BDC Seafood Restaurant

bdc seafood restaurant

BDC Seafood Restaurant is the mammoth three storey high restaurant
located, aptly, in BDC Commercial Center. It has see through window
panes on all the levels, allowing passerby’s to see the diners…er,
dining, in all their glory.

bdc door

This is the main entrance to BDC Seafood Restaurant at the ground floor.

bdc interior

The interior of the place is well decorated, typical of a Chinese seafood restaurant, but reassuringly familiar all at once.

bdc yang chow

I opted for Yang Chow Fried Rice (RM 4). This place is well known for it’s affordability and good food.

bdc nestum chicken

This is the Nestum Salad Chicken (RM 8). The chicken is coated with
a batter which has Nestum cereal inside before being deep fried, sliced
into manageable pieces and served with mayonnaise. The Nestum cereal
flavors carries well into the dish – highly recommended.

bdc drunken prawns

Here we see the Claypot Drunken Prawn (RM 20). The claypot dish has
large prawns simmered in a wonderful broth, and the wine taste and
flavors were overwhelmingly tasty, with the wine flavors again carrying
through perfectly.

bdc three joy

This is a non-menu dish our attendant recommended. It’s going to be
a menu item in a while and he gave us a chance to try it out before
then. They’re going to name in “Three Joy” or something to that effect
(in Chinese of course). It’s a vegetable dish that’s made with long
beans, potatoes and brinjals, cooked with spicy belacan. It’s very
unique and tasty.

bdc large ochien

I present to you…the largest oyster omelette (RM 15) in Kuching,
Sarawak, and probably the world! 😉 I was amazed by the sheer girth of
this o-chien (oyster omelet) when it arrived on the table. The amazing
proportion just overwhelmed me and rendered me speechless. The others
had eaten here before and were used to it – and they confirmed that it
was the largest oyster pancake in town, to the best of their knowledge.

bdc dessert

I had a concoction of sago, raisins and shaved winter melon soaking
in a coconut infused sweet milk for dessert. The complex textures and
flavors were amazing.

bdc great meal

I would recommend BDC Seafood Restaurant for a nice, affordable
meal. They cater for weddings and special occasions as well, and you
have three floors of dining space and an attentive staff along with the
good food.

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