I lost my balls!

no balls

I have lost my ball(s). It is official, and perhaps a sign of things to come. The first flesh stapling, which is fastened on one side with a ball, came undone and I couldn’t find the ball anywhere. It seems that I have lost my mojo. πŸ™

Oh well, at least the flesh stapling is subdermal (it goes under the flesh) so I don’t have to worry about the entire thing dropping off. I haven’t posted about my recent body modifications so expect the photos and videos to be up soon. πŸ™‚

I had two done this year – a double nipple piercing and three flesh staples on my wrist. I will do a full writeup on both this week.

…but before that I shall need to head back to BB Plaza to get a new ball.

Seriously, it sucks having no balls.

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16 thoughts on “I lost my balls!”

  1. Ahmike: Yalor…now I have to go to get a new 24 gauge ball. My tongue piercing backup ball doesn’t fit.
    chefmel: It’s surprisingly not painful (but then again different people have different thresholds). It’s supposed to take 6 months to heal but I believe it’s healed. The piercing guy told me it’ll take two months for my nipple piercings to heal but it just took about two weeks. Maybe I’m like the girl in Heroes. πŸ˜‰

  2. HB, that happen to me when changing different ring for to tongue ring. Never wear it again gone to another stage in life you might say.

  3. Horizon: I don’t take it off. This is kinda hard to take off since it’s an entire bar below the skin.
    Rufus: Heh! Thanks buddy, I actually have 10 balls in total in various parts of my body (not including the actual family jewels). πŸ˜‰
    essentric: I have been playing with it a bit, guess that’s why it’s healing slower. But I also think it’s coz it’s higher up, it’s the first one to “catch” on clothes, doors, etc so the trauma is increased for this one.
    xes: Ouch! That must have hurt. My piercings are all covered (except for this one) thankfully. I had an experience with hooking up my nose piercing with my eyebrow piercing and ear piercing with a chain and it snagged on something and that was really painful. Never again.
    tze: Hmm…I didn’t get his name. Huge guy with lots of tattoos? Friendly person who speaks good English?
    vincent: I am considering taking out my tongue piercing for work. Perhaps this one too (at least the first one).
    Vickie: I didn’t realize I wasn’t screwing in the balls, which is the same mistake I did with my tongue piercings. I have swallowed a lot in my time. πŸ™
    xin: Er…no thanks. πŸ™‚
    I’ll take it out myself.
    But dinner next week ya, getting my car this week hopefully. Will be very busy come December so next week is the way to go.

  4. Look at the cutting scars shows how good it is to finally be “back to normal”!
    Gotta say they do look kinda cool, except i woudlnt get it done. looks amazingly painful!

  5. lol. better get the ball back before i see u. hehehehehehe. anyway, take your time to settle down first. πŸ˜€ i won’t be going anywhere from here. lol

  6. TOM: Hmm…are the cutting scars still all that visible. Someone asked me if I did the flesh stapling to cover up the cutting scars. I don’t think that’s the reason, but perhaps subconsciously?
    It doesn’t hurt all that much, the most painful piercing I ever had was the one between the nose. Perhaps it’s coz that was my first and I was only 15 then.
    xin: I got it already. Fixed it safely in. :p
    Okay, shall see you next week then.
    I hate TM. They’re really taking their time with my Homeline application.


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