Drug addicts are not welcomed

drug addicts

*high and mighty tone*
Hmph…then I’ll take my business elsewhere! 😉


2002: University life in Australia.
2003: Working life in KL.
2004: Cigar review in Kuching
2005: Blogger’s block. It was an omen for things to come…I couldn’t find anything to enthuse over and it culminated in perhaps the best post of sixthseal.com (in terms of mainstream controversial content) on the very same day a year later. 🙂
2006: Psychotic break but not documented until two days later. 😉

lame suicide attempt

Hmm…it seems like I have some form of Seasonal Affective Disorder hitting me around this time of the year. My posts during this time has been, for the most part, uninspiring and almost mechanical but if the annual trend analysis produces consistent results, then this is where Exciting Things (TM) start to happen to me as well, and the writing will pick up pretty soon. =D

HDS (The Undocumented and Personal Version):

2002: I had no direction, and was in a long distance relationship I wasn’t really happy with.
2003: I had no direction and was in a dead end job paying me peanuts and trying to support an increasingly expensive methamphetamine problem. I was tweaked out of my mind most of the time and on benzodiazepines the rest of the time.
2004: I liked working in Kuching and the pay is much better but I’m still supporting a destructive pattern of methamphetamine use.
2005: I was probably coming down from a 3 day meth run. It’s increasingly affecting my life and has evolved into a schedule where I don’t sleep or eat for three (3) days in a row and then crash and sleep on the third night for 12 hours before wash, rinse, repeat. This pattern can be seen from my posting frequency and style but I hid it pretty well with scheduled posts (this was back before CMS had scheduled posts) during particularly inspiring periods while tweaking.
2006: The first real love of my life (not drugs, a girl) dumped me. I thought she was perfect, she’s a pharmacist (what more could a drug user want? ;)) at a renowned private medical center but she turned out to be carrying a Shitload (TM) of emotional baggage that she hid really well. She was 29 and I was 25 and I just worshiped her. Unfortunately, she has self-esteem issues (despite being really beautiful) and other miscellaneous Problem Accounts Brought Forward (TM). I had switched to using opiates and had problem with heroin and other opiates like DF-118 (dihydrocodeine) and methadone. I had a bit of a psychotic break with all the stuff I was using and tried to kill myself. Drama. Pffttt…
2007: I was in a drug rehabilitation facility missing The Great Outdoors (TM) and telling myself (for the umpteenth time) that anything would be better than this. I counted the months and days till I could get out and promised myself not to use again.
2008: I kept my promise and haven’t used drugs but am involved in a devastating pattern of unhealthy relationships with unavailable girls/women. Sigh…my so called life. Oh well. 🙂

Why is August so depressing? Is history doomed to repeat itself? Why am I doing this to myself?

My apologies for sicking this Pity Party (TM) on you. Misery loves company. 😉

The next post will be more uplifting, I promise. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Drug addicts are not welcomed”

  1. whats with the ™ thing….
    drugs addict are not welcome? everyone is a drug addict… panadol, err, asprin, and etc.. just that the govt can tax this drugs only… anyway, hope u feel better in no time

  2. Hey Huai Bin,
    Hehe.. hope that things are getting better. OMG!!! I didn’t know your blog is back up!
    How have you been? Hope everything is going on fine. BTW, cool hairstyle!

  3. Because August is the lunar July. So, it is normal to be down.
    You like elder women more? Seem like those that you attracted to that involving more emotional fluctuation from you were the ones that are elder than you. *pat pat*

  4. Where did you see that sign? In fact that’s the only line that’s linguistically correct. I can’t understand the 2nd one at all. Feeling down, boy! Hang around happy people…like me!!! 😉 😉

  5. Huai Bin,
    How low is low?
    I think you are an exception leh.
    From your life style,it seems that you earn big money in Sibu.
    I am thinking of going back to Sibu to work.
    Sick and tired working outside.
    Tell me honestly,how much do u earn?

  6. Everything turns out alright in the end. And you definitely seem to be turning out alright. Treat them as life’s lessons learned and be happy. Haha.
    Hope to see you down again in Kuching soon.

  7. bah, the beer of choice there is anchor ice and not heineken? better to find a different watering hole to hang out at then 🙂

  8. Jesus…
    HB must be tougher, stronger…
    don’t recall yesterday, but predict tomorrow.
    You’re lucky boy, excuse me, a MAN. Should think wiser now.
    You must!!

  9. clement: Hmm…the TM thing is a trademark of sixthseal.com. How ironic. 🙂
    Thanks for the support mate.
    velverse: OMG! Mandy! I didn’t know you were still blogging. Missed the XM Malaysia days. Thinking of going back to KL to work. I don’t have your number. Text me at 016 888 2069.
    fish fish: Ya lor, a bit attracted to older women…but then younger girls have their appeal too. 🙂
    ging gang guli: Eh, I’m lost. Guli = goji. You ED?
    Blue Curacao: Eh, don’t make my saham turn okay? :p I never said I deal drugs now. Used to. History. 🙂
    suituapui: …and that is why I hanged out with you guys tonight. 🙂
    Danny Ling: Honestly, it’s not a lot. There’s people from work reading my blog so I can’t reveal my salary. But it’s seriously not anything to write home about.
    Emeric: Hello Em. Glad to hear from you. Wanted to go to Kuching during this long weekend but had some commitments here so I couldn’t.
    essentric: Heh! Yeah, should probably file a complaint or something. 😉
    kandyman: I’m a big fan of Heineken as well. Anchor Ice is alright too if there’s nothing else. Beer is better than no beer. 😉
    Skwermy: Yeah, the council makes them put it up. Orders from ABOVE. 🙂
    Coki: I’m fine now. Peachy in fact. Just got attached to someone who COULD be THE ONE. 😉
    LoonNative: I tried to kill myself back in 06. Okay gonna pass out now. Reply the rest of the comments tomorrow. Night.

  10. 交了这么多女朋友...
    FIRST LOVE…才在2006年出现?
    到底...你的FIRST LOVE定义是怎么看的?
    I’M not like other ppl leave comment praise,admire,etc on wat u had done…
    i’m opposite wif other 😛
    oh ya i’m using broken english talk wif u,i like using strange shortform english word.hope u can hardly get used on it .. lol


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