Kurma from Egypt

egypt kurma pack

This 250 gram container is supposed to have kurma segar
or fresh dates from Egypt. Kurma usually comes out around this time of
the year – it’s a customary food to break the day’s fast.

egypt kurma sticker

There’s a sticker on the container which shows a local packing
company but the dates are supposed to hail from Egypt. There are two
pharaoh graphics meant to visually reinforce this claim as does the
“Products of Egypt” font. πŸ˜‰

egypt kurma

Here’s what the dates look like – they’re generally large and
discolored. The flesh and the skin has two distinct textures, which is
bad in my book, I like them to be fused. The seeds are rather large,
but there’s enough flesh on each date to compensate for that.

egypt kurma seeds

The large seed has a, hmm…decidedly phallic look to it. πŸ˜‰

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