the syringe body in a
beautiful way – coming up through the left side and hitting the top of
the liquid and swirling back down. Nice! I pushed the plunger and felt
the rush almost instantly. It’s going to sound clichΓ©, but I’ll have to
use the word “orgasm” as a point of reference since everyone knows how
an orgasm feels like so they can relate to it better. I pushed the
plunger and the meth went into my veins and I immediately felt a
“building up rush”, it actually feels like an orgasm building up, to
the “point of no return”, and I was so excited, that before the syringe
could be emptied, my hand jerked and yep, part of it was shot outside
the vein.

IV #2: Swelling when some of the solution was accidentally injected outside the vein towards the end.

I didn’t think much of it though, since the rush was much better
this time, more “tangible” if that makes sense. However, after that
subsided, I noticed that there was a bump forming at the needle entry
point. I put a warm (hot at first – ouch!) compress on it, but it the
swelling did not subside. I thought that it was going to form an
abscess, but it didn’t. The swelling went down after a few hours and
the only thing left was two very small red marks, which is barely
visible now, definitely much more successful than the first try’s
mutilation, which isn’t healing well. The marks are still here today
with not much difference in visibility. There seems to be a large
bruise around that area too, but I wouldn’t worry about it unless I get
any other signs that something is up.

IV meth #3

IV drugs is bloody business.

This one involved 70 mg and a minimal amount of water. It seems that
the least amount of water necessary should be used because that makes
the rush stronger. I did notice a stronger rush when I used less water,
but whether that is because more crystals were used or because the
solution was less diluted is not known. I’ll just quickly go through
this one…I prepared the shot as above but the saturated cotton rolled
onto the left side of my table which is the dirtiest part of the
room!!! This was right before I could draw the solution into the
syringe and it should be noted that my trip sitter protested (thank you
for your concern) but I put the meth saturated cotton back into the
spoon and drew the solution up again.

In hindsight I should have just drunk the solution. I had no filters
left except cigarette filters (Marlboro reds) and I’ve heard
contradictory reports on the safety of cigarette filters so, I
disregarded the fact that the filter just rolled into the dirtiest part
of the room and decided to bang it anyway. Yes, I am Responsible Use
personified. πŸ™ That was very unwise indeed and it is worrying me.
Anyway, I got the vein with just one try this time, using a tourniquet
really does help even if you can see the vein, because restricting the
blood flow makes the veins bulge so you can gauge how far to inject in.
Just remember to UNDO the tourniquet BEFORE injecting.

I didn’t tie myself up, but I used a quasi-tourniquet. I think this
is pretty handy, basically it works with any T-shirt (and maybe long
sleeved shirts too, but why would you be wearing that when you’re
injecting stuff?). I just bunched up one side of the sleeve (I find the
bottom is the best place), “collecting” all the cloth into the side and
grabbing it really tightly and then pull while continuing to “grab”
more material. When you’ve grabbed all you can (obviously, don’t grab
so hard that you rip your shirt unless that’s part of your plan), PULL
the bit down and keep on pulling. This works like a tourniquet too, it
constricts the blood at that point and makes the veins all bulge up.
Very nice. I got my trip sitter to hold the cloth till I registered a
vein, but you could probably do this solo if you wanted to.

I didn’t use that much water. My methods of removing the water (spirited agitating) just got it everywhere except the spoon.

Anyway, I inserted the needle and drew back, and yup, *swoosh*. πŸ˜‰ I
depressed the plunger and whoa, this was really too intense! The rush
was bordering on uncomfortable, but the stimulation was so intense that
I couldn’t find the right word to describe it. I looked at my trip
sitter and said (shouted) “Yee fucking ha, motherfuckers!!!”. =D No, I
wasn’t swearing at him, the tense isn’t right if that were the case.
Inappropriate as that sounds, that phrase suddenly came into my brain
(for reasons unknown since I have never said that for many, many years)
and I just HAD to say it. Guess what my trip sitter said? “You have a
wild look in your eyes.” Heh. I kid you not! Great guy. I proceeded to
listen to music REALLY loud and singing along (another substance
involved – see Synergies below) until the rush faded and some semblance
of decency returned to me. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m now more confident with IV drug administration and have
learnt quite a few things from the experience. 70 mg of crystal meth
was too much though, I saw a white/dark light soon after I injected it,
it feels like taking a really long blink in bright light. The dose was
very “fun” but I don’t like the idea of using meth just for goofing
off, I prefer to think of it as a “study/work drug”, and that IV dose
was just unnecessarily high for studying. I do need more than 70 mg
when insufflating though, but that doesn’t make it less cost effective,
since it lasts longer. Regarding injecting techniques I found that that
I have to stick the needle in quite far (about 3-5 cm) but this is done
at a very low angle. I did it at about 15 degrees, that’s a very wide
ballpark figure, since I basically eyeballed it. I just inserted the
needle at an angle which is produced by steadying my hand with the
smallest finger on the arm and slightly rising it to an angle that
“looks right”. The figures could be totally wrong as I forgot how much
a centimeter looks like, and it’s different for anyone anyway. I have
found my personal insertion values though, it gets easier with practice.

