Atlas Shrugged


No, not the Ayn Rand book…though you might find yourself starting to get as verbose as her after a couple of cans. I managed to find the best value beer in town just now. It’s Atlas Beer, weighing in at 12% – it beats SKOL for value. It comes in a 500 ml can – I love the feel of the substantial 500 ml cans. It just feels so solid! I have purchased a slab (24 cans) of SKOL and after calculations by my gf this one is just better. Every self-respecting alcoholic, I mean, ethanol consumer knows that the higher ABV the beverage is, the better. My current favorite.

atlas shrugged

It’s close to wine’s fortitude with the alcohol content – beer at 12%, it’s revolutionary! Bock style beer at just RM 7.90 per can and it’s made in the EU to boot! I suspect it’s one of the Eastern blocs though due to the ambiguity on the packaging – it would have shouted GERMANY had it been one of the more affluent states. It’s replacing my favorite beer (SKOL Super) due to the value – 500 ml @ 12 % is stronger at 320 ml @ 9 % any time. Especially if you binge drink. πŸ˜‰

I’m going to be driving up to Cameron Highlands tomorrow at 6 am. Be good, coz I won’t have net access there. It’s a birthday present for my girlfriend, and I anticipate prohibitive traffic congestion, but we’re going to do the suites anyway.

Have a great long weekend people! πŸ™‚

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16 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged”

  1. HB, is that dark beer or regular? Well I will be looking forward to that party you have coming up maybe potluck is welcome due some people like share their creations with other.

  2. Hi HB,
    Too much of the beer in no time you’e going to have a beer belly like me. I usually mix it with Scotch or rye straight up. That will keep you going.
    But then in KL will be too humid to drink..
    enjoy your blog.. good luck with your KL career

  3. Awww~~~ your gf is a Sagit too?? I just found out a cute guy in my work place born on the same month and same day as me, not the same year though. LOL
    Have fun in Cameron HB. πŸ˜‰

  4. Dude, I had Thomas’s Hardy ale at 11.7 % taste more like wine. I am still looking for Sam Adam’s 25 % limited edition, they found a strain of yeast that could survive at that alcohol concentration.

  5. I’m at Starbucks in Cameron Highlands now (damn franchise is everywhere) but I can’t complain coz of free WiFi and power sockets. I’ll be driving back to KL tomorrow late afternoon. I went to the tea plantation and did the scones and tea thing today, tomorrow would be the strawberry farm.
    Any requests, send to 016 888 2069 before 12 pm tomorrow. Cheers all, reply the rest when I get back home.

  6. i buy the same 500ml 12% beer here 6 pack going for 33 about 5.50 each, seriously kick butt daa,
    vokay…cheeeerrrss machaa….

  7. Have you ever heard of barley wine? There is a brand in the states called ROUGH that make one called “Old Crestatia” its really good, but one of the lage bottles is about all I can drink, get you really drunk!

  8. Nok: TBH, I have no idea what kind of beer that is. However, it’s available in A LOT of places. Found 12% beer from EU (prob Eastern Bloc) in Cam. Highlands. It’s very common, I wonder why I haven’t seen it before. Beats SKOL SUPER any day.
    hockeey: Too late mate…
    I already have a beer belly. πŸ˜‰
    I prefer distilled spirits though, but 12% alcohol is good for (er…this is probably more suited to a different medium i.e. email) driving – doesn’t get you too drunk, just a nice buzz. πŸ™‚
    fish fish: Yeah, she is…one of the star signs compatible with me. Aries is compatible with SLAG.
    Thanks ff, had a lot of fun in Cam. Highlands.
    e: Yeah, I saw that too. It’s too limited edition for me. I saw it in Melbourne, but it was too expensive (in one bottle shop) and NFS (Not For Sale) in another. Very limited quantities produces each year. I would love to taste that. Hook me up, buddy? πŸ˜‰
    skittles: It’s legal in Australia, don’t know the legality in Malaysia. I’ll try though, but it won’t be straight beer. does “fortification” – it’s going to be adulterated (which seems like a negative word, but it’s good in this sense) with vodka or something to bring up the ethanol content. I will try. Don’t know how long it would take though, but with my own condo, I should be able to do it, no problem. It’s just that brewing kits are not sold in Coles, unlike Aussie. πŸ™‚
    Grant (Intensecure): It’s at a little 7-11 type store called KK mart close to where I work. I was surprised too. There’s a lot floating around – much can be found at Cam. Highlands. I drank a lot of that stuff 12% there.
    benjy8769: You know, I know. πŸ˜‰
    Let’s just hope the traffic cops don’t know.
    eiling: Yeah, it’s available at KK Mart at Kelana Jaya SS 6 Jalan Berjaya. OMG, revealing too much info. Will tell you on the Singapore trip. It might taste a bit rank (my gf’s words) unchilled, but I find it alright, prob coz I’m desensitized.
    hindraf: Yeah, 12% beer from the EU is available in a surprisingly large market segment, found a lot in Cam. Highlands as well. Everything okay on the political front? πŸ˜‰
    Where is “here” anyway, you’re getting it cheaper than my cost. I’m paying RM 6.80 min for a different brand but still 12% and still EU.
    Justin: ROUGH eh, I just love the sound of that. πŸ™‚
    Will love to sample some. I’ve drunk a fair bit of cheap liquor in my career as an ethanol consumer, but this is fairly palatable (it’s quite nice actually, tastes like ale) even unchilled. I quite like it.

  9. I just brought a can of this, was a bit reluctant to drink it as it’s 4.8 standard drinks, so one can, and you’re hammered. I poured it into a glass, it’s a very amber colour. With my first sip, the overwhelming impression was ‘Holy Shit, this is STRONG’.
    I thought it was going to be undrinkable, that’s how strong it tastes. It seems to be going alright now though, as long as I sip it carefully.
    I have only drunk a small amount so far, and already I am feeling rather hammered. I hate to think what I will feel like once I have finished the can.

  10. Sam: Yeah I know what you mean mate – 3 cans of this and I’m quite drunk, the forth can will fully put me into the fucked up category since I scull it instead of drink it. After sculling three cans of this on an empty stomach, my driving becomes highly erratic. πŸ˜‰
    Have fun!

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