Homey delicious opening day review

homex delicious

Homey delicious (with a fork and spoon
forming the Y – initially thought it was an X) is a food establishment
that just opened today, from the banner practically blaring out for all
to see – 2nd December, 2004. It caught our attention and we decided to
go here for lunch, it isn’t everyday you pass by an opening place.

homex interior

The interior of Homey delicious is typical of the cafes springing up
in town nowadays. It’s spacious enough to accommodate a small sized
lunch crowd, with some seating arrangements in the shaded porch. The
staff is all wearing Toga style uniforms.

homex menu

The menu is done in a color scheme that is likely to send diabetics into instant insulin shock…

homex menu burger

…and I ordered something called “Homey Burger”. I was wondering if
they meant homey as it “Yo, gimme the 411, homey” or as in “home made”
i.e. home cooking.

homex burger

This is Homey Burger when it came out of the kitchen. It instantly
confirmed that they meant home style cooking. Sheesh, I could slap
together a burger that’s better than this, in half the time they took
to bring it to our table. There is a beef patty, a slice of lettuce, a
thinly disguised slice of cheddar cheese inside a stale tasting bun. It
was disappointing.

homex prawn rice

The rice that Mancy ordered was sweet and sour chicken, but sweet
and sour prawns came out. Robyn took it anyway, coz he likes prawns. It
tasted alright, best dish during lunch.

homex ginger chicken

Here’s ginger chicken rice. It’s not too bad, but the food turnover
time is unacceptable. Granted, they did note that a 20 minute wait is
expected, but still…for a working lunch crowd?

homex chicken

This is the real dish that Mancy ordered – sweet and sour chicken.
It tasted okay, and it came with one of them rice worms and a single
strand of hair. πŸ˜‰ 5 minutes later, another plate of sweet and sour chicken came out! Jesus Christ…

We promptly sent it back.

homex special ice

This is easily the best thing in Homey delicious – Homey Special, a
concoction of fruits and jelly topped with shaved ice. It’s great for a
hot day and today is a bit of a scorcher.

Well, I can’t say this review would be indicative of what the
service would be like once they sort out their teething problems. Homey
delicious might still have potential yet. The people there are polite
and apologetic about the mistakes, so all is good. I will go again
after a couple of months for another evaluation…

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