Ferry Kebab – The quest for meat

ferry kebab meat

…one Saturday evening

kebab autumn

16:20 – Autumn does some mental arithmetic in her mind collaborating her menstrual cycle to evaluate the safety of a bout of carnal gymnastics at the back seat of my car without prophylactics.

16:23 – I storm the pearly gates with the purple-headed devil. She gave me the mark of the beast.

kebab lovebite

16:42 – Play hide the hot dog while pondering on what to have for a snack after skipping lunch. Making grass sandwiches (+6 bonus points if you get this euphemism) made us think of kebabs so off we went.

ferry kebab

16:50Ferry Kebab is a popular kebab stall in Sibu that is renowned for its delicious kebabs.

kebab meat

16:51 – Kebabs over here are not chunks of meat on skewers but a huge mass of meat which is sliced off into a hotdog bun.

kebab mix

16:52 – The meat slices (you can opt for chicken, beef or a combination of both) are mixed with onions and cucumbers (both finely diced) as the filler for the bun.

kebab squirt

16:53 – Generous squirting (of the chilli sauce bottle) is applied on the bun and it is wrapped in a plastic wrap.

autumn kebab

16:56 – Autumn with her chicken kebab. She’s not a big fan of beef.

kebab naked

16:59 – A closer peek at the resplendent folds of Autumn’s luscious wet, pink…kebab. 😉

kebab feed 

17:06 – Ferry Kebab is delicious! It makes for really messy eating, but it’s fun to eat it at the roadside in the car for the authentic experience.

ferry kebab stall

17:13 – I drove back to take a photo of the stall coz I forgot to take the entire Ferry Kebab stall setup.

…a different kind of food review. Kaizen! 😉

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62 thoughts on “Ferry Kebab – The quest for meat”

  1. At a local college dance, a guy from America asked the girl from Sweden to dance.
    While they were dancing, he gives her a little squeeze, and says, “In America, we call this a hug.”
    She replies, “Yaah, in Sveden, we call it a hug too.”
    A little later, he gives her a peck on the cheek, and says, “In America, we call this a kiss.”
    She replies, “Yaah, in Sveden, we call it a kiss too.”
    Toward the end of the night, and a lot of drinks later, he takes her out on the campus lawn, and proceeds to have sex with her, and says, “In America, we call this a grass sandwich.”
    She says, “Yaaah in Sveden, we call it a grass sandwich too, but we usually put more meat in it.”

  2. eiii…same as the Gyros in Australia..typically based on lamb, chicken or beef, or a combination of those meats. In addition to the usual fillings of onion, lettuce and tomato, extra fillings may include bulgur (cooked wheat), hummus, cheese and tabouli. The sauce is usually a yogurt sauce such as tzatziki, but chilli sauce (often Thai sweet chilli sauce) can also be used. The pita bread may be quickly toasted before the dish is assembled or the entire dish may be toasted in a sandwich press after assembly.
    In South Australia they are known (both in the singular and plural) as yiros, a rendering of the normal modern Greek pronunciation into the Roman alphabet.
    YUM YUM!!

  3. Hey mate… what a blog entry!!! Didn’t quite get the grass sandwiches bit though but I am quite sure I got the rest. =P The kebab sure does look succulent and juicy! It would have been better with a bit of mayonnaise in it. Thanks for the “continuous improvement” philosophy on your bloging material. Would love more of such insights into Autumn and the wild into the ways of the man… Oh, have u ever tried a three layer sandwich? Is Autumn english educated btw? =) Cheers bro…Look forward to this weekend’s snack review!

  4. I don’t get it. If Autumn (or whatever her name is) is attached, why is she always with you? Would you want your future gf/wife/fiancee to always hang out with a male ‘friend’?
    Just wanna share my thoughts. If she’s such a good girl, no beef, no pork, no whatever, then what’s this?
    A friend? Only a friend? I doubt so.

  5. dude, you are one awesome writer. Quest for meat, mental arithmetic, the bite of the beast,huge mess of gooey white and red on the split halve. With some dark bits of remnant,sure was a violent grass samich in the making. So tastefully collaborated leading our mind wonder somewhere else into the wild. Simply brilliant!

  6. I know you still playing but for how long? Not sure girl can wait that long also. That why women in U.S. call the shot in everythings. Many ask the guys to marry them and they said yes. It different customs now. Women can wait till too old or nothing. Women here make good income sometime more than guys and enjoy thier lifes carefree.
    There more to it in a relationship than sex. Women have always been checking out guys in everythings than guy knows of it. You be shock what women talked about in what they want in a real man.

