Pure Fish Ball Cafe

pure fish ball cafe

This is Pure Fish Ball Cafe which is famed for being the first to
introduce pure fish noodles here. Pure fish noodles means exactly what
it is – the noodles are made of fish! I’ve passed by this eating
establishment in Jalan Padungan many times, but never did get around to
reviewing it until lunch just now.

pure fish noodles

This is the famous Pure Fish Mee. It retails for RM
6 per bowl and its well worth it, considering what’s inside. It’s a
soup based dish with noodles made out of fish meat and various
condiments. There’s a whole lady finger stuffed with fish meat, crab
stick, tofu stuffed with fish meat, fish balls etc. You get the
idea…fishy stuff, basically. πŸ˜‰

pure fish strands

Here’s a macro photo of the “fish noodles”. Perhaps a more accurate
description would be that fish meat was pressed into reels of noodles.

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