25 Random Things About Me

I have been tagged so many times that I feel obliged to do this. This narcissistic meme has run its course, but that’s the best time to be doing it coz I’m not particularly a big fan of doing lists. Thus, without further ado:

1. I have a problem with time. It makes me nervous if I’m about to be late so I give myself a 15-30 minute “grace period”. Even if I know it’ll only take me 10 minutes to reach a certain destination I will leave the condo at 8:15 pm for a 9 pm appointment. Cutting it too close to the deadline makes me feel like my bladder is going to void itself. :S

2. I was locked in the toilet of the local public library when I was 9 years old. The library was closing and I went to take a pee and the guards didn’t know I was in there and locked the entire place up. My mom realized I was missing and called the library people to open up the place. I was in there for perhaps half an hour and it felt like an entire night! I think a lot of this has to do with my issues with time.

3. My mom used to lock me in the store room when I misbehaved when I was 5-6 years old. It was totally dark inside the store room – it’s the kind that goes under the stairs and comes sans windows. I was also afraid of our table fan (without the protective cover) so when I didn’t want to take my afternoon nap she would open the protective cover and put the fan next to me so I had no choice but to close my eyes. The naked unmoving fins – I remember it was blue – scared the shit out of me for reasons unknown.

4. I was punished by beatings via broomsticks, vacuum cleaner tubes and belts when I didn’t get good results when I was in primary school. I would get beaten if I didn’t get 80 marks, a scolding and a good twist of the ear if I didn’t get above 90 and a verbal lashing for anything above that. Even for 99. “It’s just 1 mark till you get 100, why can’t you even do that?”.

5. I got so sick of it I threw a kitchen chopper at my mom when I was 13. I really meant to hurt her. I faced off with my dad at around the same age and totally rebelled. They never did beat me again after that.

6. My mom started to pull out her hair and cry (reverse psychology) whenever I did badly in exams after that. I think my tolerance and seeming indifference to girlfriends crying and begging stemmed from that. It just doesn’t bother me anymore coz I have been desensitized to all that reverse psychology shit.

7. I think the way I treat my girlfriends has a lot to do with how my mom treated me when I was a kid. It’s a really bad thing, all the mistrust, the misplaced anger, the suspicion, the constant demand for perfection. It drove me nuts, and I imagine it drove many of my ex-girlfriends nuts too. πŸ˜‰

8. I started masturbating when I was 7 years old. I blame a faulty shower head at the public swimming pool for my early forays into the world of carnal knowledge. The faulty faucet caused a high intensity, high pressure jet of water into my swimming trunks and gave me a “funny feeling”. I kept it there and got the first orgasm of my life. I soon started emulating it at home, pushing away the bucket we use for collecting water and went sitting in front of the tap. It worked but it took me about an hour or so to come. My parents were always wondering about my long baths. I suspect they knew but didn’t want to ask.

9. I didn’t actually have a wet dream until I was 14. I remember it being the first or second day of Chinese New Year and I came all over my pajama bottoms (I wasn’t a fan of wearing underwear). I rushed out, feeling guilty despite all the sex education I had and tried to wash it off. My dad walked out, saw what happened, and sleepily told me to just dump it into the laundry bin and change my clothes and walked back into his room.

10. I have only really loved one person in my entire life. She was 29 and I was 25 and she was perfect for me. A series of unfortunate events caused her to break off the relationship. She’s a Senior Pharmacist in a private hospital and had a great education, speaks perfect English and is intelligent to boot. She cheated on her boyfriend to be with me and she’s the only one I really wanted to have kids with. The last I heard from her, she got back with her ex-boyfriend. I can still remember her cell phone number. :S

11. I had a crush when I was 17 on a classmate, but it was just a crush and we’re still friends now. I was also recently involved with someone whom I might have loved but unfortunately she was engaged. She revealed her plans to break off her engagement to her parents and that didn’t go down too well with her parents (nor the parents of the fiance) and she was forced to go to Singapore and be with her fiance. I haven’t heard from her since. These two are the only other relationships worth mentioning.

12. I have problems maintaining long term relationships. The longest relationship I ever had was with Louisa but it was more like a friendship than a relationship. *shrugs*

13. I hate coins. I never ever use them and it just piles up in my room and random places around the condo. I only use notes. The reason I hate coins is coz they’re bulky, heavy, scratches your gadgets and they smell funny. Once my friend harvested over RM2,000 in coins from my apartment in Kuching. No shit. Granted, I have been living there for over 3 years and my distaste for coins is bound to result in a bounty like that. I gave him 10% of the harvest.

