Tambun Biscuits from Macalister Road, Penang

tambun biscuit penang

Tambun Biscuits originated from Penang, Malaysia
and I remember having them during my trips over there when I was young.
I haven’t had authentic Tambun Biscuits from Penang ever since and
Freddie was kind enough to show up at my workplace with a bag of Hoh Heong Tambun Biscuits from 100 Macalister Road, Penang.

tambun biscuit bag

There were two transparent packages of individually wrapped old
skool Tambun Biscuits in the bag. Freddie travels a lot and he dropped
by to pass these to my on his Kuching trip. Cheers mate! 🙂

tambun biscuit wrapper

The Tambun Biscuits are wrapped in slightly translucent cream
colored packaging with red script. The contents are listed as: Flour,
Sugar, Caramel (?), Onions, Salt, Oil, Molasses and “Lenga”, the last
of which totally stumped me. What is “Lenga”?

tambun biscuit whole

This is what the famous Penang Tambun Biscuit look
like – it’s covered in flaky pastry which will totally fall apart as
soon as you bite into it and get into the hardest to clean nooks at the
first opportunity like the keyboard. 😉

tambun biscuit bite

Tambun Biscuits have a sugar based center and it tastes like caramel
mixed with onions. It sounds like an odd combination but it really
tastes great! My coworkers who had the Tambun Biscuits pronounced it
“Good” as well.

…and now our office has pastry flakes all over the carpet.

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