25 Random Things About Me

I have been tagged so many times that I feel obliged to do this. This narcissistic meme has run its course, but that’s the best time to be doing it coz I’m not particularly a big fan of doing lists. Thus, without further ado:

1. I have a problem with time. It makes me nervous if I’m about to be late so I give myself a 15-30 minute “grace period”. Even if I know it’ll only take me 10 minutes to reach a certain destination I will leave the condo at 8:15 pm for a 9 pm appointment. Cutting it too close to the deadline makes me feel like my bladder is going to void itself. :S

2. I was locked in the toilet of the local public library when I was 9 years old. The library was closing and I went to take a pee and the guards didn’t know I was in there and locked the entire place up. My mom realized I was missing and called the library people to open up the place. I was in there for perhaps half an hour and it felt like an entire night! I think a lot of this has to do with my issues with time.

3. My mom used to lock me in the store room when I misbehaved when I was 5-6 years old. It was totally dark inside the store room – it’s the kind that goes under the stairs and comes sans windows. I was also afraid of our table fan (without the protective cover) so when I didn’t want to take my afternoon nap she would open the protective cover and put the fan next to me so I had no choice but to close my eyes. The naked unmoving fins – I remember it was blue – scared the shit out of me for reasons unknown.

4. I was punished by beatings via broomsticks, vacuum cleaner tubes and belts when I didn’t get good results when I was in primary school. I would get beaten if I didn’t get 80 marks, a scolding and a good twist of the ear if I didn’t get above 90 and a verbal lashing for anything above that. Even for 99. “It’s just 1 mark till you get 100, why can’t you even do that?”.

5. I got so sick of it I threw a kitchen chopper at my mom when I was 13. I really meant to hurt her. I faced off with my dad at around the same age and totally rebelled. They never did beat me again after that.

6. My mom started to pull out her hair and cry (reverse psychology) whenever I did badly in exams after that. I think my tolerance and seeming indifference to girlfriends crying and begging stemmed from that. It just doesn’t bother me anymore coz I have been desensitized to all that reverse psychology shit.

7. I think the way I treat my girlfriends has a lot to do with how my mom treated me when I was a kid. It’s a really bad thing, all the mistrust, the misplaced anger, the suspicion, the constant demand for perfection. It drove me nuts, and I imagine it drove many of my ex-girlfriends nuts too. πŸ˜‰

8. I started masturbating when I was 7 years old. I blame a faulty shower head at the public swimming pool for my early forays into the world of carnal knowledge. The faulty faucet caused a high intensity, high pressure jet of water into my swimming trunks and gave me a “funny feeling”. I kept it there and got the first orgasm of my life. I soon started emulating it at home, pushing away the bucket we use for collecting water and went sitting in front of the tap. It worked but it took me about an hour or so to come. My parents were always wondering about my long baths. I suspect they knew but didn’t want to ask.

9. I didn’t actually have a wet dream until I was 14. I remember it being the first or second day of Chinese New Year and I came all over my pajama bottoms (I wasn’t a fan of wearing underwear). I rushed out, feeling guilty despite all the sex education I had and tried to wash it off. My dad walked out, saw what happened, and sleepily told me to just dump it into the laundry bin and change my clothes and walked back into his room.

10. I have only really loved one person in my entire life. She was 29 and I was 25 and she was perfect for me. A series of unfortunate events caused her to break off the relationship. She’s a Senior Pharmacist in a private hospital and had a great education, speaks perfect English and is intelligent to boot. She cheated on her boyfriend to be with me and she’s the only one I really wanted to have kids with. The last I heard from her, she got back with her ex-boyfriend. I can still remember her cell phone number. :S

11. I had a crush when I was 17 on a classmate, but it was just a crush and we’re still friends now. I was also recently involved with someone whom I might have loved but unfortunately she was engaged. She revealed her plans to break off her engagement to her parents and that didn’t go down too well with her parents (nor the parents of the fiance) and she was forced to go to Singapore and be with her fiance. I haven’t heard from her since. These two are the only other relationships worth mentioning.

12. I have problems maintaining long term relationships. The longest relationship I ever had was with Louisa but it was more like a friendship than a relationship. *shrugs*

13. I hate coins. I never ever use them and it just piles up in my room and random places around the condo. I only use notes. The reason I hate coins is coz they’re bulky, heavy, scratches your gadgets and they smell funny. Once my friend harvested over RM2,000 in coins from my apartment in Kuching. No shit. Granted, I have been living there for over 3 years and my distaste for coins is bound to result in a bounty like that. I gave him 10% of the harvest.

