Crazy Taxi (KL Edition)


Never be late again! Pictured above is KL’s finest taxi driver, the best of the best – he’ll get you where you want, when
you want. This is the second time he’s actually saved me from being
late…I knew it was him from the way he was still accelerating while
pulling up to me and from the tyres screeching to a halt just in front
of me. You want fast? You’ve got fast.

I need to wake up at 6:30 am in order to take the LRT/bus combo
(plus a 25 minute walk), so anytime after that requires me to enlist
the services of a taxi to arrive on time. I woke up at nearly 8 am
today (curses) and the taxi arrived at 8:07 am and got to Jalan Sultan
Ismail at 8:21 am. I shit you not, it’s a time lap that’s worth of
entry into the Guinness Book of World Records. Well, maybe not that,
the Malaysian Book of Records then.

He sure needs to be commended anyway. The way he weaves through the
tightest spots and liberally applies his horn and glares at cars who
even dares to inch a little bit closer to the lane that he wants to
change into. The way he bores down on errant pedestrians who did not
know better and got into his way, even going so far as to make one girl
go “Arrggghhh” and jump out of the way. The way he ignores the traffic
police directing traffic and rushes through anyway.

I got to the office and punched in. 8:26 am. I didn’t think it was possible. Thanks, crazy taxi!

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