McDonald's McDelivery damn McInefficient and made me damn McTulan


McDonald’s McDelivery is using a centralized ordering system for all branches throughout Malaysia using its 1300-13-1300 number, which is based in Klang Valley. I had a McAttack last night (not a McHeartAttack, you only get those after the meal) and surfed to McDonald’s McDelivery website to get the number to call.

They insisted delivery services close after 10 pm. I asked them for the Kuching McDonald’s branch number and called that number.

Kuching told me that delivery services is open till 11 pm. Unfortunately, I cannot order through them as I had to go through the 1300 centralized system in Klang Valley.

I called the 1300 number and told them about Kuching’s later delivery services and they insisted that delivery services in Kuching closes at 10 pm. F@*(#*&@#!!!oneone how dare you tell me when Kuching delivery closes when you’re not in Kuching, idiot-on-a-phone!!!!!oneonefuckone!!!

I got super McPissedOff and (insert standard procedure to deal with uncooperative front line staff) and they finally relented and put my order though.

mcdelivery arrive

The McDonald’s McDelivery staff finally reached my place at about 11 pm. Damn McDonald’s…what if I was McStoned and McDrunk and McFuckedUp and drove to the outlet instead and McHit-and-Run innocent grandmothers rolling a trolley while McDrivingWhileIntoxicated?

mcdelivery chilli sauce

…at least they had they decency to give me plenty of chilli sauce. Literally.


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