Noodle throwing @ Siong Kee Mee Kampua

siong kee

Siong Kee is one of the most famous kampua noodle stalls in Sibu. Siong Kee Mee Kampua is located in Taman Muhibbah. The proprietor is the one manning the stall and has almost acrobatic displays of noodle handling from the pot of boiling water to the bowl.

siong kee kampua

This friendly and unassuming owner is a Guinness World Records holder (!) though not for kampua noodles. He is credited under Most weddings attended by a best man. Mr. Ting Ming Siong from Sibu, Sarawak has been best man at the most weddings in the world with 1,393 occasions and counting. His record holder status can be verified here.

siong kee card

He even has a name card that lists his achievements in…er, matrimonial services, and he is also the Malaysian Book of Records holder in that department. Siong Kee Mee Kampua is very busy almost every night due to the good noodles that he churns out (and I suspect his acrobatic feats and record holder status as well).

Kampua noodles is actually very simple to make but this man is the only one who makes it entertaining to watch:

siong kee 1

1. Blanch noodles

siong kee 2

2. Throw noodles up in the air (no one else does this except him) and catch it again

siong kee 3

3. Mix noodles with a lard based sauce

sibu noodles

I’m not sure if the noodle throwing actually adds anything to the flavor (though rumor has it that it makes the noodles more pliable) but it certainly makes for a very lively performance.

Everybody loves kampua throwing!

sibu kampua

I’ve been told by kampua aficionados that you should always eat the noodles plain to gauge the taste properly. Kampua is served plain de facto but you can opt to have it with soy sauce, soy sauce and chilli, or chilli sauce.

kampua me

I ate this one plain and I pronounce it good!

kampua us

I was searching for his record in the Guinness World Records website and chanced upon a record that I could easily beat – Most Ferrero Rocher chocolates eaten in one minute which currently stands at a meager five (5).

Watch out Reuben Williams! I’m gunning for your record. I can do six easily. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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68 thoughts on “Noodle throwing @ Siong Kee Mee Kampua”

  1. There is a similar technique used a a Teochew man in Vung Tau here in Vietnam. He throws it way higher and it apparently make the noodles more crunchy.

  2. kampua mee?
    I think i saw it some where in KL…
    It look very simple mee which also can get it from KL but i dont know it same with the kampua mee or not…
    Last time, when I was small, my parent brought me to eat wantan mee, some of the stall really do that! throw high high and fetch it! hahaha….. =D

  3. Wa this kampua also cost RM 2.30 now. Honestly HB if you compare this kampua with Kch kolo mee which do you prefer most? Usually Foochow plp will definetly choose kampua over kolo mee. No mater how good the kolo mee is they also dislike it. As for me HB, I tried kampua (even Sibu one) em… nothing to write home lor. Even the char siew look dame fake.

  4. Dunno true or not la… Someone told me that the mee kampua is actually a Foochow’s failure-version of Kuching mee kolok! (Don’t angry hor, someone told me one. I didn’t make up story)
    Once apon a time, the always hardworking (or other word, kiasu) Foochows wanted to learn (or other word, copy) the secret processing technology of the famous Kuching mee kolok. They did so many many trials but still failed to come out with the actual version of mee kolok. The noodle they produced was softer in texture, with paler colour and not curly. After cooked it will become a bit lumpy as what the Malays used to refer it as ‘tak hidup’ or Hokkian people refered it as ‘lep lep’. If you ta-pau home (take away) it will soon turn into a paste or cake.
    However, this noodle was still acceptable and some people did enjoy the taste. Eventually, they decided to introduce this ‘failed’-noodle in another entirely new image by calling it ‘mee kampua’ (dry plate noodle).
    Mee kolok, on the other hands, is not a original Kuching noodle too. It is copied from KL and actually should be pronounced as kon-lou (a Cantonis term means ‘dry stir’). You know la, not many Kuchingnites know how to speak Cantonis that time. Some even pronounced it kolong… Like me, I still prefer to call it kolong mi.