  7. Hey, we don’t call it here grass sandwich but that another story. Here in the States women do call the shots. They are New Age due to their backgrounds. So guys have to be of high caliber too. They always looking for who the one and checking them up and down. They keep scores on which guys rank the highest. I readed your other subject blog and HB did’nt someone gave you a 10?

  8. My apologies everyone, I have been a bit tardy in replying the comments due to an event I’m handling which is taking up a HUGE chunk of my time.
    I promise, I’ll catch up.
    essentric: +666 for getting the reference AND for the great joke. Heh!
    Grass sandwich = Think follicle, and not the ones sprouting from the crown of your head but down south. 😉
    I’ll reply all the comments in detail tomorrow. Cheers all! Heading to sleep.

  9. Grass sandwich is not what women care about in the States now. But then again guys never really know what a women want. We women would see what out there really check it out. Time change and women do call the shots. With good educations and incomes they see men differently. They judge men ablitiy and performance rack them even how chic they are.
    This type of women would move on and it up to them to do so. Many guys like this new age women because they can have a good life married to them.
    Yes it true but guy must be you might say Top Gun on their lists. Sex talks are majors topics and what guys fit it.

  10. hb, i know what event u r doing. ^_^
    u r in the newspapers every day..saw ur photo in united daily today with the famous rtm chinese dj min juan. she is very pretty.

  11. Sex and Great food…what more could a mere mortal want? 🙂 I go nuts for Kebabs, but I have never had then in a hot dog bun – how does it differ from eating them in a piece of Pita Bread?

  12. HB, Since went over sea to college like you, I see women so interesting in States. I like them for their independence and knowlegeds in many things. They not the type that sit around wait for a guys they come up and ask you and tell it to you. Respects from both parties goes well from them to them.
    They boy,like playing the field and not easy to go unless prepare everythings I mean everythings.
    When I married one day I like a New Age Women knowing life would be very good for both of us and family too.

  13. Being in States for study made realize what kind of life I want. No fail flower type of woman who just want to be at home only life. Sharing in everythings is good for both. I see your blog subject is food and sex both major topics is of a man and a woman is more interesting.
    Well this type of woman out there like well educated good background and incomes which they have also so guys must better themself for this kind of women which I think I am.

  14. Very interesting , I dated women (they like it not girls) from college. Now many graduated with high degrees and jobs which I am also. Enjoy dates due so easy to talk of many topics with them. I like classical music so do they and sports also.
    Not guys else where are into NEW AGE WOMEN are a whole new kind of breed of women.

  15. Hmm, just wondering why someone feels the urge to comment using three different female nicks (may be +1 male one)only to point out her sight of view, trying to give it more weight….
    Seems like there is someone after you wantig you to change your style of life – sounds a bit like a maternal kind of advice. 😉
    By the way, one of the finest entries I’ve been reading so far, regarding your “new” blog. 🙂

  16. Hey dude, I lost here. Are we on foods or (still shy and virgin) Shhhhhh. Food I can handle. I do like bloggers writings. Well if I find the one and only out there I guess that the time. Only time will tell. All this of NEW AGE make me want be one too. It does have a better life for both. I guess not a player type of guy. Sorry guys out there dudes!

  17. Woolala~~~ this blog so many symbolic things hidden.
    Yes HB, you have been pretty outdated with your comments reply. 😛 But still very good with updating your blog. I want to see your comments reply ler, especially to (all) the ABC(s)?

  18. i don’t think you are joking, judging from the times you’ve compared autumn to delicious foods, clearly you are emphasising to everyone that you are shagging autumn. And you have melody as a gf. Is this one of the quests for becoming the man? What are you trying to prove? Autumn wears a band ring on her ring finger. It’s either she does it for fun or she really is attached, if it’s for the latter then i really lose my respect on her, she looks cheap. One way or the other.

  19. Dude, I believe chicks are into this subject as much as other dudes. By reading other bloggers they right on chicks do check guys out up and down. Had some the other days made me feel I am just a number 3 in their books.

  20. food+sex, u blend it so well together mate, just that “the resplendent folds of Autumn’s luscious wet, pink…kebab” with the photo somehow kill my appetitie :p …luv your writing, something different.

  21. Hi just thought i’d personally tell you something.. This can be twice now i’ve landed on your own blog in the last 21 days searching for totally unrelated things. Spooky or what?

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