The empire strikes back

empire strikes back

I’ve just gotten a flu shot and will be taking antibiotics and cough preparations for a particularly nasty bout of flu I contracted. I’m very drowsy now from the shot and will be getting some much needed Z’s. Now all I need to do is to let the X-Wing take care of the TIE fighter and get rid of the influenza in my system. I hope I feel much better tomorrow. Cheers all!

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40 thoughts on “The empire strikes back”

  1. best wishes with yr new life in KL. Perhaps it is a better place for u. You have been back long enough to make an objective decision. God bless.

  2. Original comment removed.
    [HB: I just called the real Eric Wong KK and we both agreed that you’re nothing but a coward hiding behind someone else’s name. Your mom probably dropped you on your head when you were a kid but that’s your problem, not mine. Live with it.]

  3. Wow, a true asshole. Not just a small one, a really big one.
    And bro, get well soon. Was wondering, have you tried the new Marlboro Intense? Saw it around but have never ever tried it before.
    If you tried it before, pls oh pls do put up a review on it. Thanks man, take care.

  4. HB dude, Thanks for replying my email. Flu season is also here in San Francisco. I get shots every year in Oct. Can’t afford to give other flu and stay home sick. Glad you too got shot (Not with gun of course). HeHe Get Well Soon.

  5. Sorry about you down with the flu. I get my flu shot once a year to be safe. You should put out a guide to shop, dine and things to do in KL. You have very good writing skill. Tourists like it very much.

  6. Bengbeng: Cheers buddy! πŸ™‚
    Marlboro Guy: Oh, I don’t worry about him. He’s been around forever, I usually delete his comments on sight but unfortunately this new MT system allows replies to replies so I don’t.
    What I do know about him is that he’s Marboro Intense-ly jealous about me. πŸ˜‰
    I have tried the Marlboro Intense – it was in a post together with the Guinness stout post. It’s quite good, better than regulars, shorter filter and more flavorful smoke. I highly recommend it!
    alexallied: Cheers! I’m still feeling sick today but came in to work anyway.
    Jeff: …and also with you.
    Michale: Oh, I don’t mean I got the flu vaccination shot, I mean I got a shot for the flu (antibiotics and antihistamines). Thanks for your concern, much appreciated. Cheers!
    Nok: I don’t think we have flu shots over here. I know they have flu shots in Australia for the elderly and immune compromised people, but haven’t seen it around here.
    Myst3: Oh, I don’t mean the vaccine, I mean the antihistamine + antibiotic combo shot. πŸ™‚
    ishimaru: Cheers mate! No worries though, he’s just a poor lonely soul.

  7. wkk:
    why you make such comment behind my back? is that something wrong with you? you need some help and i mean fast. come and confront me if you dare and stop playing cat & mouse game.

  8. eric: Yeah, I think he’s just a poor disturbed soul. I know your real email address from your comment in one of the previous posts so I know it’s not you. Cheers mate!
    On another unrelated topic, I have been thinking about several things lately. Fever dreams? Bout of flu getting me to wax philosophical? I don’t know.
    1. I actually feel sad about leaving my current company. I have gotten to know the people here and made quite a few great friends and it’ll be sad to leave for good to KL.
    2. I saw an old friend yesterday, and it’s amazing how someone can be so upbeat and optimistic and happy despite the trials and tribulations he’s going through.
    3. Why do you carry some relationships like a badge of honor but cringe at the thought of some others?
    Too philosophical for a Thursday afternoon.

  9. ”you’re nothing but a coward hiding behind someone else’s name.”
    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! LOOK WHO’S TALKING!! ASSHOLE!! Well then, instead of being the actual nameless coward here, may i suggest something of interest to you, good sir? How about you go drop YOUR MOTHER on her head instead of frequently showing off your stupidity to people on here, hmmmm? Oh no, i am pretty sure that the problem’s gonna be MINE and NOT yours, mang, since it’s sure to be a good, fucking assload of fun that i gots no choice but to not be able to participate in…teh sadness…LOLZ!!!
    ”ram_beat” sucks. But it’s nothing but pure fucking win compared to your pathetic existence. Go eat your mother’s shit as well while you are at it with her, pussy.