14. My favorite comfort food is stewed pork leg. I love it to bits! OMG! The tender, soy sauce marinated flesh just practically falling off the bone, the chewy fat and skin with the creamy mouth-feel, the chunks of meat soaked in slightly garlic soy sauce marinate. I can eat a pot of this stuff. It’s gonna clog my arteries, but damn, I love the stuff! πŸ™‚ I’m drooling just from writing about it.

15. I’m a very poor judge of character. I let people get too close to me and trust people too easily. It’s a very bad thing and I’ve been burnt more than a few times but I still keep on doing it. I have learnt to be more cautious in relationships though – at work and off work. I’m sick of people I consider friends backstabbing me.

16. I have a problem with people who asserts their authority over me. I don’t like people who are loud and brash when talking to me, a sure-fire way to piss me off. On the other hand I’m not too bothered by this at the office coz the real people in power are usually tactful and polite. It’s just the wannabes who tend to be insecure that feels the need to be loud and assertive. I work well with people who are polite and respectful. I have no respect for people who feels that the best way to communicate is by shouting. I usually have to restrain myself from choking people like that. :S

17. I listen to a lot of ’94 Orange County bands like Green Day, The Offspring, and Rancid. I love NOFX and have listened to all of their albums (and know practically most of the lyrics). I used to hate Eminem coz I grew up listening to Tupac Shakur but tried him on for size and realized that I relate better to Eminem’s lyrics. I don’t think I’ll be “bringing terror with this Beretta I clutch in my paw” anytime soon. πŸ˜‰

18. I read a lot of books. I have loved reading ever since I started at 7 years old. I used to read a lot of Stephen King (and have read all of his novels except the Dark Tower series) but have diversified my interests to stuff like The Kite Runner. I’m a voracious reader and can go through a lot of books in a week – I read anything from Dan Brown style religious thrillers to science fiction/cyberpunk. I love books and I love reading.

19. I could drink 5 liters of milk a day (the huge 5 litre family bottles) when I was in Australia but I seem to have lactose intolerance nowadays. I can barely drink 500 ml without feeling slightly sick and getting diarrhea the next day. I blame that on my impaired liver function.

20. I used to drink every day. I would drink every single ni
ght right after work just so
I can sleep. I realize I have a problem with alcohol and have stopped drinking every single night. Nowadays, I tend to keep the drinking to weekends. I didn’t drink the past weekend though coz I was having a fever and not feeling all that well. πŸ™‚

21. I’m paying RM 1,100 for rent for a condominium all to myself. I’m wondering if I can afford it anymore and if I should be getting a housemate to share the expenses.

22. Time heals all wounds. I really believe in that. I have attempted suicide before in my deepest and darkest hours due to the girl I loved (see #10) when I thought it wasn’t worth it anymore, that I couldn’t live without her. I’m glad I didn’t kick the bucket then, coz it feels great to be alive! =D

23. I tend to be very sleep deprived all the time due to not getting my prescribed 8 hours. I wake up at about 6:30 am every morning and I sleep late coz I have to update the blog, and get involved with other social obligations.

24. My recent favorite emoticon is the :S in MSN. I’ve been using it a lot lately, coz I’m feeling :S in recent days. Heh!

25. I’m very lazy when it comes to doing household chores. I don’t like ironing, hanging out the laundry and sweeping. It’s just not my thing, thus the rapid degradation of my living quarters whenever I don’t have a girlfriend to clean up after me. :S

Krazy quiz bonanza

krazy quiz bonanza

I’m going to do something I haven’t done since the start of this
blog – I’m actually going to do them 20 question type quizzes! I’ll
grab a couple from my Friendster bulletin board and do them as quick as
I can. Why? I fear that if I stop thinking, my brain will explode. On
with the quizzes!

1. NAME: Huai Bin

2. DO YOU THINK YOU’RE NORMAL: It would be a stretch to claim that I am…in plain English, no.

3. DO PEOPLE FIND YOU STRANGE: That’s what they always tell me.

4. DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD: It depends on when you ask me…the faith
in a divine creator is linked to the simple physics equation that
dictates force in relation to speed and mass.
Let’s assume that force (faith in God) is constant (well, there was a
study that suggests the human brain is wired to believe in a superior
divine being…), so speed and mass are the influential denominators.
Thus, if force is constant, pushing an apple would be easier than
pushing a watermelon. This is because speed and mass is inversely

This example also can be used literally. The more…er, speed, shall we say, is involved, the less likely I will be going to mass (church service) because that would be…well, a drag
(refer to force). Thus, the more speed I have, the less mass I’ll need
to achieve force (in this case, I probably think I’m God). I haven’t
really tested this out in the other direction though, I loathe to think
of sitting through mass.

However, if I’m sober when you ask me, I’ll just say “Yes” to make you go away.

