Budget inns in KL costs RM 60

lcct lounge

I flew in to KL on the last flight out of Sibu and arrived exhausted, hoping to stay at the executive lounge for the night. Unfortunately, the LCC-T premium lounge experience charges a not-so-low-cost of RM 80 for 3 hours (!). Thus, I took the SkyBus down to KL Central and looked for a budget inn to stay.

hotel de sentral

There is one right opposite the station, called De Sentral Hotel. The front glass faΓ§ade is grilled and padlocked from the inside to prevent untoward incidents. I’ve never thought of KL Central as a crime prone area but the person of Indian nationality clutching a can of Guinness Stout and drinking out of it from a straw (?) while occasionally throwing up foam into the gutter seem to intimidate quite a few passerby’s. πŸ˜‰

hotel de sentral montage

De Sentral Hotel isn’t anything to write home about – the “hotel” is actually a converted shoplot, as can be seen by the maze-like interconnections between the rooms. It is relatively clean, with shared bathrooms and a room that has a sink and a single bed. It costs RM 60 nett per night and even comes with a small TV to boot.

hotel de sentral room

Much to my dismay though, the rooms are freshly painted. The entire area insults the olfactory senses with the miasma of fresh paint, which never fails to give me migraines. It’s a good thing I’m still down with the flu so my desensitized sinuses were a blessing in disguise.

hotel de sentral light

There is a small window inside every room, which unfortunately has the side effect of causing the hallway light to shine right into your eyes – not exactly ideal sleeping conditions. Oh well. I was just there for the night before picking up the keys to the condo the next morning.

Anyway, I’ve moved into the new condo and am in the process of getting a TM Homeline and Streamyx. I don’t have net access at home so I have been relegated to updating at either Starbucks or McDonald’s. I have been busy moving house during the weekend, but I promise there will be daily updates from now on.


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23 thoughts on “Budget inns in KL costs RM 60”

  1. Hey HB,
    It’s been a while and welcome to KL! Which part of KL or PJ are you staying? Would love to meet up with you once you have settled down.

  2. I been to this budget hotel before but decide not to stay in after viewing the room. A better option would be Florida Hotel, just behind this hotel which offer better room and security. Room rate at Hotel Florida might be a bit higher at RM68 but one will have own toilet and bathroom as well as spacious room compare to DeSentral

  3. I often stay at budget motels, (about $30 -$60 over here). Why pay lots more money when you just need to sleep a few hours? When traveling by myself, all I need is six feet of safe space to lie down and sleep, a wake up call, a place to shower and some clean towels. Also, a cup of tea or coffee is always nice when leaving.
    Good luck HB, in your new venture, and be safe.

  4. HB, Wow you already started your so call adventure in KL. It sound like my mom when she was single came from Hawaii to San Francisco, she stayed in some place called roach motels too pretty bad or worst than your. Disneyland was fun.
    Coming back was hard Santa Barbara fire cause traffic tie up about 500 homes lost. Does your new condo have all furnish?

  5. Dude man, That some funky motel. Stay somewhere long time ago to travel dirt cheap. Motel was not bad area but got fleas and mices. Never again for sure.

  6. HB, it looks scary to stay there , for a girl la. hahaha… but its so convenient tho… eh so confirm la u staying at Kelana Jaya? hahaha.. what a small small world. I know how to go yr condo next time. Blerk!

  7. Be careful of bedbugs and ticks. I stay in one motel and boy, ticks. Have washed clothing due ticks got into them in washing machine across the street hot water and pick out ticks one by one. They were still alive after wash even.
    Bits all over too.
    Never again but no one could tell if any motels is clean and safe by looking.

  8. Good grief! So small! For me, I would only be able to go straight in and reverse to get out! For RM60, you should be able to get reasonably good rooms in hotels in Sibu like Li Hua, Zurah or Eden Inn. Anyway, a little rough and tumble won’t kill you! I’ve stayed in something a lot worse along Jalan Imbi (in one hens’ nest!) or Bukit Bintang (where the old man asked if I wanted a girl for the night!). Hehehehehehe!!!

  9. Thanks all! I STILL don’t have net access yet, but will be expecting Streamyx sometime this week (or early next week).
    I have been busy with moving too – fridge and washing machine is supposed to come today but Best Denki ran out of packing foam so it will be delayed till Friday. Jesus…
    Meanwhile I will be updating from Starbucks or McDonald’s so please forgive the delay in replying comments. Cheers all!


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