Butt crack

xy chromosomes

I have finally decided to come up with an XY Chromosome post due to the requests from the female readers of sixthseal.com. I realize that I have been neglecting this demographic and decided to do something about it. An opportunity presented itself to me just now – I noticed a rather pimply set of cheeks staring at me and I’m sorry to say that the cheeks in question were not facial features, but rather anatomically located in the posterior (commonly known as a “butt crack”).

I’m not sure if it feels more comfortable to go commando in baggy jeans but consideration should be taken into account for the optical health consequences of a wardrobe malfunction.

Arrrggghhhhh…I’m blind!!!

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16 thoughts on “Butt crack

  1. Hey hey hey! You’ve just gave me the eye cancer. Already I’m on the verge of getting lung cancer and now you give me eye cancer.
    Since we are on this topic, I gotta say that I f*cking hate GUYS when they fail to wear their pants properly, hence, exposing their filthy asses to the public,
    Come on la, if you’re a hottie, I wouldn’t mind, and many of us wouldn’t mind as well, but come your a guy man, go to a damn gay pub and do that. BUT NOT in public!

  2. Hmm… don’t knw wat to say cos……it makes me laugh without stopping lor…. hi hi hi hw can u show us XY Chromosome which look like tis one… not fair la…. nxt time show us better one k… hi hi hi cute but ugly cheek…. ha ha ha i think i’m going b in a very good mood today… thanks HB… U made me start my day with a laughter…. cheers………..

  3. Hey! Wat u doing looking at man’s butt? Didnt know u’re thus inclined! Hahahaha! When u askd who wantd 2 go bintangor wth u, tot u were asking the lenglius! Why u went with old uncle in the end? Stripped 4 him summore! Gee! These are desperate times! ROTFLMAO!

  4. liquidblackout: Heh! Here at sixthseal.com, we ALWAYS aim to please. ;)
    I was kinda surprised to see such a huge amount of butt crack showing too. There was a better view before I managed to get my digicam out. :)
    Darren: Haha! I was nudging my friend when I first saw it, and pointed it out to her before taking a photo. I should have taken a photo first coz it was showing nearly half his ass crack when I saw it before he sat up straighter.
    bengbeng: Nice! I have an elephant tattoo on my pubic area too, show you next time. ;)
    You can guess what the trunk of the elephant is.
    clementwpy: Nope, in Sibu, before I went to Bintangor. We only got back to Sibu at night coz we detoured to Sarikei after Bintangor to eat the assam tom yam noodles.
    headsteadi: The premiere of the XY Chromosome category!
    jessy: Haha!
    Marlboro Guy: LOL! God, mate, don’t do that. I laughed out loud in the office. Not acceptable office behavior over here. :)
    Yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t really mind if girls do that though. ;)
    bubble7866: Hmm…due to the fact that the Permanantly Featured XY Chromosome is the writer on this blog, so there won’t be any XY Chomosome category. Ever. ;)
    I’m glad you liked the photo. Cheers! :)
    suituapui: You mean you didn’t catch me checking your your butt and giving you innocent, but meaningful touches on your thigh and arm during the bloggers meet? ;)
    There were four of us who went – Mary, The Leng Lui Who Must Not Be Named (explain to you in SMS), bengbeng and me. Two guys, two girls. I wanted you to come along but you wanted to go back and sleep. :p

  5. You did that? Gee! Didn’t feel a thing! Must be high on sugar!!! Got free flow summore!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!…Naw, another time perhaps! Had sumthing on 4 to 6, anyway! We’ll get together again sumetime?

  6. suituapui: Haha! Yeah, I molested you while you weren’t looking. I’m actually gay, but I don’t want people to know that so I cover it up by hanging out with pretty girls all the time. ;)
    Seriously though, we should have another bloggers meet. Next weekend perhaps? My treat this time. Sheraton fish head?

  7. on behalf of all your readers in the XX chromosome demographic, i have to say you just did us a great disservice by posting up this pair of spotty buns. =(
    i just spent a diving weekend blinded by many pairs unsightly male bottoms, and you just had to post this up!
    i think i’m gonna be completely turned off men for quite awhile…

  8. Irene: Haha! Well, I can always show you mine. I can’t see it myself (not having eyes at the back of my head and all) but I’ve been told that it’s not spotted and rather smooth. ;)

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