The empire strikes back

a better mousetrap

I have been told by my fellow coworkers that
our office has a problem with rodent infestation. I have personally never
seen rats in the office but my colleagues have experienced secondary
effects from said creature. The more common grievances include snacks
being gnawed into and mugs and/or bottles falling over, or otherwise
disturbed, the next morning. I suspect the latter could be a manifestation
of clandestine office politics – covert ops of sabotage performed after
office hours – but there is a general consensus that we have a rat


Thus, the management has procured three
mousetraps for our floor. These are not the unpopular snapping mousetraps
that are extremely hazardous to stray toes but the baited cage type with a
piece of cracker inside.

It looks like our furry little friends are in
for an unpleasant surprise.

P/S – I will be flying to Kuching on Saturday for the long weekend holidays. Anyone interested to hook up?

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13 thoughts on “The empire strikes back

  1. Wa lao, u own Sugarbun shares ah? If like that when come to Kuching must chia me Sugarbun’s nasi lemak lor. I want extra sambal hor.

  2. If I lived 10,000 miles closer, I would meet up this weekend. Eat up for me…. I miss good food. Food is crap here

  3. It must be a miracle if you can catch any rats with some crackers. Use fish head, fried chicken anything that is tempting la. Each time I bypass Luconia I will remember PHB, nice to know you are in Cat city this weekend and hope to see more of your Kch story ;p

  4. Thats a fucking big cage mate. But if you got to Kuching then who is gonna blog about the rats that get caught? Do they have rats in Kuching?

  5. are those cages collapsible? if so then I need some for my backyard, I got a problem with possums! yes I know its illegal to catch them coz they’re protected but you wouldn’t tell on me now world ya? ;)

  6. My hubby just caught one a few days ago with the dry sotong. Rodents like food with strong smell.
    Coming to Kuching? Staying in your favorite hotel? hihihihi…

  7. I prefer the brain-smashers.
    If you use those great, big ‘humane’ traps then bacon or peanut butter is a good bait.
    Then you have to put the cage in water to drown the little fucker.

  8. Wilson: Yeah, my dad gave them to me on my 18th birthday. Public Bank too. I’m coming to Kuching tomorrow afternoon. :)
    JW: Not as often as I’ll like to considering I’m working in Sibu. Going to Kuching tomorrow though coz of the long Wesak holidays.
    Skwermy: No worries Skwermy! I can always go over again when you come back middle of the year. It’s not very far from Sibu.
    Roland: Will do. I’ll only be going there for one night though, the next day will be heading towards a resort for a nice quiet getaway. :)
    Avi: Hmm…I shall check again tomorrow and see if they caught any. There wasn’t any trapped rodents when I went in to work today. Crackers were still there.
    Wuching: I’m not sure about the collapsibility of the structure. But of course, I won’t tell on you. You never told on me when I was doing drugs in Melbourne either. =D
    Possums, eh…
    Gotta be a better way to trap them. They’re scavengers. Poison bait perhaps?
    Choonie: Nope, I’m not staying at Somerset Gateway this time. I’ll only be there for the night and then will be heading to a resort for some R&R on Sunday and Monday. That’s the main destination. :)
    henry the thirst: You know, we used to have a bit of a rat problem in my old house. My dad uses to boil a huge kettle of water and literally scald the poor rodent to death. He reckons they spread diseases so he’s not adverse to doing that to rats but he’s very humane towards other animals.

  9. OMG you’re back and you didn’t tell me?! Shame on you Killuminati! I missed this blog so much! I have a lot of catching up to do! Don’t leave again!

  10. Choonie: Elephants never forget. ;)
    Jess: Sorry! I wanted the blog to be fully up e.g. with all the proper banners and About pages and fixed archives before making a Grand Opening of sorts. My sincerest apologies…
    Thanks for the comment. I won’t ever leave again (unless I kick the bucket).

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