5. DO YOU SING A LOT: Yes. I dare say that some of my exultations
would not be classified as “singing” though. I broke into song just
this evening, I was so excited about the shimmering prism waiting for
me at home…I savagely butchered through the lyrics of what I call Track 8 from Umph in guttural loud growls while thumping
on the steering wheel. I was so into it, I was SHOUTING “LA LA LA LA LA
THREE…” and I turned to the left, where there was a man driving his
wife and daughter home, and the daughter was positively gaping at me
while her mom nudged her so she won’t stare. That’s how loud I was
singing…people in other cars hear me. I didn’t miss a beat and
SCREAMED “KICK IT! LA LA LA I’M ON A MISSION!” so hard it probably
contorted my face into monster like proportions because I made them
jump. I was still pounding away at the steering wheel as I drove away
from the apparently immobilized vehicle.

Ask them if I was singing?

6. DO YOU BACKSTAB: I don’t. I’ll say it in front of your face.

7. ARE YOU A GOOD FRIEND: No, I’m afraid not.

8. ARE YOU IN LOVE: This question is rather ambiguous…it doesn’t
state the object of affection. Please ask “…with rocks?”, “with your
girlfriend?”, or something like that.

9. ARE YOU YOUNG: 23. To use a cliche, I’ve learnt a lot and I still have a lot to learn.

10. EVER BEEN A LEADER OF SOMETHING: Yes, lots of things. All of them unsavory.

11. EVER KILLED A LIVING CREATURE: I think the question would be
better phrased as “killed someone”. Who hasn’t killed a “living

12. LAST ODD THING DONE: This quiz. I haven’t done this in a long time and I’m not the type to do it.

13. DO YOU WEAR MAKE-UP: Last time I wore makeup was for a class production…so, no.

14. DO YOU REBEL: I would for a good cause. Even for a bad one. πŸ˜‰

15. EVER STARTED A FIRE: What is this? Questions for children or
people of under average intelligence? Yes, I have started a fire. I
like fires. Ignition, they call it an obsession, but I think it’s kinda
bitchin’, I think it’s kinda neat!
The question would be better phrased as “Ever committed arson?”

16. DO YOU THINK YOU’RE EVIL: Everyone has the potential to be evil,
under the right circumstances. Man is inherently evil, and don’t you
think otherwise. You can be evil too.

I’m not though. I don’t think I am anyway.

17. DO YOU LIKE LYING: No. It’s inevitable that you’ll get caught up
in it. It is sometimes necessary though. Just ask veritas. Oh what a
tangled web we weave, when we conspire to conceive.

Please don’t correct me on that quote. I know it’s not how it really goes. I like this version just fine. Let it be.

18. DO YOU REGRET: Regrets, I’ve had a few. I don’t think about them
though…I technically can’t, since I’m on high dose benzodiazepine
therapy. It’s very easy to forget things. Just take a fistful of Xanax.

19. DO YOU HAVE A BESTFRIEND: I guess he does fit the definition “best friend” the most…

20. DO PEOPLE HATE YOU: Yes. I don’t give a fuck though. You can’t expect everyone to like you.

21. DO YOU HATE PEOPLE: Of course. I hate a lot of people.

22. CAN YOU KILL SOMEBODY: Hmm…I place little value on the human
life…so yes, I will if the situation warrants it. I’ll only do it for
a good reason (pissing me off is a good one) and if I’m fairly sure
I’ll get away with it. Or for self-defense. A lot of people confuse
“can” and “will”. It’s one thing to think you can and freeze up when the moment comes. It’s another thing to know that you will

23. DO YOU CUT YOURSELF?: Nope. Why waste the energy when there’s plenty of people out there who’s willing to do it for you? πŸ˜‰

24. EVER TASTED BLOOD: Yes. Tastes like chicken. Oh wait…blood, you said? That tastes like metallic water.

25. DO YOU CARE WHAT OTHERS MAY THINK OF YOU?: I think everyone does
to a certain extent. I don’t care about the opinions of people I don’t
like, but I do care about the opinions of people I like. Well, a couple
of them anyway.

26. EVER DONE ANYTHING OCCULT: That is so adolescent angst type
behavior…been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, and it says “The
occult – Admission only for kids 14 years and below”.
What? Do you think chanting paeans to Satan to bring misfortune over
your enemy while killing a goat will get you anywhere? Just take your
knife and do it yourself, pussy.

27. ARE YOU GOTHIC: Gothic people are lame. Please see #26 for the reasons.
“The world is a depressing dark void?”
I heard that real Goths (haha) commit suicide. Are you hardcore enough, goth?
The final exit?
Dare you do it?
A) Yes
B) No
Bitch…please, you’re not goth, STFU and go away.

