I won the Sports Toto 6/42 Jackpot!

sports toto win

This is not a belated April Fool’s joke – I really did strike the TOTO 6/42 Jackpot! The 1st Prize Jackpot currently stands at RM 1,234,004.69. I bought 4D at Sports TOTO (Lotto Games) on Saturday:

1118 (6)
6130 (6)
6666 (6) – Sold Out
so I got
6661 (6)

and a LP (not Lampa, Lucky Pick – the automated numbers pick system for the 6 + 1 Jackpot) for both 6/42 and 6/49. I checked the Sports TOTO website [sportstoto.com.my] last night for the numbers before I left the office and none of my 4D picks came out.


I checked the 6/42 and 6/49 results just for laughs since I don’t expect that to ever come out and sure enough, the 6/49 numbers were way off. I checked the 6/42 results and was about to dismiss it (since the first digit was off) when a strange realization came over me…there were a lot of matches…

The draw results for 6/42 were:
6, 13, 18, 19, 20, 33

My numbers were:
5, 13, 18, 19, 20, 22

I got the middle four digits and I wasn’t sure if that was enough for a win, so I checked using their automated results checking system:


Did I Win? Yeah, 5th Prize!


I surfed over to the prize payouts for the 6/42 system and found out that I have won a whopping RM 30!!!!!111


Fuck lar.

The numbers were just off by 1 digit in the first and last numbers. I would have been a millionaire if it wasn’t for the digit offset. The remarkable near-win made me just a 30-dollaraire now.

sports toto slip

Oh well, at least I covered my initial seeding fund and I also got a printed result from one of the peddlers that stalk the traffic light junctions while driving home (50 cents a copy) just coz I was at a red light and he was there.

The total cost for my bet yesterday was RM 19.80 for the 4D numbers (I got 6 units of each of the 3 number picks at RM 1.10 per unit) and add RM 2.20 for the 6/42 and 6/49 lucky picks (RM 1.10 each) and that totals to RM 22.

sports toto slip win

I went to cash in my winning TOTO 6/42 ticket just now and got the 5th Prize payout of RM 30. I just have enough for a pack of cigarettes after covering the costs.

sports toto claim

Thus, I really did strike the Sports TOTO 6/42 Jackpot…but only got the 5th Prize. Oh well, RM 30 is better than nothing. 🙂


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