14. My favorite comfort food is stewed pork leg. I love it to bits! OMG! The tender, soy sauce marinated flesh just practically falling off the bone, the chewy fat and skin with the creamy mouth-feel, the chunks of meat soaked in slightly garlic soy sauce marinate. I can eat a pot of this stuff. It’s gonna clog my arteries, but damn, I love the stuff! πŸ™‚ I’m drooling just from writing about it.

15. I’m a very poor judge of character. I let people get too close to me and trust people too easily. It’s a very bad thing and I’ve been burnt more than a few times but I still keep on doing it. I have learnt to be more cautious in relationships though – at work and off work. I’m sick of people I consider friends backstabbing me.

16. I have a problem with people who asserts their authority over me. I don’t like people who are loud and brash when talking to me, a sure-fire way to piss me off. On the other hand I’m not too bothered by this at the office coz the real people in power are usually tactful and polite. It’s just the wannabes who tend to be insecure that feels the need to be loud and assertive. I work well with people who are polite and respectful. I have no respect for people who feels that the best way to communicate is by shouting. I usually have to restrain myself from choking people like that. :S

17. I listen to a lot of ’94 Orange County bands like Green Day, The Offspring, and Rancid. I love NOFX and have listened to all of their albums (and know practically most of the lyrics). I used to hate Eminem coz I grew up listening to Tupac Shakur but tried him on for size and realized that I relate better to Eminem’s lyrics. I don’t think I’ll be “bringing terror with this Beretta I clutch in my paw” anytime soon. πŸ˜‰

18. I read a lot of books. I have loved reading ever since I started at 7 years old. I used to read a lot of Stephen King (and have read all of his novels except the Dark Tower series) but have diversified my interests to stuff like The Kite Runner. I’m a voracious reader and can go through a lot of books in a week – I read anything from Dan Brown style religious thrillers to science fiction/cyberpunk. I love books and I love reading.

19. I could drink 5 liters of milk a day (the huge 5 litre family bottles) when I was in Australia but I seem to have lactose intolerance nowadays. I can barely drink 500 ml without feeling slightly sick and getting diarrhea the next day. I blame that on my impaired liver function.

20. I used to drink every day. I would drink every single ni
ght right after work just so
I can sleep. I realize I have a problem with alcohol and have stopped drinking every single night. Nowadays, I tend to keep the drinking to weekends. I didn’t drink the past weekend though coz I was having a fever and not feeling all that well. πŸ™‚

21. I’m paying RM 1,100 for rent for a condominium all to myself. I’m wondering if I can afford it anymore and if I should be getting a housemate to share the expenses.

22. Time heals all wounds. I really believe in that. I have attempted suicide before in my deepest and darkest hours due to the girl I loved (see #10) when I thought it wasn’t worth it anymore, that I couldn’t live without her. I’m glad I didn’t kick the bucket then, coz it feels great to be alive! =D

23. I tend to be very sleep deprived all the time due to not getting my prescribed 8 hours. I wake up at about 6:30 am every morning and I sleep late coz I have to update the blog, and get involved with other social obligations.

24. My recent favorite emoticon is the :S in MSN. I’ve been using it a lot lately, coz I’m feeling :S in recent days. Heh!

25. I’m very lazy when it comes to doing household chores. I don’t like ironing, hanging out the laundry and sweeping. It’s just not my thing, thus the rapid degradation of my living quarters whenever I don’t have a girlfriend to clean up after me. :S

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55 thoughts on “25 Random Things About Me”

  1. Yay! Finished reading. Glad that you’re still alive. I’m serious. πŸ˜‰ You’re a very special breed of human being, “wild” yet vulnerable. Take care yo! πŸ™‚

  2. what an honest review of yourself… and you really do have a wild childhood life (unlike mine which is totally mundane from studying all the time).. but the “parents go crazy over exam results” is applicable to me too (they will spank me if i get something below 80). No wonder your english is so so excellent (**envy**) cuz you’ve been reading alot.. maybe i should start to pick up this habit too…is it too late then?

  3. I readed your entry and so sad of your childhood. I see myself very bad to my younger siblings when young. Lock my sister in storageroom to punish her when mom was doing errands. Scold them badly to see myself as a bully at home and in school.
    Being a tall person of 5’8 make me feel tough at that time now not any more.

  4. Nice post about yourself! Very honest one i would say!
    and bout your apartment, seriously its not worth it to be paying RM 1.1K when you only spend the night at home. My sis paid only RM 280 per month for her room (an apartment) in KL. She stays in Cheras, just 15 mins from Leisure Mall.
    Time heals all wound. Very true. It’s been six years, and i never really forgotten about my first love. ;P
    Have a nice day!

