Panzer Restaurant

panzer restaurant

I went to Panzer Restaurant last night for dinner. My sources informed me that the place is about to close down and he suggested a bloggers meet at the soon to be defunct Panzer Restaurant before the fat lady sings. Unfortunately, we already made plans for the next weekend’s bloggers meet so thus I went with Faye instead to catch one last dinner before the place shuts down.

panzer interior

Panzer Restaurant has been a regular haunt of mine due to the proximity to my home but to be honest, the quasi Italian fusion food with heavy local influences isn’t really anything to write home about. However, I’ve heard rave reviews from other people. I just go there coz it’s convenient. *shrugs*


She ordered a cappuccino (RM 5) for her drink…


…while I went with the more manly Heineken (RM 7). πŸ˜‰

panzer crispy breaded prawns

We ordered the Crispy Breaded Prawns (RM 14.50) for the starter.

panzer sweat prawns

It’s served with sweat and spicy sauce, which made me more than a little dubious about trying the dish.

panzer prawns

It turned out alright though, I think they meant sweet and spicy sauce there. πŸ˜‰

panzer spaghetti

I had the Spaghetti ai fruta di Mare (RM 19.50) for the mains.

panzer fish

It’s spaghetti with chilly, shrimps, prawns, fish and tomato sauce and is one of their premium dishes. I do not recommend their “flagship” Spaghetti Panzer (RM 16.50) since it’s a poor imitation of this dish and does not come with the fish.

panzer lamb

Faye had the Lamb Shoulder Steak (RM 13). It comes with salad and French fries as well as the sauce of your choice.

panzer garlic

She’s a big fan of garlic sauce despite the havoc it can wreck on your breath. πŸ˜‰

panzer dragon eye

We shared the Dragon Eye (RM 6.50) for dessert.

panzer dessert

It’s dragon fruit slices with two scoops of the ice cream of your choice and whipped cream.

panzer us

Panzer Restaurant – Catch it before it closes down for good.

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18 thoughts on “Panzer Restaurant”

  1. u missed out mentioning where those places on most post, so i kind of trying to figure if its in miri, sibu or sarikei. write more detail next time la. i see the food only so hungry.

  2. How’s the spaghetti compared to the tomyam seafood one at garden? That’s only rm14++ and l tot tat’s expensive as fish & chips just rm11 and grilled lamb rm14. This one’s rm19.50, good grief!…and btw, wen pouring beer, tilt glass so u x get so much froth, but l guess u x give a damn cos it all ends up in the same place, rite? LOL!

  3. been there once..terrible is not enough to describe most of its dishes..the spaghetti above looks more like somekind of chinese fried offense but I’ve been expecting it to close down since my first(also my last) visit to that restaurant…

  4. Ah Bin you very rich hor. Despite of the fuel price you still can affort eating out almost everyday. Got sweetheart sponsor hio? Or you have “part-time business”?

  5. Just ignore them, Huai Bin. They used to harass me too over my lousy photos! Posted on same thing, my photos not nice BUT I got more comments! Right, clare? LOL!!!

  6. miri cabo: Oops…sorry, miri cabo. The policy is that the place is ALWAYS where I’m currently at, unless I say otherwise. All food reviews are in Sibu, unless I say in the post that it’s in Kuching, Miri, or elsewhere.
    I will take that into consideration, but the general rule of thumb is that. πŸ™‚
    suituapui: Hmm…one man’s meat is another man’s poison and all that. I didn’t think it tasted good, but I didn’t like the Garden Hotel tomyam seafood spaghetti either. I like their garlic rice that comes with the seafood platter.
    Yeah, I should always tilt the glass to reduce foam but I almost never do that, coz like you said, it ends up in the same place anyway.
    Which reminds me of this lame joke about an alcoholic husband and his wife. One day, the wife opened up all his beer and poured it down the toilet. The husband was adamant and confronted her about it. She told him that she’s doing him a favor since it goes down the loo anyway, and he doesn’t need to go through the hassle of actually going to the toilet every 15 minutes. πŸ™‚
    clementwpy: It doesn’t taste yummy either. Oh well.
    Nana: I know! It was horrible every time I went there. I don’t know how it existed for so long with their current chef.
    Anyway, none taken, I’m not the owner of the place and neither do I own a stake in the operations. πŸ™‚
    wilson: Hmm…a little bit of both gua. πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, I usually pay for most of the meals but sometimes my girlfriend pays as well. That’s usually the case, right? With friends like Faye, it’s about half-half, sometimes I pay, sometimes she pays. My part time business helps subsidize my lifestyle, that’s true.
    I’m not rich though, I’m feeling the price hike as much as anyone else.
    goolooloo: Na de chi, fan de zia. My theory ever since the Normah pharmacist that made me do a very stupid suicide attempt. πŸ™‚

  7. Clare: Hmm…then I would have to restart Project Needful Things in order to finance the d-SLR. It’ll be like mininum wage if I get caught and do two years. You wait for me two years izzit? πŸ˜‰
    suituapui: Clare got a huge one so she’s always laughing at our small ones. πŸ™‚

  8. Yo, great 2 her dat u r back blogging. yeah, been there once n i really told myself rite then i would nvr go ever again. i can cook better food than wat dat restaurant can do.
    first heard e reputation of having some ah moh chef, swiss or something. after trying, i think i can cook better spaghetti.
    either e chef is cooking blindfolded or he is using cheap ingredients or he is not interested 2 cook good food in sibu or he is just lousy.
    closing down? well, expected.

  9. DieHardX: Hola, my old friend. Missed you this CNY coz you didn’t come back. Yeah, Panzer comes out with some terrible dishes. I can DEFINITELY cook better than the chef there. It’s closing down soon.
    I heard his sweat tastes good though. πŸ˜‰

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