IV #3: Practice makes perfect. Neat and clean needle entry wounds.

Back to the Bad Stuff, I was worried about this shot because it
seems to be sore even after a long time. I noticed that my heart hurts
as well, but that’s pretty common for me on meth. I have hypertension
so these shenanigans should probably be avoided. That’s not what I’m
worried about though – it’s endocarditis [] (requires an operation to change the heart valve!) and septicemia
[] (bye). I have thought that IV drugs is pretty forgiving
since my first try involved needles and cotton that is not sterile and
yet nothing bad happened. However, it seems that some symptoms only
manifest itself after days or weeks. Now that third shot is definitely
dirty (dust, cigarette ash, food remnants etc), should I be worried?
The more I read the more symptoms I see in myself. I would love input from experienced IV users.


N2O + meth = INTENSE!


Still inhaling…

I inhaled a cartridge and half of nitrous (approximate – filled
balloon with two cartridges and managed to inhale 3/4 before my meth
assisted increased perceived lung prowess quit) while still feeling the
rush of meth. Wow! Jesus Christ, that really is something! The nitrous
sound distortions are much intensified, hey sounds like “HEY HEY HEY
HEY HEY” from the wrong direction. It was bizarre and slightly
disturbing. It lasts much longer and intensifies the body high too. You
know that buzz your whole body gets on meth? Nangs make it much more
noticeable that even sitting felt too intense! The contact of my ass
with the chair was buzzing, the sensors were triggering! Nitrous oxide
goes so well with the meth rush (and even after the rush) that I feared
the two is contraindicated and thought I would stay in nangland forever
from brain damage! No, I didn’t check beforehand, I seem to be getting
irresponsible and impulsive as of late – definitely something I need to
reflect on. Lose respect for drugs, and they tend to fuck you up.

The comedown:

Anyway, that is something that I need to think about personally,
here’s what I typed during the comedown later that night when I had
cannabis, salvia (finally got something out of it! :)), nitrous,
benzodiazepines and alcohol. The file was found on the desktop today
and was entitled (of all things) “very intportant .txt”:

on the 5 ccombo coming off meth, actually just tweaked 4 hrs ago, ad
ten took 2 g clona plus a benzos i can’t tell. not allowed to say. but
i haven’t had food for 3 days. eveyrthing hit me, nearly forgot the
neighrbour is making scart clanging clanging noise lik about to make a
complaint. my bong PACKED FULL OF SALVIA tipped over, fuck!!! that was
the last bit i wantewd a huge one evern thoguh i’m farly fucked up
reite now already! heheheheheheh!
oh ya i keep om forgetting stuff, i wanted to tell yo usth but i forgot
i doulbt i can act sober rite npw too and damn ineed to reheat my food.
oh i suddden;ly remembered watned to tell you salvia5x extract is
sticky. πŸ™‚
hmm i can’t find my balloong for n2o and found it hiding under cannabis
sherrederm the cardi keep all my shredded weed on, i suually shread
enough for anite only though, i keep on forgetting thins so no point to
correct spelling . oh ya scrolled back and found that i was supped to
tell you the missing balllong for n2s was hiding under the card i shred
mj on, the card is nifty greeting card, i usually shred enough for a
day or two max


i burned my thumb quite badly (blisters) while smoking salvia coz i
wanted to take a huge fucking ass hit and didn’t realize until 30 sec
later that the flame is flickering into my head. i saw a dead woman
(but not scart’s face and head seleeping on my pillow i burt my hand
just now coz the lighter was under it and all my reactions s lowed so i
dunno until my brain says “says ouch” our brian controls us instead of
the other way round. show them burnt hand pic
pics will not be good quality coz bvery blur now and can’t be bothered taking pics
ohj i know why it buned me now its coz when i dun inhale the flame is
directly burning my hand, duh so stupid and didn’t realize it and now i
will have blisters on my thumb, wanted to smoke everything out of that
bowl. alll the salvia i mean, coz you can predict was i’m going to say
and suggest it to me
ie just burn the flamer, i amd so out of it now
not seconds later i just had this convo with my friend:

Friend (11:18 PM) :
wanna go 2 maccas at 12 later?
veritas (11:21 PM) :
ah sorry i am terrible so much out of it that i cannot evyerhting is a blur and filled with red spots now bizzare
veritas (11:21 PM) :
would love to eat though
but cna’t present myself to the public with all this red spots, very consistant, covers whole viewfield i’m seeing
veritas (11:21 PM) :
sorry dude
Friend (11:22 PM) :
hahaha alrite dude!
veritas (11:22 PM) :
see ya later buddy
hafve a nice good eat for me at maccas
Friend (11:22 PM) :
haha have a nice time too
veritas (11:22 PM) :
yeah lasst break b4 serious study have to be dome
Friend (11:23 PM) :
beter get some studying done
veritas (11:25 PM) :
gohgta study too
good luckl mate!
Friend (11:25 PM) :
good luck too!
veritas (11:25 PM) :
thanks buddy

bizzare as man and one of the catridges are duds
damn now i only have one left
i thought this was icq coz got ppl talking to me right now and i press
controk plus s to send and thought hmm how come nothing happen and dudh
reakuzed i amm= in notepate
bye see ya


very biaaaro conversation i felt quite a lot of things now and oh
the bulk was alright after all, i think it just needs to be pierced
harder i am so sleepy now oh got a depression at the n20 catrg head and
it wasn’t broken, just “pressed into and the someone msg me and
confused me yes just pressed ito it but not breakng it and the
bulburater confused me so hard i dunno how to work it out yet typing is
like second nater. was planning t osleep now aftre days of no sleep. πŸ™‚
man i lost the fcraker top and found it in all places a pizza box


i am seriously tihinking wat the neo whao this is the fucking best
fmost fucking barrae!!!! fcikiung seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!! ui am like
numb all ove and everttguing is red and i feel like i am center of
universe of a place with no people , so i fly in solitute sadly over a
city of no peaople
luckily i saw this last post, i mean i was seriously thinking wat the
neighbour must think of the strange noises coming from my room. first
the bong sound of partkating in mj , and that sound is quite
distinctinve wit ha bong, and then sounds for forced inhaling and
holging it in for a long time for the nos, reli gave a twist on
everything, remind me to tell you that n20 is fucking awesoe on
meth!!!! like you’re having an orgasasm but even better coz this
includet the ENTIRE body!!!
shit i think i lsot hte plot, i mean i wonder wat the neigh will think
of the strange noise, mhj smoking with a bong, a very distrinctive
sound, and the forced inhaling from balllons and breathing back for
recycling really loud and it must sound like someone is needing medical
attn and the doors did shut and close hmm oh ya one final post, the
“dud” catrdige is not dud after all, just need to apply harder than
usual pressure. okay -end-
n i forgot typiny w 1 ha nd now forgot about, oops myt ballooniis
leaking gas i meab wat da neigh will think at the disctinctive sounds
of nitrous relasing from a cracker, the fillng of ballong and me
inhaling it but oh well ,reli hungry now and gonna heat up my meal
mmm…this is the first solid food in 3 days and i prep multivite
already (it is in front of me at the kb) so i’ll eat now bye everyone!

Everything is left intact and unedited, except for the chat log
(only names have been replaced) and the three photos are not part of
the original file. I think it was the nitrous oxide and salvia
divinorum that made me incoherent since I’ve had the other 3 together
plenty of times before during meth comedowns and they never made me
sprout such retarded stuff. πŸ™‚ I just lost the plot over there.

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13 thoughts on “Meth IV Part II – Hitting the vein, synergies and the comedown”

  1. swim is completely clean now but when I did do meth it was strictly iv, few things I can impart, the reason your injection point swelled up like it did when you missed the last bit on the one shot is because the mix is not small enough to be absorbed instantly and is abrasive in nature causing the tissue to swell, when you use a turnocit to inject and wait till the intere shot is injected then release your tyeoff the rush is more extreme because you get the interest shot all at once, the less water you use the more potent the shot if you use 40ml of water for a shot compared to the 20 that’s normal and the shit becomes an 80ml after being desolved it’s like taking two smaller less potent shots, i would normally use 20ml of water and it would be a 60ml shot afterwards my addiction was not to the high of the drug but to the rush I got right after specifically the extremely warm sensation that grew from my chest out to my butt hole (sorry to be inappropriate) and the reason you should not use a cigarette filter is because they contain fiberglass particals a cotton swab would have been much safer.

    • Thanks mate! πŸ™‚

      Yeah, I’ve actually learned the lessons since this, (it’s been more than 10 years) and have been doing meth hard for a few years, and one time I banged such a large dose that I passed out. I never wrote about meth while I was tweaking, seems too much of a hassle to fumble with cameras when I just want to feel the rush.

      …and that’s a huge sign of addiction, if the fact that I was doing it daily wasn’t a big enough clue already. Haha!