  5. In general we are kinda eerily alike – but if I had to pick one to really identify with, it would have to be #15 – I always get burned as well!

  6. i saw nofx 3 times when i was a teenager, at one show i was in the pit and i got my head slammed in to the edge of the stage and got 12 stitches above my right eye. i got to meet the band and eric melvin the bass player got his camcorder and filmed me drunk and with blood all over me and had me say “i got this at a nofx show!” and than an ambulance came and got me. it was cool but the ambulance bill was like 500$. never knew their music reached over seas.

  7. HB, Thank you for giving us readers a chance to know you better.
    Btw, this is the Jade who has been reading sixthseal for the past six years!

  8. Very interesting post! Number 2 reminds me of something that happened to me when I was younger. I was in the bathroom of a Burger King in Vienna, Austria and the lock jammed so I couldn’t open the door. I was absolutely terrified and every minute I was in there felt like an eternity. Eventually my family checked up on me and got someone to open the door. I had a fear of being locked inside a confined space after this incident…

  9. Bro, the info you put in the meme took me aback quite a bit because it’s pretty much my story as well. I can really relate to the inability to sleep without getting hammered out of my mind altho in my case my pals used to call me “The Chemist” coz I would obsessively experiment to get just the right combination of booze, pills and other substances so that I could feel blissful oblivion. This was the days before google search, mind.
    Heh, back then, I thought my main problem was how to get through waking moments bombed out of my mind and just lucid enough to function.
    Good times.
    Not really. Heh. But I was bombed out of my mind so how would I know? Someone else’s problem, right? Ah ha ha ha ha.
    If you feel like talkin cock, bangin some balls and shakin some leg (apologies but I only sing song on my PS2 Singstar or when the fuckin demons in my fiend head starts beatin at their substance-deprived cage)… you got my number. If you feel like talkin shop, program shit, let go and let god, it gets better, this too shall pass… please see above ;).
    In the program, we say “I can’t do it but we can”. We also say “Take the Message, Leave the Mess”.
    Easy does it. If you give time time, it gets different and different is always better.
    Fuck this preachy shit. Fucking demons. Ah ha ha ha ha ha.

  10. Very interesting blog on your life. #15 – how true….
    I know there are alot of scumbags out there who thrive on making use of people but hey, it takes two to be friends, just try not to be too cynical of people.
    I too grew up with the rotan as the best friend..lot of parents are harsh taskmasters andtraumatic experiences, but I guess just let the past be the past. Time heals right?

  11. Very interesting blog on your life. #15 – how true….
    I know there are alot of scumbags out there who thrive on making use of people but hey, it takes two to be friends, just try not to be too cynical of people.
    I too grew up with the rotan as the best friend..lot of parents are harsh taskmasters and many have had traumatic experiences, but I guess just let the past be the past. Time heals right?

  12. Hi HB, it’s a very personal post you put up here,nice work. I guess there are some who would say you got a lotta “balls” to post such deeply personal stuff about yourself. And I’m sure most of your sixthseal readers are really facinated by this post. If you were going tell readers another 10 things about yourself, what would they be? And in 2014 (5years times) will HB still be the same person we know today?

