Smoked Norwegian salmon sandwich and strawberry cheesecake

interior coffee bean kuching
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

strawberry cheesecake display
Ordering Strawberry Cheese Cake @ RM 7.50 per slice
A Coffee Bean original! Strawberries “berried” in luscious cheese cake on a crunchy shortcake base.

strawberry cheesecake

The strawberry cheese cake was nice, with the strawberry flavor
distinctively discernable through the cheese cake and a very thin base,
which is always good in a cheese cake. I like my cheese cake to be less
dense and have a creamier mouth-feel though.

norwegian salmon sandwich
Smoked Norwegian Salmon sandwich with a side of green salad @ RM 13.90

norwegian salmon closeup

There was nothing aesthetically wrong with this “gourmet sandwich”.
The salad greens were nicely and evenly coated with dressing and the
sandwich is flanked by warm bread which has a crunchy crust but yields
to softer pastry. There were egg, smoked salmon and onions, dressed
with herb sauce. I just want more smoked salmon.

pseudo intel pretentious fucks

Coffee Bean/Starbucks/Some other “gourmet coffee” chain”: The
favorite haunt of pseudo intellectual pretentious fucks everywhere.

Unless you’re grabbing one to go. ;)

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