Bernice has left the building…

bernice bye

Bernice has decided to pursue a different career path and she will
be going to KL to work as a branch manager in a different field. She
has left Huygens Asia on her own accord and will be flying over to KL
to start on her new job soon. She told me about the offer – she’ll be
pulling in a paycheck that’s bigger than mine. :p

I have learned a lot from her about marketing and working life in
general…she’s intelligent and experienced – I still have a lot to
learn from her and I appreciate the invaluable business knowledge that
she has imparted to me. I lack a lot of smarts in that division. I
reckon you can learn from anyone if you keep an open mind and you’re
willing to learn.

All the best, Bernice! Take care and good luck…you will be missed. πŸ™‚

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