The week before work…

recap post

I’m going to start work on Monday, and I finally got Streamyx in my condo. It doesn’t give me much time to do much (some really bad syntax going on here) but the recap of the previous week:

recap doreen

Met up with Yee Hou and Nicholas from Nuffnang. Also hooked up with Doreen (post on TGIF soon) and boyfriend, KY, Eiling, Rachel, Horng for dinner at SS 2. It took me a whole hour to get from Aman Suria to SS 2, which I’m sure is a record of sorts.

recap eiling

It also took me more than an hour to get from Sunway Pyramid to Aman Suria, but in my defense, I’m still unfamiliar with KL roads. I managed 1+ hour from KL (BB area) to Aman Suria today while playing host to my girlfriend’s ex-colleagues who came over from Sibu. It’s pretty good time, considering the fact that I nearly drove to Kuantan.

chunghwa cigarettes

I inherited a map of Klang Valley from KY, who also gave me a pack of Chung Hwa cigarettes, which in turn came from Cheesie.

absolut 100

Eiling was kind enough to bring back a bottle of Absolut 100 all the way from Dubai for me and won’t even accept payment. Thanks Eiling!

monthsary 3

I also celebrated our monthsary last night. We went to DucKing and racked up a bill of RM 280. I had trouble finding a florist and got Bloomings to deliver it to her office instead…all done online.

Thank God for the Internet.

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10 thoughts on “The week before work…”

  1. HB, How wonderful to start your new job in new home and location. Now the adventure begin for you. Where will HB be checking things out? What KL have that Sibu does not have or other countries does not have too?

  2. huai bin,
    who’s the lady in blue?
    if you’re uncomfortable to disclose it here,mail me in private.if she’s in sibu,i’d like to know her.hehe

  3. Vickie: Hmm…KL is like NY while Sibu is like Fargo, North Dakota. I guess that just about sums it up. πŸ˜‰
    Erica: Cheers Erica! πŸ™‚
    eiling: Thanks again. It tasted great and I’ve some left over (hard to believe considering my drinking habits, but true) for you to check out. Meet up again another time. See ya soon.
    danny: Which one? First photo is Doreen. Second photo is Eiling. Both in KL, both bloggers linked from this post.

  4. The lady wearing blue dress in the second picture taken at hawker center?so the name’s eiling?not doris’s ex colleagues from Sibu meh?blog about ur workplace too lab and ur new job,how did u get the job?

  5. Danny: Nope. That’s Eiling you’re talking about. It was taken on Thursday, I believe. This is a weekly recap. I was with my gf’s ex-colleagues from Sibu Saturday and Sunday.


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