Shin Kee Beef Noodles Specialist @ Petaling Street


We went to this place after mass on Sunday for their beef noodles.
It’s called Shin Kee and it’s supposed to be famous for their beef
noodles. The location is somewhere around Jalan Petaling, it’s within
walking distance of Kota Raya. Anyway, I had the dried beef noodles and
I thought it was alright, but I’ve had better in Sibu. Remember the old
Chopsticks in town (not the new one in Pedada)? Yeah, those beef
noodles were the best I’ve ever had. πŸ™‚


Anyway, back to Shin Kee, you can ask for a mix instead of pure
noodles eg noodles and hor fun or noodles and rice vermicelli and so
on. I just had the pure noodles one. It came with some concentrated
beef sauce (with beef meat) on top of the noodles and a bowl of soup
with beef pieces (cooked just right, slightly on the rare side), beef
stomach (there’s another word for this, but the term escapes me right
now), and fish balls. The soup was bland compared to the beef noodles
in soup.

Here’s what the beef noodles with soup looks like:


The soup is much tastier than the dry beef noodle’s soup.


This is a photo of the cooking area – the place is clean and looks new, a nice place to eat and the beef noodles are good too.

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