  5. They started at a wooden stall at Tong Sang Road (near the previous Methodist Church) by the drain. And after the council banned such stall, they moved to Muhibbah.
    Like Arthur, I find the Kampua here has nothing to shout about. According to what my tastebuds told me, the Kampua has too much lard for my liking. The texture and taste of this particular stall have somewhat deteriorated (especially when there are a lot of people ordering). We’ve tasted better Kampua ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Cokelatrawkz: Hmm…I’m not very confident of winning that, since you suggested it, you must be quite good at it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m going for the Ferrero Rocher one, I wonder if we need a Guinness representative for the record to be valid or just record it and show it to them.
    clementwpy: Hungry for kampua? I’ve been eating the noodles almost daily now coz of factors relating to my bank account balance (or rather the lack of it). ๐Ÿ˜‰
    colin: Vietnam! I’ve always wanted to go there. Teochew noodles, we have a rather famous stall over here too but he doesn’t do the tossing acrobatics. ๐Ÿ™‚
    MI!: Yeah, being the best man for 1k weddings is nothing to sneeze at. I don’t even have 1,000 friends so I can’t beat his record. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’ll go for the Ferrero Rocher one instead.
    Hey, we saw one yesterday, eating a 12 inch pizza in one minute. Can you do speed eating? Or eating 37 cockroaches in one minute. You just need to eat 38 to beat that record. ๐Ÿ™‚
    nkwai: It’s a Sibu dish. Uniquely Sibu. I think most people outside Sibu doesn’t enjoy it coz they didn’t grow up with it. It’s just like how Kuching people prefer kolo mee and KL people prefer wantan mee.
    There’s a stall manned by a Sibu person near the Sunway campus in KL.
    goolooloo: Haha! I heard from a friend that people seem to have the impression that I’m a playboy and non-conformist person from my blog. I won’t argue about the latter but that seems to be the impression I give people. This person met me and then was surprised to find that I was actually a nice person. Don’t mean to verbally masturbate but yeah, conceptions formed from blogs are highly dubious. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Miri kampua? Not original lah. Kampua is from Sibu.
    Roland: Yeah, the fuel price hike. It’s RM 2.20 to RM 2.40 nowadays. I remember it was RM 1.20 to RM 1.40 about 10 years back. Then again, cigarettes costs RM 4.60 back then too compared to RM 8.20 now. Oh well, the price of inflation.
    I prefer kolo mee with lots of char sio oil but kampua with chilli and soy sauce is good too.
    I don’t think it’s Foochow people though, coz I’m Heng Hua. It’s just what you grew up eating that influences your preference.
    (=’.’=): I eat kampua with soy sauce and chilli sauce and put some more chilli sauce on top of it. I don’t usually eat it plain.
    Wilson the food technologist: Hmm…very interesting. Of course I won’t be angry, I’m not even Foochow. Not all people from Sibu are Foochow la. I’m Heng Hua. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Very interesting anecdote you have over there. Had fun reading it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Clare: Wahlau! You’re trying to take over Arthur’s seat as Sibu’s resident food critic izzit? So much history. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I like lard. Lard is good. The more lard the better. I don’t like the kampua with vegetable oil. Kampua should be made with lard. From pigs. Not plants.

  7. What trying to take over? Excuse me! NO ONE can take over Arthur’s seat ok! LOL! I want to become Arthur’s student you know, learning how to become a food critic (HAHA!) but I don’t think he wants to accept student lor.
    I like lard too. But not too much though. Too much of lard spoil the dish. (No wonder you are such a pig! LOL!)

  8. hey there!
    i’ve tried sibu kampua but i think sitiawan kampua is better!! well actually quite biased cos i grew up in sitiawan and everything but then sibu kampua mee is too plain and sticky for me liking =P

  9. Clare: Hmm…our mentor. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I sleep and eat like a pig too. Do I pak cheng like a pig? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    xes: I’ve always wanted to be a VJ for those food shows. Like the Discovery Travel & Adventure food shows which goes around the world trying their cuisine and checking out their local culture. Unfortunately, that never happened. Oh well.
    Peter: I’ve been reading about the history of Sibu and Setiawan in Perak and apparently it’s somewhat linked. The White Rajah and Wong Nai Siong (which brought the first batch over to Malaysia).
    I’ve never had Setiawan kampua though.

  10. haha, if you are talking about kampua mee in sibu, then i recommend you kampua & laksa at RASA CAFE, JALAN PERDANA ( some where near to bus terminal )

  11. haha, if you are talking about kampua mee in sibu, then i recommend you kampua & laksa at RASA SAYANG CAFE, JALAN PERDANA ( some where near to bus terminal )

  12. doesn’t comply with wat wilson obviously the saying of some wiseguy dunno come from no where…the fact is all chinese dialect group have all along somehow come out with all different shape or design of dry mee itslef when they resided in nanyang some 100 years ago..
    hakka ppl have hakka mee
    canto ppl have wantan mee
    foochow ppl have kampua
    hokkien ppl have kolo mee
    belief it or not the hokkien domain place like penang also have wantan mee but is sorely they very own wantan mee with no dark soya sauce..and funny no wantan as well..then how u explain on tat?…
    and like what wilson say if somehow kampua is a failure version of Kuching kolo mee then how on earth setiawan have kampua at the same time also? yong ping johor and sepang selangor??
    is obvious kampua is local authentic nanyang foochow food…no doubt about it..

  13. FONG2: Thanks for the support! Er…at least that’s what the translator tells me, don’t read Chinese. ๐Ÿ™‚
    catherine: My favorite is still at Pedada. It’s close to my place and it’s damn good. ๐Ÿ™‚
    lala: Hey, thanks for the great explaination. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sibu and Setiawan are Foochow strongholds. Wong Nai Siong went to both places. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. lala: Heh! I don’t know much about the history but I know he landed in Sibu first and then went to Setiawan. I’m not really a Foochow, I’m Heng Hua. ๐Ÿ™‚

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