  10. Eh dude, that was me on that comment. The original comment by him has been deleted. The stuff I wrote in there is directed towards him. He’s the only person who’s comments I delete on sight (used to be two, but the other one was a case of mistaken identity on my part).
    Cheers bro! πŸ™‚

  11. oh, damn. No wonder the whole comment there reads more than just a little bit odd, lol. ya, plus the fact that the ‘original comment removed’ bit wasn’t there before too.
    If you feel the need to delete my bullshit there, go right ahead sir. haha. πŸ™‚

  12. wah hb, u even give a fuck by replying
    srsly, it sickens me sometimes but i just stay silent until that demento gets sick
    it’s pathetic to understand tat most times they struggle so much with self-inflicted agonies

  13. zeiram_fan: No worries, mate. It’s all good. Yeah, I added that part coz I noticed that some people get confused. πŸ˜‰
    It’s all good, my friend. πŸ™‚
    eugene: Hmm…I usually don’t reply unless I feel inclined to. I usually just delete. Yeah, I don’t care anymore nowadays, blogging for six years have made me desensitized to stuff like that. It takes more time for him to write than for me to delete (just a single click of the mouse) so it’s time wasted on his part. Heh.

  14. HB,
    I have heard a lot of allegations about you.I mean negative ones.
    Can you clarify those allegations that I listed down here?
    1.You were involved in Satanic worshipping,drug,random sex during high school in New Zealand.That is why your dad had no choice to drag you back to Sibu and abused his position as the headmaster of SMK Methodist to get you a place to study Form 5.
    2.You were busted by the police/narcotics while working in Kuching.They later found drugs at your place.You only escaped jail term because your dad settled everything with money.In the end,you were only fined by the court.
    3.You claimed to suffer from bipolar thingy…that’s what drove you to take drugs.
    4.You shared needles/syringes while doing drugs and had unprotected sex with your ex gf Cherrie, a HIV positive carrier.That made people suspect that you might have contracted HIV.
    5.You were involved in a fatal accident.Someone was killed and your dad again bailed you out with $$$.
    Come on HB.Can you make some clarifications so that these allegations/rumors will be put to rest forever?

  15. KT: My mistake. Thanks for the clarification. πŸ™‚
    danny: Well, since you are a genuine reader with a good karma history at and not a troll, and you asked nicely, I will. πŸ™‚
    1. Satanic worship, I was a little into the occult when I was 13. It stopped when I grew up. It’s not in NZ that was in Sibu.
    I was involved in drugs in New Zealand, I started when I was 15. I didn’t do casual sex though, coz I was more interested in drugs…but I did join an Asian gang.
    I wasn’t dragged back to Sibu. I was kicked out of high school in New Zealand and no one else wanted to accept me. I was expelled for drug possession and fighting so I had no choice but to come home willingly. πŸ™‚
    2. That is true. I was arrested at my office (before the Harian Metro front page came out) and was in jail for 14 days – the standard remand for narcotics related charges.
    I was charged under Section 6 of the Dangerous Drugs Act, and got out not coz of any under table dealings but coz I was considered an upstanding citizen with a bright future so I was fined RM 2,500 in liew of prison.
    3. No, that’s incorrect. I took drugs coz I was interested in pharmacology.
    4. False. I am very adamant about safe drug use. I have never shared needles in my life, and I keep a box of 100 single use insulin syringes (Terumo .29 gauge) at my house. I only use one syringe once, even with myself, I never reuse syringes, or God forbid share. I have a morbid paranoia about HIV so I’ll never do that.
    Cherie is HIV negative, we took a test together before everything.
    I am also HIV negative. I just took a test 2 weeks ago for employment, and would post the test results up if you want.
    5. Partially true. I was involved in an accident, but not a fatal one. The person survived, though I thought the person would die. Some money changed hands, but not from my dad, it was bankrolled by my operations back then (selling PI -Parallel Import) pharmaceuticals to Australia and the US. The insurance took care of the rest.
    Hope that helps coz I’m not repeating myself. πŸ™‚
    YingYang: Thanks, I’m feeling better already. πŸ™‚

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