The Great Sarawak Blackout


The entire state of Sarawak experienced a total blackout last night with confirmed areas being affected including Sibu and Kuching. The traffic lights were not working and I’m sure quite a few fender benders occurred when two unyielding parties collide (pun intended). πŸ™‚

blackout dinner

It felt like going back to the Dark Ages (haha) with all the shops closing down (probably to prevent theft and also due to the non-functioning electricity-dependent POS machines) but most restaurants remained open. We made the most of the ambiance…romantic candlelight dinner konon. πŸ˜‰

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17 thoughts on “The Great Sarawak Blackout”

  1. first!
    yeah it the whole sarawak blackout last night, but wasn’t that bad cos it only like 1hrs or so… our team went shutdown at selangau-kemena power plant in the afternoon. the shut down has probably caused the collapse of the whole network system causing it to trip. apologize for the blackout. abuthen it’s romantic right? πŸ™‚

  2. I also had candlelight dinner in Kuching. Power was restored when we were about to pay the bill around 9.30 pm. Will post on that soon. Where did you have dinner? Ruby?

  3. That white hair dude told you guys that he needs to build more damn dams the other day, right? So don’t object his idea$ lah:P

  4. Worst thing was i had a surprise party scheduled around that hour, luckily at the end everything works out. It was like being in a “the end of the world” kind of movie, the street was sooo dark ! scary

  5. (=’.’=): Oh, so it’s your fault? πŸ˜‰ I read in the papers today that the statewide rolling blackout lasted for three hours. I noticed it at around 6 pm after the hash run when someone nearly ran into me while I was driving back (not really looking at the dysfunctional traffic lights and assuming I had the right of way). I showered in the dark, dressed in the dark and went out for dinner in the dark.
    You have really accurate sources (well, no surprise since you work in this industry), that’s what I read today too – Selangau shutdown caused a state-wide rolling blackout that came and went in waves the entire night.
    No problems, it’s not your fault, and it’s kinda romantic. Traffic was horrible though, everyone assumes right of way and chaotic at certain intersections.
    clementwpy: I think it’s a technical failure causing a cascading effect, so it’s no one’s fault really. Yeah, all the states in Sarawak was affected by the blackout.
    annant: Really? I heard Bintulu was affected as well. You guys are not on the state grid? The entire state grid went down. You probably have MLNG based power or something. πŸ˜‰
    suituapui: Yeah it’s at Ruby. Original plan was to go to Nice House but the place was stuffy without the air cond so we went to Ruby instead. There was just one other occupied table so it’s less stuffy.
    Clare: Er…actually two other people told me Kuching didn’t have power too. Should I be expecting a bill from them for giving me that information? πŸ˜‰
    Anak Pak Lah: Yeah, that’s the entire idea, so we can export and $upply electricity due to our $uperior hydroelectric capacity.
    Simmonette Tan: OMG! That’s just about one of the worst things that can happen. I’m glad it all worked out in the end. Yeah, I was surprised that even the shopping malls don’t have backup gensets. At least the petrol stations do, and of course the hospitals.
    Darren: Yeah, it’s the entire state of Sarawak, mate.

  6. i would have liked to frivolously comment that it’s very romantic etc. but having lived through blackouts growing up, i know it’s the furthest thing from being romantic. heh feel bad for you bro

  7. suanie: Yeah, especially with the heat. I don’t mind not having lights and all but would appreciate at least the fans running, if not air conditioning. I can’t sleep without air conditioning on (due to heat and mosquitos – lower temperatures makes the pesky things inactive) so yeah, I don’t really like blackouts unless it happens once in a while (which is where the novelty value kicks in ;)).
    goolooloo: Autumn is a very romantic season with the leaves turning golden brown and all that. Cold weather, holding hands to keep warm, snuggling up together. However, it also signals the arrival of the impending Winter and the Autumn season only lasts three months.
    Wah, very the chim, my statement. I don’t even know what it means.

  8. They only have two power generator running, shut down one for maintenance, and must be due to really damn ‘good luck’, during maintenance, the other generator tripped and caused the blackout haha!

  9. bongkersz: Hmm…yeah a stroke (haha) of bad luck there. But I don’t really understand the single point of failure thing. Why should it cascade throughout the state grid and cause the whole Sarawak to blackout?


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