  13. Hb;
    You are very brave indeed to reveal these things. I have some similar expeiences.
    1. I am anal about the time. Keep my watch and all the clocks in my house/ cars set at least 15 min fast. and gotta get every where early.
    5. When 15, came in the house, had an arguement with my Mom, and called her a bitch. Did not hear my Dad had come in behind me. He knocked me to the floor, and said ” She is your mother, have some respect, but also my wife, and nobody calls her a bitch”. Got the hell beat out of me.
    6. My mom , after that would use stunts like not speaking or acknowldgeing me for weeks at a time, if i irritatted her. I have since realized she was disturbed in her own right, I also am immune to reverse psychology, and in fact tend to view all it’s practicioners with a juaundiced eye.
    8 and 9. We lived out in the country, the big thing was the pool at the community center. I found the returning jets nice also. My Dad found me hand washing my swim trunks at age 13, and said not to worry about it. Just a part of growing up. He and my Mom slept in the nude. I do now, and when I see persons in pj’s cannot imagine any thing so resrictive.
    13. I dislike coins also. I dump change into jugs separated by copper or “silver”.
    15 and 16. The same. exactly.
    17. I like anything except opera. or non sensical rap. Too much, too good to tell otherwise. morrisette, smashing pupkins,deione,stones, styx, arerosmith, elton, cash, jones,gospel, bluegrass or blues, betoven,brhams or mozart. even some debussy or eminem. I dislike the beattles though, (heresy!!) and anything “crossover”.
    18. I like most SK novels, except I also could never get into the darktower series. My favorites were “the stand” an “pet semetary”. I also like almost anything by Garrison Keillor. I just finished ” world with out end” the sequel to “pillars of the earth’ by Ken Follet. First book I ever read was the cane mutiny, which I read while my older brother lay dyingin hosptal, and my parents did not have the bucks or time for a baby sitter.
    19. I like a cup of milk, with a cookie or sweet, prior to going to sleep. I have pretty impaired liver function also. Guess why?
    20. I find I can go 4 or 5 days without alcohol now. ciggarettes the same.
    22. Glad you are still here buddy, you have been a blessing to me, for sure. especially now, when I broke another two ribs, while only trying to help some others. A hard way to learn empahy, but effective, I guess.
    25. Sure am glad that very few persons can see my abode right now. Even at the best of times, it is a mess. Right now it looks like it was hit by a hurricane. And unil i get a little better, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.
    26. Thanks for being so open and generous in sharing your thoughts and life. Hope you did not mind my extensive reply. Glad to know I am not the only one. I am sure you will do well. God Bless,

  14. I love the 25 things!!
    Re: your long showers, I’m sure your parents just thought you were just very, very clean. haha…
    Re: milk, it’s such a strange thing that so many asians seem to be lactose intolerant. I mean, what would an Italian or an Englishman do if he were lactose intolerant ha???

  15. A very long list, and a very personal one :S
    Hmm, probably you are right when you said your relationship with the XX chromosome is a sort of manifestation from your relationship with your mother.
    I had my first experience at orgasm when I was around 9. Er, not going to tell how it happened, publicly haha!
    I hate coins too, used to go Mamak shops every now and then to exchange it when I was working in KL.
    I love SK, not religiously though. Just reading his novels every now and then. My first encounter with his novels.. his Different Seasons novella LOL! I love Apt Pupil to bits, I don’t know why.
    Ditto on #1, #16 and #25.

  16. emm i can relate to ur experience of psychological pain,now i kno,it always makes me wonder ur high tolerance for pain.sorry to kno u went tru all dat in ur young age..pretty cruel!u need to balance it out…call me

  17. Huai Bin, this has got to be one of your best posts, it gives an insight into your personality and the pain u hv gone thru’. Just remember, “trust no one”.

  18. i was thinking..when can I spill all of the things I wanted people to know? I should collect a lot of courage first,before doing so?! Darn,.I’m still 17, and I think I have so much world to discover and things to know!!!
    thanks for droppin by my blog and about the comment I’d post my response there.just pay me a visit sometimes.
    again,GEE THANKS!! tediber…

  19. Juice: Thanks Joyce! πŸ™‚
    You know me best, which kinda scares me at times, but it’s all good. It’s good to have a friend at work. πŸ™‚
    Tan Yee Hou: Nope, it was Roald Dahl… :S
    annant: Cheers bro, I poured my heart out and was given shit coz of it. πŸ™‚
    Naoko: Haha! I’m actually gonna post about that right now.
    DeepForest: It’s Not Fun (TM) I can assure you. :S
    cindy khor: It’s never too late. Start reading now, I believe it’s the best way to improve your linguistic capacity. πŸ™‚
    -=ram=-: I do listen to a lot of NIN as well as other bands that we’re both familiar with (I think). πŸ™‚
    horace: Easier said than done my friend, I signed a 1 year contract. πŸ™‚

  20. autumnmusic: It’s always real at sixthseal.com. πŸ˜‰
    YilingL: Yeah, you’ve seen the worst of me, time for you to see the best of me. πŸ™‚
    Jade Zheng: That’s why I’m so dependent on Touch N Go. :S
    cwee: It’s okay bro. Same here. πŸ™‚
    Gin: …but I don’t have the emoticon for that. :S
    Vickie: Live for yourself, my friend, that’s the only advice I can give. πŸ™‚
    chefmel: You too Mel! πŸ™‚
    I shall look for a housemate.

