The invasion of the MSN emoticons

I’ve never been a huge fan of MSN emoticons. I think they’re rather juvenile and nearly cringed when I saw my beloved ASCII πŸ™‚ being automatically replaced by thesmiley in MSN. I have become somewhat desensitized to the cartoonish nature of the emoticon in recent times though. It’s a little like how I used to cringe at the truncated πŸ™‚ in IRC and stuck to my fundamentalist smiley – πŸ™‚ for ages before relenting to the truncated smiley.

I’ve always found the default MSN smiley a bit corny but have grown to embrace it and even love it. I have recently grown fond of theworries emoticon too – a smirk of sorts capable of expressing a wide range of emotions from distaste to worry.


The one that takes the cake is a custom emoticon (Custom emoticons! OMG! I can’t believe how far I’ve traveled down this road!) I just got from a co-worker. I call it the sideways smiley and I’m growing to like it a lot. (!)

I’ve always thought of MSN custom emoticons as the realm of pre-pubescent teenage girls and now I’m experimenting with the cursed things!


I’ve even resorted to soliciting random custom emoticons!

(and putting up MSN conversation chat boxes – ZOMG!)

I’m worried.

I fear for my manhood. worries

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22 thoughts on “The invasion of the MSN emoticons”

  1. Haha and I remember how you didn’t know there are other emoticons in MSN! I never like too many emoticons used in a conversation especially the custom ones, it’s annoying!!!!!!!!

  2. i rarely use emoticons. only to really express some emotion i’ll use it. other than it, plain text.
    those emoticons that mix up with normal conversation text is really killing sometime.

  3. I once got turned away from work ( age 18, and should have known better), cause I was wearing a “smiley face, Have a nice day” tee shirt, with a bullet hole throuh the image. But, then, I also got sent home for wearing a Bart Simpson tee shirt, because it was “inaprorpriate for a manager trainee”. I guess the most ergegious of my offeneses was when I wore a “now it’s miller time” shirt just to piss off anti war demonstators at the gate of the base where I was serving at the time. ( the shirt showed a B-52, peeling away from a mushroom cloud, and I was a 52 nuc.) I can still remember the co’s tirade “are you guys out of your GD minds… etc. I belive in freedom of expression, even if distasteful to my own code of ethicis. Emoticons are not gay, just a short hand lanugage, and I hope to see some new, really offensive ones evolve soon. Just to piss persons off.

  4. The one I have never seen on a shirt is the pic of a womens rights rally. And one guy in the back is holding a sign that says “iron my shirt bitch”. Even I dont have enough balls to make, wear, or print that on a shirt. Men just think they rule. Sorry , talk to any guy over 30, and they will tell the truth. And it is not too bad, after all.

  5. OMG i can’t believe you’re one of those people! I hate emoticons except those smileys because they are so annoying especially you can’t tell them at first glance!

  6. A lil bit of it is ok. But sometimes emoticons can get in the way of reading. I have to right click it and click copy to see the actual word behind the annoying gif.


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