Sambal Pocket of Persia

sambal persia ad

This is the new sambal variant of the Pocket of Persia. I saw the
commercial advertising a new sambal flavoured Pocket of Persia on
Discovery’s Travel and Adventure channel, of all things. Anyway, I went
to the KFC at Wisma Sanyan after getting a haircut today and sure
enough – they have a sambal version of the Pocket of Persia.

sambal in pita

The new tagline is The sambal’s in the Pita instead of The secret’s in the Pita
[] in the normal version. It also states that the new
Pocket of Persia comes with sambal sauce and crispy cucumbers:

sambal di dalam pita

However it does taste quite different – the sambal goes surprisingly
well with the other ingredients, much better than chilli IMHO, so this
makes for a delicious change.

sambal pocket persia

There is no difference to the new sambal Pocket of Persia besides
the replacement of the chilli sauce for sambal and some cucumbers, but
that seems to make a world of difference in taste. I liked it.

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