  21. JW: Yeah, it sucks. Wanna go to NA/AA? πŸ™‚
    Skwermy: I know! It really sucks yeah?
    seth.frostheart: I will bro.
    WEEN: Sounds like fun, my friend. πŸ™‚
    NOFX rocks, I love their music…
    …and yeah, they produce albums. We get to hear them over here too.
    Jade: Awesome! πŸ™‚
    I’m glad the 25 things got you to know me better, and now it’s time for me to get to know you better. πŸ™‚
    DG: Yeah, I feel you bro. πŸ™

  22. Reading your blog after sometime (2-3 months). And this post, I must say was good. Actually, I’m a bit lost for words here and “good” simply felt apt.
    But that is not the point. The point is, it really is good to be alve. Why am I saying this? Because a year and a half ago (or thereabouts) I attempted to kick the damn bucket myself and somehow survived.
    And it’s something like a challenge to be alive I feel. Yes, people around do give the creeps (and the immediate family even more so) but the fact remains that there is still beauty in this world and whatever these absurdities around us do, life is too precious to be wasted away or kicked at.
    I realised this when my mother died last year.
    Keep on going on. We must, and yes we can!

  23. Honestly not too surprised about much of this list HB, I think I find this blog interesting mainly because I can identify with just about everything in it

  24. I used to drink everyday too, every morning i wake up craving for alcohol. I had a friend died of alcohol poisoning and I think that’s when I knew I had to quit. I’m glad you did it too. I can totally relate to your list except for the masturbating part, hahaha

  25. Re. your reply to Yeehou. Gee! And I borrowed Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes from you to photocopy…!!! You were in Primary 4 or something then. Hehehehehehe!!!
    I know your growing years and I could see the root of yoru problem. Looks like you know to and have got most of it out in the post. Time to come to terms with the demons in your life, put them behind you and get on with your life, making the most of it… Take care, my friend!

  26. Re. your reply to Yeehou. Gee! And I borrowed Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes from you to photocopy…!!! You were in Primary 4 or something then. Hehehehehehe!!!
    I know your growing years and I could see the root of your problem. Looks like you know too and have got most of it out in the post. Time to come to terms with the demons in your life, put them behind you and get on with your life, making the most of it… Take care, my friend!

  27. Not many people realise that it takes courage to end yourself (albeit a wrong sort of bravery), but the moment when you recover, open your eyes and know you’re alive can be a life-defining moment.
    I had mine, yes, it was for someone I loved very much, even till today. I did not regret my actions but it was an experience and I learnt how to sympathise with others instead of just ridiculing them.

  28. hey huai bin! I got your url from your card at the ruumz launch πŸ™‚ this is a very honest entry, I think our mums went to the same obedience school πŸ˜‰ anyway just wanted to say that you are a very good writer, keep up the good work! xoxo

  29. Very interesting read =)
    #5 – You actually threw a chopper at your mum? No wonder she used reverse psychology afterward… lol..
    #2 – Instead of getting stuck in a toilet,I got trapped in an elevator at night once in between floors for about an hour when I was a kid which felt like forever!
    #9 – You actually felt guilty over having a wet dream 7 years later after the constant masturbation thingy with shower heads? hahahahah…
    Keep up the interesting posts!

  30. Did you or anyone knows that NoFX came down to KL for a gig(Ruums) last year, or was it the year before?
    Not much of a fan, but the show was great. A friend lost one of his slipper and I watched and talked to two dude in their late 30s in full office attire singing and rocking along to them.

  31. HulG: Yeah, it’s always good to be alive despite what the circumstances are. Six feet above > six feet under any day. πŸ™‚
    Trey: Yeah, I guess we have a lot in common. πŸ™‚
    Simmy: Haha! Nice, I quit last Saturday (lets home this lasts) coz I’m kinda scared to drive home and not knowing HOW I got home and checking the car the next day for dents and scratches.
    suituapui: Yeah, I remember that! πŸ™‚
    Yeah, my psychiatrist has talked to me about the r00t of my problems. In the process of resolving it…
    naruto: Very true, my friend. I have this really awesome website (not mine, I found it) which talks people out of suicide. It’s amazingly effective when you’re in the darkest. I’ve used it twice. Unfortunately, I was too far down the Dark Side (TM) when I attempted suicide for it to ring.
    Katherine: Thanks Katherine! It’s a pleasure meeting up with you. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚
    LynMay: Hey, I realized that we have very similar lists. I read yours too, I went at a different angle or it’ll have been the same. πŸ™‚
    vlad: OMG! I didn’t know that. I was in rehab in 2007. Alas! I missed out on their performance. Thanks for the link though.

  32. Huai Bin – Well, I sure hope you never tried to call yourself ‘Huai Bin Swayze’ when you were younger :p .. Anyway, honestly. there are couple of stuffs I can relate to your entries as well…


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