      Anyway, all in the past, I have been clean from methamphetamine for more than 6 years (except accidentally taking it orally once in a dodgy “Ecstasy” table that was filled with meth instead of MDMA).

  2. I have been through every scare possible IVing. I find if its a large dose and my tolerance has dropped, my chest hurts also. prob due to the initial shock. I have yet to see white or black lights. I think the dose you “played” with was close to deadly. this is one of those ROA’s that does NOT forgive. I have many memories of thinking I was actually dead. be careful and NEVER cut corners!

  3. I have been through every scare possible IVing. I find if its a large dose and my tolerance has dropped, my chest hurts also. prob due to the initial shock. I have yet to see white or black lights. I think the dose you β€œplayed” with was close to deadly. this is one of those ROA’s that does NOT forgive. I have many memories of thinking I was actually dead. be careful and NEVER cut corners!

    • Hmm…my chest hurts *every single time* I shoot up. πŸ™‚

      I think it’s part of the effects.

      I always see white lights with large doses, and have passed out a couple of times while pushing the limit (I was also depressed and suicidal at that time).

      You’re right, passing out and seeing lights and feeling like my brain is so overcharged the pressure is going to “squeeze” it right out of the back of my skull through the small hole below it (which is a real fatal condition called infarcation, but feeling like I’m on top of the world and loving it all the while) is very dangerous.

      I have to admit it was a bad time in my life and I was shooting up large doses, perhaps close to fatal ones (not during 2003, I got deeper and deeper and am talking about 2005/6) and was hitting rock bottom.

      I have since quit using methamphetaime and got into an opiates phase which I am managing with Suboxone. Thanks and hope you’re doing well mate.

    • Haha! I’ll love to see that technology but I wasn’t dealing back then and I’ve since quit meth, after getting addicted to it for several years, 2004-2006 being the worst where I was banging almost every day.

      I switched to opiates after coming out of rehab in 2007 and haven’t relapsed since.

      Cheers and be safe buddy!

  4. as for experiences with symptoms.. SWIM generally gets chest pain during the comedown, but then again swim has also had a heart attack off dope.. not to worry yo. its more likely youll shoot yourself sleepy before anything like that happens. as for the pain in your arm around the injections site that’s lasting awhile.. don’t pick it or fuck with it.. only makes shit worse. but itll be fine if you keep your hygiene up. next time however I would recommend trying to keep it a little cleaner (ive gotten gnarly abbesses due to lax.. and I mean lax.. sanitary conditions).. the final thing id like to say (just trying to be as helpful as i can) i actually posted this on your last part but i wanna reiterate.. cottons can be dangerous and they don’t filter all the toxins out. i had a friend pass away due to cotton sickness. while im not sure of the physiological reactions of cotton sickness i know it can kill you and if it doesn’t ive gotten pretty damn sick off it. so id recommend just dropping some crushed shard into the rig adding water with a little air bubble so you can shake it to desolve the cyrs and go from there (get rid of the bubble before injection πŸ˜‰ )

    • Thanks for the input mate! πŸ™‚

      Yeah, those are pretty good harm reduction points – when I really got seriously addicted, I just used the “cold shake” method where I didn’t even filter and poured the crystal right into the syringe body, drew up water and shook it until it’s dissolved.

      That’s the way I can get a real intense high, putting as much as 80 cc of meth and adding the 20 cc of water and IV the entire syringe. I was in a real bad place mentally at the time.

      All that got me permanent kidney damage and I had to go for emergency dialysis at a hospital coz my creatinine levels were close to 700 and I couldn’t piss for days. I was in the ER in critical condition for 3 days (total stay was 7 days) while they inserted a huge needle into my neck after checking my veins with a portable X-ray machine and hooking me up to a dialysis machine.

      It’s no joke, have wrote about it, and the worst thing was I went back to using meth right after I got out of the hospital.

      I switched to opiates after going to 3 rehabs in 2007/8 and have since quit that by going on the Suboxone program.

      Cheers and take care!

    • Hey there! πŸ™‚

      I think (am not a medical professional but have had quite a bit of IV experience since I wrote this) that the needle on your syringe might have partially overshot your vein e.g. *part* of the bevel is going *through* your vein instead of horizontally INTO it or you have smaller veins (some people have larger or smaller ones).

      I don’t know if this would help but try inserting at a more horizontal angle, maybe 10-20 degrees. I’ve seen people go in at a 45 degree angle and hit their veins (everyone is different) while I have to go it at a very low angle and I also like to insert the needle about an inch or so into my vein before drawing to check for a vein.

      Everyone’s body is different so maybe try experimenting with different angles and penetration depth. Hope that helps and be safe mate!


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