The Queen Lounge & Café grand opening

the queen

The Queen Lounge & Café was officially launched on Friday night with an invite-only guest list comprising mostly of friends and regulars of Café Café (who is owned by the same people).

queen interior

The interior design of The Queen Lounge & Café can be summed up in a single word – absolutely fabulous. Oh wait, that’s two words. You know what I mean though. The ambiance is great, and I can imagine this being the next new hot spot to hang out in town – the place to see and be seen and all that.

queen reserved

The Queen Lounge and Café is co-owned by Peter, who is an old schoolmate of mine. He just has this magic touch for setting up nice cafes with the warm ambiance that draws in the crowds. I remember hanging out as teenagers during weekends at Country Café (the place to be about 10 years ago) and his dreams about opening up a similar place in the future.

queen couch

Well, he did, and kudos to him for that. The success of Café Café is a testament to his will and resolve, and I respect him for that. Oh, and I’m not just saying that coz I got complimentary martinis the entire night. 😉 No, seriously.


The proprietors of Queen’s Lounge and Café also own Café Café, a hugely popular café in town – the current place to be. They also have an interior design place called Mari Mari. I’m not sure about the obsession with double affirmatives but at least Queen’s is a departure from tradition – I’m just glad they didn’t name it Queen’s Queen’s. 😉

lychee martini

The Queen Lounge & Café was serving complimentary Lychee Martinis to the guests the entire night as well as snacks on the house.

my martini

It’s made from Kwai Fei lychee, Absolut Raspberry, Cranberry and Pineapple juice with a menu price of RM 22. Queen’s has an impressive cocktail menu with a long list of martinis, shooters and wines.

martini strong

It’s quite nice, but I’m a bit of a monster when it comes to drinking so I was asking Peter for a special, customized Rendezvous Lychee Martini – just Absolut Raspberry neat, with a lychee inside. 😉


Snacks were also served to the guests from the Queen’s Lounge and Café menu. There were Madurerse Chicken Satay (menu price RM 8)…


…and Thai Style Chicken Wings (list price RM 13) circulating amongst the guests.

ita ting

I bumped into a lot of people at The Queen’s – this is Ita Ting, an old friend of mine from way back in high school.


Peter and Ah Tung, the two co-owners of the place.

grace chan

Grace Chan. OMG, I look fat in the photo.


The beautiful people I’ve been bumping into in clubs around Sibu.


Jimbo and some other buddies I hang out with on weekends.

datina ting

Datina Ting! I haven’t seen her since Chinese New Year and she’s getting married later this year. Congrats! 🙂

chinese dancers

The proprietors spared no expense in the launch of The Queen Lounge & Café – there were two troupes of dancers with two different sets of routines.

The first dance is a very Chinese traditional dance, transporting you back to the glory of Shanghai, post-Japanese occupation.

I liked the way they dominated the floor with grace and elegance, garbed in traditional Chinese costumes and armed with fans.

martial arts

The second set features svelte female figures draped in white and performing a martial arts inspired dance.

It’s a very lively performance, extremely full on and unique.

opening end

It was a great premiere for The Queen Lounge & Café and I have exhausted my repertoire of superlatives to describe the opening of the establishment. It’s going to be a great place to hang out at – the next big thing.

Congrats to Peter, Michelle and Ah Tung and all the best in the new lounge! 🙂

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18 thoughts on “The Queen Lounge & Café grand opening”

  1. my sis saw you there, and it was suppose to be all gals thing, that’s y i’m nnot there..and stp, yes, that kind of queen…

  2. A lounge with entertainment is not bad with snack foods too. When I am on that trip to Asia with my sister would like to visit Queen. Michale and Jason might enjoy it too.

  3. HB, May I ask do you know anywhere there dancing like clubing and ballroom dancing? In San Francisco and states is very popular again ballroom dancing. I study 2 years of it with hip hop so did my sister.

  4. Guys in states are learning dancing to be more popular with gals. Many gals said they can’t go out with guys who do not know how to dance which so true since gals do love dancing. I love dancing since my dad was not bad ballroom dancer. I like club dancing too. Great for dating.

  5. Not bad place. I readed blog. I see it good to see other places. Dancing is a good to social with girls and get more fun out of dating too. Do you know of good clubs with dancing ?

  6. It did looked like a very nice and cosy lounge – very balinese actually. However I liked what they did with the satay and the glamourous names for it! Sure looked like a great place to hang out!

  7. suituapui: Heh! I don’t know, I didn’t ask why they named it The Queen. Regal sounding name, perhaps?
    vincent: It’s just like the food from Cafe Cafe beside it. 🙂
    butterscotch: Eh, I’m surprised you’ll use that word. My girlfriend use that word. 🙂
    Yeah, attached now.
    clement: Which one is your sister? I haven’t met her before?
    You should have come, it was fun. 🙂
    Pixels: Yeah, the ambiance is great, very chilled out place.
    Amy: Great, I’ll bring you personally if you come over here. 🙂
    Vickie: Hmm…not over in Sibu, but perhaps in KL. It’s a very small town, where I currently live.
    Michale: Dance like no one is looking is always my philosophy. You don’t have to be good in it, you just need to enjoy doing it. 🙂
    Paul: I’m sure it’s around the 6 figure range with the interior decor and rent at a premium spot and all that. There are 3-4 partners in this enterprise.
    Edward: Good clubs for dancing in Sibu. None. 🙂
    eiling: Yeah, the theme for Cafe Cafe (same owners) is very Balinese too. I like the place coz they’re very big on presentation and service, two key components for eating establishments. 🙂
    Phew, I finally caught up with all the comments…

  8. looks noice, one of the more classier places you have reviewed.
    Free drinks! how coudlnt it be better!
    No clubs in subu? ah maybe u should start one up HB? you would have complete monopoly haha

  9. Tom: Yeah, it’s owned by a friend of mine, and it just opened up.
    Heh! Yeah, the perks, free martinis. 😉
    There are clubs in Sibu, just not proper ones. It’ll cost a lot to set up a nice club though…

  10. Great entry! I love how the interiors of the club look! I do notice that lots of people in Sibu have the surname “Ting”….. except you, that is. 🙂
    Catch ya around.

  11. Implosion: There are even more people with the surname Wong in Sibu. That’s probably the most common surname, it’s Foochow. 🙂
    Yeah, the lounge looks great, the owners have an interior design outlet too. 🙂

  12. its really a good place to hang enjoyed relaxing myself on 7 and 8 a mix pakistani,some its difficulte find a club to hangout in sibu.but happy when my chinese friend introduce me THE QUEEN, beautiful club in Sibu .im really enjoyed even juz a glass of manggo juice..hahaha..

    • Glad you had fun mate! 🙂

      Yeah, sorry to hear you have had some problems by being a mixed Pakistani, some people tend to be prejudiced since Sibu is also a port and sailors can come to within 3 km radius of their docked ships and some of the sailors can be quite rowdy in clubs, so some clubs have an unannounced ban of certain races (you can walk in but within minutes, there’ll be customs officials there or you’ll get “crowded out” by hired locals).

      The ignorance comes in a great part from these sailors but I’m glad you had a great time! Yeah, The Queen would be a safer bet to hang out than some of the other clubs and pubs, where there might be a bit of racism going on (sorry to say that of my own hometown).

      Cheers and happy travels!


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