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petes deli

Pete’s Deli is a small gourmet deli in Miri. I was looking for a place to eat at around 3:30 pm and most of the eating establishments were closed, so I called Kim up and asked her to recommend a place that’s still open at this hour. She told me to try Pete’s Deli, so off we went to check the place out. Pete’s Deli has been around since 1992 – or so the signboard claims. That’s more than a decade of deli goodness!

petes deli interior

The interior of Pete’s Deli is decorated in retro 60’s style with B&W posters of The Beatles and Elvis Presley (has left the building) dominating the wall facade. The place is small enough to be cozy and there are seating arrangements to accommodate about 30 people if you really don’t mind having no elbow room. πŸ˜‰

petes deli counter

Pete’s Deli is self-service and orders are taken at the counter. The person manning the counter is none other than Pete’s son. He asked me if I am a blogger, which took me by surprise, before I remembered that the blogging profession (?) has mushroomed and most people who take photographs of everything is probably a blogger. πŸ˜‰

Peach Lassi (RM 5)

petes peach lassi

This was recommended by Pete’s son. The lassi is made with their famous home made yogurt. It tasted good but there is one major problem with the presentation – with a place like Pete’s Deli, you’ll be expecting proper glassware instead of a disposable Coke paper cup. It’s just not right. I noticed that the other patrons were also served with paper cups, this is a major turn off for a deli of this standard.

petes toasted sandwich 

The Original Pete’s Deli Toasted Sandwiches (RM 7)

petes sandwich

The Original Pete’s Deli Toasted Sandwiches comes with fillings of tuna & mayonnaise, roast chicken, corned beef, cheese or a mix of two fillings of your choice. I went for the roast chicken and cheese toasted sandwich. It was alright – the fillings were recommended by the proprietor, my original choice was for tuna and corned beef but he said it wouldn’t taste right.

petes oxtail stew

Oxtail Stew (RM 24)
Oxtail slow cooked till fork tender.

petes oxtail

This is the oxtail stew which is one of their more popular dishes from the dinner menu. Pete’s son was kind enough to cook this for us despite that fact that the dinner menu doesn’t officially start until 6:30 pm. It can be ordered with rice or mashed potatoes. KJ went with the rice. The oxtail stew is great, and there’s no false advertising here – the meat really is fork tender. πŸ™‚

petes lamb shank

Lamb Shank (RM 34)
Lamb shank braised in mouthwatering gravy.

petes lamb

This is Faye’s order and is one of Pete’s Deli’s signature dishes. The lamb shank is huge and comes with an option of rice or mashed potatoes. Faye went for the mashed potatoes.

petes lamb meat

The lamb shank comes off easily from the bone and the meat is tender and flavorful. This comes highly recommended from me.

Pete’s Deli Cookie (RM 4)

petes deli cookie

This is not on the menu but was again recommended to me since it just came out of the oven. RM 4 for a cookie is a little on the steep side, despite the sprinkled powdered sugar presentation. It tasted good though, as all oven fresh cookies do. πŸ™‚

petes deli us

Pete’s Deli would be your friendly, neighborhood deli that serves delicious lamb shanks and oxtail stew. Now, if only they would do away with the disposable paper cups…

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21 thoughts on “Pete’s Deli”

  1. I miss coming to this place. I see that the interior hasn’t changed since the last time I’ve been there which was literally years ago. Hehe. I’ve always enjoyed looking at the posters he had hung up around the place. Where was uncle Pete? He was always such a fun, bubbly person, always with a smile on his face.

  2. i’d rather say, u eat good food everyday. i m on diet. yeah… i miss pete’s deli. i miss their chicken pie, not sure if they still do that. that was super-delicious, dude. shud try eh! and pete’s deli was just outside my house during my times in Miri…

  3. Elvis who? Hahahahahaha!!!! Gee, that Pete must be one die-hard Elvis fan…and judging from kim’s description, he sounds like me…but I’m no Elvis fan, thank you! Eyew!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Great! Now I’ve ANOTHER lamb shank to try! So far my favourite is the one at Junk in Kuching.

  4. I sort of agree with Roland, you have a tendency of putting your itchy hand on girls’ shoulder everytime taking photo. This is very “Chi Kor”, “Ham Sap”, “Hiaw”, “Gatal”, “Miang”… Please stop this bad habit!! You should put the itchy hand on their boobs instesd of shoulder! Remember!

  5. Kim: Pete wasn’t in when I went that day. His son was manning the counter. I was told about the reason behind the paper cups by a Mirian who came to Sibu to work – it’s more hygenic and faster due to the large clientele from the high school opposite Pete’s Deli. They apparently get a lot of traffic from the students so paper cups are more practical.
    I was told they didn’t use to be open for dinner too, but now they are due to Pete’s son helping out. Interesting, the story behind this great institution.
    bengbeng: Hmm…don’t think that eating will make you fat. Instead, realize the truth.
    What truth?
    There is no spoon. I mean, there is no fat. πŸ˜‰
    Seriously though, I am weighing a bit on the high side, around 70 kg last time I checked. I have a relatively rapid metabolism though, probably from drinking a lot of coffee. I drink 8-10 cups of coffee a day or I’ll get a headache and feel lethargic.
    evil feline: I eat a lot of junk food too. πŸ™‚
    Diet eh…Atkins seems to work well if you don’t crave for carbs a lot. Eating carbs really do pack on the pounds.
    They still have chicken pie, I was thinking about whether to order that or the Pete’s Deli Toasted Sandwiches and went for the latter. Maybe I should have tried the chicken pie instead.
    suituapui: There are a couple of photos of The Beatles in there too. Help!
    I’ve had the lamb shank in The Junk, I prefer the one in bla bla bla just right next door to the place. See ya on Saturday!
    butterscotch: I found out the reason behind it – it’s just more practical with the amount of traffic from the high school students opposite Pete’s Deli. πŸ™‚
    Wil: Haha! Well, putting my arm around friends is a gesture of affection and phileo (brotherly love) while putting it on a breast would push the gesture into eros. πŸ˜‰
    fish fish: Hmm…perhaps for the dinner menu. The lunch menu is alright, perhaps priced for the higher income students. Miri has a higher cost of living compared to Sibu and even Kuching, judging from the prices of food and groceries. It is, after all, a resort city. πŸ™‚
    eve: Travel reports, eh…
    Hmm…perhaps I will. Thanks!

  6. Darren: It’s not a bad place for their dinner menu. The oxtail and lamb shank is pretty good. It comes with either mashes potatoes or rice, so there’s options too.
    jessy: Yeah, the lamb shank is great. Huge portions too. Must be some kind of GE lamb. πŸ˜‰


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