RM 32 nasi kandar

rm 32

My girlfriend is always getting fleeced by the nasi kandar people. I have a very strong suspicion they don’t like her very much. πŸ˜‰ She got charged RM 32 for this:

rm 32 nasi kandar

Nasi briyani (a type of flavored rice)
Ayam goreng (fried chicken – drumstick)
Sotong goreng (fried squid)
Daging lembu rendang (beef rendang)
Telur (hard boiled egg)
Sayur (vegetables)

I order the same stuff (with kuah campur – mixed gravy) and I get it for RM 13.50 – RM 15 depending on who’s serving the stuff. There this guy who’s fascinated by my surface bar piercings and tends to charges me less.

The pricing of nasi kandar here is so arbitrary sometimes…

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49 thoughts on “RM 32 nasi kandar”

  1. U will never get a straight answer from those guys. U obviously get three different answers fr 3 different person for the same food. Stay away from them…. Go support other food stalls instead. Chinaman’s chap fan is good n cheap, u might want to look at that. Malayman’s nasi lemak / nasi champur is equally delicious and well priced…
    BTW, whats the name of the warong n where is it located???

  2. DYMM Tuanku: Yeah, and the prices are supposed to be listed! RM 4 for chicken, RM 5 for squid etc. But somewhere during the bill tabulation process, discrepencies (and not the good kind) happens and you end up paying for than the sum of the goods. Strange eh?
    It’s the nasi kandar place at Aman Suria. Not Penang Kayu, the other one near the condo.
    Darren: I know! I posted about a RM 28.50 plate of nasi kandar in 2004 or 2005 when we came here for a business trip – based in Kuching then. This just breaks the record.
    vincent: RM 32 is very expensive!

  3. damn….
    this is the real mamak that alwayz cekik darah punye…
    I kena once before… nasi kandar for RM22… nasi + mutton shank + sayur only…..
    I was told that mutton shank cost me Rm18…..

  4. I observed it long time ago. If you look or speak like foreigner, you will get charged more. If you wear Malaysia’s flag, extra discount. πŸ˜›

  5. Your gf looks like a rich tourist from China and you look like a pissed off gangster from Harajuku.. therefore, the identical order with huge price variances.

  6. rm$32 for that is crazy.
    Seriously……..why is she still going back there to buy the food ?
    Anyway, i noticed that KL is getting way too expensive to live in.
    I tend to notice that alot of the prices are on par with Singapore’s prices, but i do not know if the same can be said abt the salary. In terms of PPP, i think KL is way too ex.

  7. Whenever I find myself in a situation like that , I like to ask in fair but firm voice how much each individual item is worth. That way, it’s almost impossible to get cheated. Sure it can be awkward and uncomfortable, but I’d rather spend the reaming RM22 on a couple of cold beers.

  8. Hmmm is it Kayu Nasi Kandar??? If yes, then no suprise la, they tend to over charge on their food. But I wouldn’t say its worth it, cause for RM32 a person, you can get much better quality indian food in a nicely air-condition restaurant with great service.

  9. Uh… wah… your girlfriend eat so much one kah? How can you eat same portion? that’s why they encourage you to eat more than your girlfriend loh. LOL. Make sense?

  10. Those snakes!…They will also cheat a nice, decent old man like me!!! And I hear once they hear us speaking BM differently, they’ll sharpen their knives already…to butcher us! Never mind! They’ll burn in hell!!!

  11. rm32…. jeezus-effing… you’re gf should’ve just shoved the pack back to the bastard. bloody rip off. the most i was charged is rm15-16. maybe it’s my tatts that scared them from charging me more, haha~

  12. Bah… it’s the same here in Ipoh with those rip off mamak stalls. Guess you either need to look hardcore or be wearing a policeman uniform for them not to try something ruthless.
    Oh and Happy New Year HB!

  13. Use the name and shame technique. Your blog is a powerful method to do this. Once word get around, people will stop shopping at those rip off food stalls. That will fix them!
    Of course you risk the Nasi Kandar mafia arriving on your doorstep, drive-by food in the face assault… and worse of all… waking up in the morning with a chicken head beside you.. yuck(godfather style)Ahhh noooo my favourite rooster!!!

  14. What a frekin’ rip-off!! I used to work permanent night shift and had no choice but to frequent those mamak stalls – always hated how they do their blood-sucking trick!

  15. oh i know why!! it must be that there is ppl like that guy who liked your piercings who charges lowly, therefore, others will get charged double to compensate for your “discount”.

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