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  1. Dude, that’s why cigarette is referred to as Fag in the UK 🙂 .My former boss, a 300 plus pound Texas queer smoke like that too..with his Virginia Slim which he claimed very “classssssy”.

  2. HB, some time you take very interesting photo of yourself. If without that cigarette you look like the Thinker. Now everywhere in States is hard to smoke in public due to second hand smokes to non smokers. How that party plan coming along?

  3. Haha reminds me of the Ah Guas I saw the other day at Kajang!
    Oh btw, I love Top Leaf man, but its too over my ciggies budget la, so gota enjoy it once in awhile only. If not, bankrupt wei. Work til die also can’t get back.

  4. Sorry Hb, but I busted out laughing and almost fell out of my chair when I saw that picture of you . You look like one of those like one of those “hummel angels”, which if any one has been reading your stuff, they will know you are not. Poor baby… Nevertheless, my cherub looking friend, you have given me many a laugh (and I confess sometimes a tear – manly tears only, you know- xx dna) over the last few years. I wish to thank you for your continued writing ( love the stuff about food, drink, and local life). If you ever write a book, please get it published in the US. I will buy a copy, for sure.
    I am going to my Sister’s house the week of Christmas. She has 4 grown kids and their spouses ( and the herd of entailed in laws), about 14 grandkids, one bathroom and I will be sleeping on the floor ( hard to do when you are 48). Even this is not so bad, but she lives in the city, and you can not just walk outside and take a pee in the morning if the bathroom is occupied, like I would do here at my house in the country if both my bathrooms were full. Trust me HB, You might laugh now, but when you are 48, the first thing you want in the morning is to take a pee. Oh well. God Bless HB. I wish for you and all your family a great Christmas and all the best of luck in January. Tom

  5. man, that almost looked gay.
    that «every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts who decided to stand their ground» 😛
    ah ya, almost forgot, smoked the «internationals» for years, then i quit. never tried those. any relevant difference?

  6. eiling: Nope, not even close to a nice Cohiba Robusto. But at RM 14, it’s still pretty good value for money. I posted about it a couple of years ago when it first came out. Pretty good, but unless you’re a cigarette smoker, you won’t enjoy it. I still prefer Marlboro Intense.
    e: Virginia Slim! That’s a little bit too small on the girth side for me to appreciate. 😉
    Yeah, heard of the origin of fag. Heh.
    Vickie: It’s called camwhoring. 😉
    Will update on the party status. Cheers!
    jessy: I’m the other kind of fairy.
    Fairy – current usage – synonym for cross dresser, transvestite. 😉
    tengkufeng: Sorry mate, but I’m clean now. I can’t do drug posts anymore. I’m 100% clean. Email me.
    Marlboro Guy: …but I thought we have brand loyalty and stuff like that. Marlboro Intense is better dude. It just costs as much as regular Marlboro Reds so it won’t hurt the wallet as much as the RM 14 Top Leaf.
    goolooloo: No problem, will definitely be your tour guide, provided it’s a weekend. 🙂
    chefmel: Hey, no worries Mel. Will send you my postal add via email. Cheers!
    I’m going to change it this long weekend. I hope. I have a lot of stuff from work to do though.
    tom: Cheers mate! I appreciate the kind comments.
    I want to get one of my writings published – not a blog book, but rather the NZ history or rehab history, it would be interesting. I have to find the right publisher who can put it at visible spots at the major bookstores and do promos though.
    Thanks for the support as always and take care.
    BTW, I need to take a piss first thing in the morning too.
    j. e. s. p.: Not much, it’s just picked from the tip of the leaves so it’s supposed to be more full bodied and taste better, which it does. However, Dunhill is my fallback brand. I smoke Marlboros.
    Customer: RM 3,500 satu shot atau satu jam pending blood test showing that the customer doesn’t have any infectious diseases. 😉
    xin: It was fun, we did the strawberry farm thing, the tea plantation thing, the tea and scones thing, the dinner steamboat thing, the cactus farm thing.
    I don’t get motion sickness but my gf was complaining about the winding road giving her nausea too.

  7. Haha yea bro, but gota admit Top Leaf is quite a smoke. Btw, marlboro is having a new promo, for just 10 bucks, you’ll get 20’s and a metal box 2 go with it. gona buy it soon! he he he!

  8. Nice! I haven’t seen that and I just went grocery shopping at 1U just now. I have to learn not to go during weekends. The queue is prohibitive. We waited 20 minutes for our turn at the cashier. Madness.

  9. Saw it at the 7-11 nearby my house, usually 7-11 always have the latest promotion 4 ciggies.
    LOL!!! A lil hint for you la bro, never ever go 1U, Curve, Mid Valley, etc etc during public holidays or weekends. Not a very wise idea. Try going on weekdays preferably Tuesday or wednesday, finding parking is a breeze and the mall is yours.

  10. Thanks for the tip, will check the local 7-11.
    Yeah, 1U is a nightmare on public holidays. No parking and a long wait at the cashier for groceries. 🙁


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