Madagascar Move It! 2 the Curve

mcd roadshow

Madagascar Return 2 Africa
fever is running high and McDonald’s upped the thermostat with a great road show at the Curve last Sunday when I was at Cineleisure to catch the movie.

move it dance

The promotional booths had games with themes like “one minute to hit it”, “one minute to throw it” and others along that line but it was the Move It Dance Competition that drew the crowd in droves.

This is the crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me – it’s a group of small children doing a dance routine. It’s choreographed, but the age of the performers makes the choreography all the more remarkable. It received high accolades from both the judges and the crowd, and it was one of the first performances – certainly setting the bar high for the other teams, this one.

madagascar meal

The Madagascar Return 2 Africa promotion by McDonald’s has three components (at least for the edible aspects, and I urge pedophiles to refrain from commenting on the dance competition with the word “edibility” in the same sentence) – the Move It Breakfast Meal (RM 11.90), the Move It Milo McFlurry (RM 5.90) and the Move It Meal (RM 14.90).

move it breakfast

I had the Move It Breakfast Meal at the LCC-T.

move it mcflurry

I had the Move It Milo McFlurry in the McDonald’s in Kelana Jaya.

move it meal poster

However, for the Madagascar Move It meal, I wanted them to Move It (TM) over to my condo so I called 1300-13-1300. πŸ˜‰

move it charge

McDonald’s McDelivery certainly Move(d) It…and charged me RM 3 for it. Hmph.

move it meal

The Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Move It meal comprises of a Double McChicken, Move It McShaker Fries, and a Green McFizz. The best part is the Move It McShaker Fries, which are flavored fries and tastes great!

monkey fries

If you haven’t watched the movie, you should. It’s better than the original in many ways. I particularly liked the giraffe dying hole. Oh, that had me laughing out loud. It nearly gave me a laughing fit. Morbid humor. Heh!

I want maternity leave!

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8 thoughts on “Madagascar Move It! 2 the Curve”

  1. I always use the delivery when i’m back in Kuching even tho’ MCd is kinda near my house. But i thought the convienience of just paying RM 3 was alright. You know – don’t to change your clothes, don’t need to start your car.. driving can be tiring sometimes πŸ˜› I have yet have my madagascar meal tho. But it should be soon-ish!

  2. Seen the first film and got it on DVD. In San Francisco we don’t shaker fried yet or maybe not ever. Sound wonderful many good Mcdonald and other type of food we do not carry. Enjoy reading of it.
    In Taiwan it also different food at Mcdonald and in Hawaii. Hawaii got teriyaki burgers and ramein and taro and coconut pies and tropical smoothies.

  3. HB, What is Macshaker Frieds? In San Francisco McDonald none what so ever. In Hong Kong try McDonald Asian Wraps and Corn Pie not bad.

  4. How could McD exploit those children?! Shame on them! Speaking of McD, have you realised how expensive McD meals now? Besides, its burgers have shrunk so much. For almost the same price and not a little bit more, you get bigger, juicier and tastier burgers at Carl’s Jr.
    The sequel is indeed funnier than the 1st one. I can see the 3rd one is in the making.

  5. ST: Yes, the family jewels are safe and sound. Cheers! πŸ™‚
    Coki: Ya, the flavored fries tastes great. I like the double chicken too coz I’m a meat person.
    eiling: Yeah, and they’re so small to boot. Hmm…colored balls would be a bit too flashy, gonna stick with surgical steel for now on. I think I may have to take out at least one for work though. See how it goes. Tongue piercing has a 70% chance of being taken out coz I was to enunciate better. See ya next week!
    chefmel: Yeah, but sometimes the Kuching one takes soooo long to deliver, and I’m staying right in the middle of town (Chong Lin Park). The food gets cold real quick too coz they don’t use the hot pouch things. I don’t know if that has changed though, that was back in 2005.
    Madagascar Escape 2 Africa meal is great! πŸ™‚
    Vickie: Yeah, McDonald’s has great localization and so does KFC. I heard the McDonald’s (or KFC) in the Philippines serves rice. German one serves beer. πŸ™‚
    Michale (Mike): Will do, am a big fan of Fast Food Inc. and I make it a point to check out every McDonald’s I go to in different countries. πŸ™‚
    anak pak lah: It was an opt in contest. I just happened to be there at the Curve to watch Madagascar 2 and caught this dance competition as well. Pretty well organized though.
    There’s a Carl’s Junior over here but somehow their promotions (as well as BK) is never as good as McDonald’s. I don’t know if it’s brand loyalty on my part but McDonald’s has a great marketing team – in Australia, they have a New Tastes menu back then that changes every week with new posters etc.
    It is getting more and more expensive though, I noticed that too. RM 14.20 for a meal now. When I was a teenager, it was RM 6 something for a Big Mac meal and THAT was considered expensive. How inflation has changed everything.
    Yeah, I can see a sequel to the sequel too. I love this franchise. πŸ™‚


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