Spam in Movable Type


There seems to be spam bots crawling indexed pages and leaving
comments with heavy keyword density and offsite links in an attempt to
drive PageRank and SERPs to their spam site. I’ve seen several these
few days in, which is running MT 2.63. is
running MT 2.64 and doesn’t seem to have that problem. However, isn’t ranked by Google yet, though it is indexed, as can
be seen by the high SERPs with certain keywords related to drugs. I’m
not sure if upgrading to Movable Type 2.64 would foil the spambots but
in the mean time, I’m manually deleting the spam (and the URL, leaving
just the email intact) so there’s no PR leak. πŸ˜‰ I even came up with a
haiku to insert in all deleted spams:

Spam is bad mmmkay?
Your kind is not welcome here.
Go back home spambot.

Inspired by the various racist comments directed towards ethnic minorities in Caucasian countries. πŸ˜‰

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