The need for speed

I’ve always wondered how fast I can push my car. I know it can go above 170 km/h on the PLUS highway but how do I get it to leave a trail of fire?


The short answer is, in the real world that is scientifically improbable. I use the word improbable coz I don’t want to look back at the archives 20 years later and kick myself when they invent really fast cars which can actually leave a blazing trail behind. 😉


Thus, I tried unorthodox methods of making a “blazing fast” car. Turpentine doesn’t burn, gasoline burns with a yellow flame and so does kerosene. I want a hot blue flame that doesn’t extinguish easily, so after much experimentation (much to the chagrin of the hardware shop, as I was using his premises to do the burn tests) I settled on methanol spirits.


Thus armed, I enlisted two of my friends and went to a secluded back alley near my condo – one was the driver, one was the spotter (to stop cars from driving into the flaming mess) cum camera(wo)man and I was the videographer. I used two bottles of methanol spirits to create a “trail of flame” effect behind the car and created this video in all of its unedited glory:

Okay, the video is an epic FAIL. Teng Loo wasn’t familiar with my car and she didn’t manage to put it in gear when I shouted GO! However, the effect is rather nice.


It got me thinking though, why would I go through all that trouble, risking arrest when I can just boost up my car performance the proper way? I could have just gotten some Castrol EDGE Sport engine oil.

While it won’t make your car leave a blazing trail of fire – it will boost your engine performance. The Castrol EDGE Sport is a race proven oil to give you that extra EDGE (no pun intended) in power and performance and protects your engine to boot!


Castrol is running an online contest called the Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge that I thought is pretty original. Four teams are pitted against each other to see which group can change engine oil the fastest. The four vastly different teams are:

1. Hot Chics
2. The Geeks
3. Sweet Young Things
4. The Pros

One video will be released each week over a four-week period and you get to guess the time used by the four groups to change the engine oil. The person who enters the closest time to the actual time used by the group will be the winner. Guess & Win!

There will be one weekly winner and a grand prize winner for the Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge.

Exclusive for bloggers:

Bloggers won’t miss out on this coz Castrol is kind enough to run another concurrent contest, especially for you! Exclusively for bloggers, the Blog & Win contest requires you to blog about and embed the video of the Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge contest in your blog.

You can get the videos from the Castrol website. Give it your best shot! The six (6) most creative posts will win!

Win what, says you? Okay, here are the prizes for the Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge contest:

1 unit Sony Bravia 37″ LCD TV
User with the closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.

1 unit Sony PS3
User with the 3nd closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.
1 unit iPod Touch 8GB
User with the 3nd closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.
1 unit WALKMAN(r) MP3 Player
4 X Weekly Prizes for Guess & Win
1 unit WALKMAN(r) MP3 Player
Users with the first accurate or closest answer for weekly videos.
6 X Prizes for Blog & Win
1 unit WALKMAN(r) MP3 Player
For bloggers who write the most creative post about the Castrol EDGE Speed Challenge.
Plus exclusive Castrol premiums for all winners!
1 unit WRC Car Model
1 unit Castrol EDGE Sport Umbrella
1 unit Castrol EDGE Sport T-shirt

Do watch the videos on the Castrol site – it’s much better than my FAIL attempt. 😉


You feel the need for speed?

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91 thoughts on “The need for speed”

  1. Looks like “Back to the future” HB. Cool pics. Blue fame alcohol. All you need is a DeLorean and a skateboard. Connie is hanging in there. Thanks for the concern and wise words the other day. I was kinda down, and you helped. Tom

  2. kennhyn: Thanks! I like the blue flame too, was searching high and low for a liquid that burns blue. 🙂
    Jac: Can, if I win. 🙂 It’s a promise. I state it right here. =D
    How do you get a green flame anyway? What flammable liquid do you use that’s readily available?
    vincent: Cheers bro! 🙂
    Z0E: Zoe! You’re giving me Ideas (TM). It’s not good to be giving me Ideas (TM) coz I tend to follow it. :p
    It’s great idea though. Come, let’s do it this weekend. =D
    Your house? 😉
    I get weird looks at my condo already, I’m not doing it here again.
    YilingL: Thanks Yiling! We give it all our best here at 😉
    Unfortunate I had to do it in one take – you know where I live right since you’ve parked your car here before. Anyway, it’s to the side, at the gated community with heaps of CCTVs. I could only afford to do 1 take considering the police station is just a minute away. 🙂
    chriso: Ya, that inspired me. I wanted a blue flame instead of yellow though. I like it HOT! =D
    dymm_tuanku: It’s methanol spirits. Methanol is the poisonous one, there’s no good use to it. Drinking it is likely to lead one down a one way street to blindness (amongst other things). I wouldn’t waste good ethanol. It’s methanol, mate. 🙂
    KY: Yup, but I don’t know how to PhotoShop and besides there would be no video with photoshop. I like to keep real and reckless. 😉
    Mellissa: Oh, you’re egging me on. I am doing it, for sure. Please bail me out of jail if I call you k? :p
    tom: I’m glad I made your day better mate. 🙂
    You hang in there k?

  3. HAHAHA!!! Nice video bro!!! And she should have slammed on the accelerator la or jam the brakes on D the rev to about 3k, then release the brakes and gas pedal all the way down, give a nice burnout and tires screaching sound as well!

  4. Nice ‘Back to the Future’ effect 🙂 OK it probabaly isn’t a good idea – but what would happen if you drove over the burning trails and then filmed it as you reach the end? Flames on the tyres and trailing behind…
    OK, that probably really isn’t a good idea…

  5. Jac: Hmm…pure borax is a bit hard to come by though…not exactly off the shelf stuff unless in adulterated form e.g. rat poison.
    Juice: LOL! Guess I was the designated driver after all. =D
    Marlboro Guy: Yup, unfortunately, I didn’t really give her time to practice since there were CCTVs all around and it’s so close to my condo (as well as the police station) that I didn’t want to hang around. 🙂
    Trey: Haha! Yeah, the dreaded Methyl ring that still fucks you up but makes you blind and possibly dead in the process. 😉
    dymm_tuanku: I hear they actually mix that shit in with cheap tuak and some local liquor coz it’s cheaper than ethanol.
    Random trivia, do you know that ETHANOL is one of the antidotes to METHANOL poisoning? Coz they both get eliminated through the same pathways.
    So if you need to drink, just say that you accidentally drank some methanol. 😉
    julian: Haha! I did consider it, but it sounds like a Really Bad Idea (TM) if the fuel sticks to the tyres. It probably would self extinguish but I’m more concerned about the heat singing the paint.
    eiling: Yeah, was done in a hurry. Planning took like 10 minutes. I bought the stuff and scouted the area as I was coming home from work. 🙂
    hitomi: I can give you a Castrol umbrella. 😉

  6. Unlike regular synthetic oils like Mobil 1 and Castrol SYNTEC, Castrol EDGE offers extended drain interval protection, provides unsurpassed wear protection*, and meets the world’s toughest industry-agreed standards. Because of this combination of benefits we put it in a higher class of oil called “advanced” synthetics.
    *5W-30s tested in industry standard sequence IVA wear test

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