KFC Garden Salad with Popcorn Chicken

kfc garden salad

This is KFC’s latest introduction – the KFC Garden Salad
at RM 3.80. It’s a variety of vegetables (it differs in Peninsula
Malaysia and East Malaysia) served with Thousand Island dressing on the

kfc garden salad popcorn

It also comes with an option for Popcorn Chicken (KFC’s mini chicken nuggets) for a “complete meal” at RM 5.

kfc garden salad serve

This is what KFC’s Garden Salad looks like. It’s served in a plastic
receptacle and the vegetables are cold. There are also two packets of
Thousand Island dressing and the salad is served with a plastic fork.

kfc garden salad view

We have lettuce leaves lining the bottom, a bedding of shredded
carrots, corn kernels scattered throughout the salad, cucumber sticks
lining the tray and sliced tomatos on top.

kfc garden salad w chicken

The popcorn chicken is served separately and I scattered it on the salad.

kfc garden salad w dressing

The Thousand Island dressing is then drizzled liberally…

kfc garden salad final

…and the KFC Garden Salad with Popcorn Chicken was half heartedly
tossed. You can’t get much tossing done with a plastic fork, I can tell
you that.

Nevertheless, I found it delicious – all the vegetables tastes
fresh, cold and crunchy and the crispness of the lettuce tasted
wonderful with the hot popcorn chicken. I wonder what the regional
variations are – I know the ones in KL have red capsicum, which we

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