28. CONSUME DRUGS: I don’t need to answer this, I presume. It’s pretty obvious that I do.

29. WHAT DO YOU WEAR: I like to wear pajama pants. I can’t wear it all the time though.

30. YOUR SKIN COLOR: I’m Chinese. Does that make me yellow? I don’t have jaundice.

31. DO YOU LIKE THE SUN: Hell, no. It brings into stark relief what
the darkness hides. It also brings out the Shadow People and makes me
disoriented. Go away.

33 .HAVE YOU LOST SOMEONE YOU LOVE: Hmm…I’ve been dumped before, if that’s what it means.

Oh, grief…I thought this was a trick question, asking about some
random guy called GRIEF. Well, grief doesn’t feel all that good, so I
suggest leveraging modern pharmacology and make grief go away with the
various substances that the wonderful world of chemistry has given us:

Things to avoid:
May greatly exacerbate grief during the comedown.
2. Alcohol
Because you’ll regret it the next day.

Things which may work:
1. Psychedelics which are not emphatogens
LSD/magic mushrooms to make you reflect on your grief and deal with it.
Ketamine to dissociate yourself from grief. Both to scare yourself

35. YOUR ROLE MODEL: I don’t have one.

36. YOUR HEART DESIRES TO BE WITH WHOM: The one who can save me,
rehabilitate me and walk with me down the right path. The loyal,
fiercely loving and protective savior who can pull me up from the one
way spiral downwards. Hail Mary!

37. YOUR LISTENING TO: Feng tau music at a volume which will cause
auditory damage on extended periods of exposure. You have to shout a
bit to get my attention.

38. DO HATE YOURSELF: Heh. It’s funny, this question cropping up. Yeah, I guess I do, or else I won’t be so self-destructive.

39. DID THIS QUIZ MAKE SENSE: I’ve never seen one that does. It was
great knowing you though, you gave me a chance to say things I normally
won’t blog about.

40. PARTING WORDS: For God sent his Son to lead the wild into the ways of the Man…follow me!

41. WHO DO FEEL LIKE KILLING RIGHT NOW?: I can think of a couple of
people off the top of my head, but no way I’m telling, this might be
construed as evidence for premeditated murder if the worse should
happen. πŸ˜‰


I don’t know if this is meant for substituting the letter of the
alphabet for something else or using the same form words, but
precedence seems to suggest it’s a pre-formed quiz, so here goes:

A – Age: 23

B – Band listening to right now: It’s not a band…feng tau music.

C – Career in future: A job that pays me an obscene amount of money to do nothing.

D – Dad’s name: It’s the same as mine, Mr. Poh.

E – Easiest person to talk to: Ah Boon

F – Favorite song at the moment: Moonlight Shadow from a feng tau compilation. It’s very uplifting.

The last that ever she saw him,
Carried away by a moonlight shadow.
He passed on worried and warning,
Carried away by a moonlight shadow.
Lost in a river last Saturday night,
Far away on the other side.
He was caught in the middle of a desperate fight,
And she couldn’t find how to push through.

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Worms. Bears are harder to eat.

H – Hometown: Sibu, Sarawak.

I – Instruments: I did piano till Grade 4, memorized some strings on an electric guitar. That’s it.

K – Kids: I don’t think I’ll be a good parent at this stage in my life…

L – Longest car ride ever (longest trip by car): From Sibu to
Kuching and back up right to Kota Kinabalu, passing Brunei and back
down again. The kilometer count goes well into the four digits.

M – Mom’s name: Mrs. Poh, like mine, except she has a Mrs instead of a Mr suffix.

N – Number of siblings: 1 – “my doctor sister”, as I like to call her.

P – Phobia[s]: Getting infected with HIV, spiders, etc. etc. I’ll still be here writing if I’m going to put everything down.

Q – Favorite Quote(s): Condemnant quod non intellegunt. It’s Latin for “They condemn because they do not understand”.

R – Reason to smile: Crystal.

S – Song you sang last: That moonlight shadow song.

T – Time you wake up: I did not go to sleep and I don’t plan to.
However, the answer is 7:06 AM on normal weekdays. I don’t sleep in the

U – Unknown fact about me: I was so vain I had three facial moles
removed by a surgeon (who charged RM 100 each) when I was 13 and two
more when I was 17. I didn’t want to go to a quack doctor, so I went to
a real surgeon who did proper incisions and stitches. There you
go…bet you didn’t know that.

V – Vegetable you hate: I don’t like most vegetables…

W – Worst habit: Choosing the path of least resistance when it comes
to my substance dependency…and you know which way that is…

X – X-rays you’ve had: I’ve had several…first one was for my
application for PR (Permanent Residence) status in New Zealand when I
was 13.

Y – Yummy food: Chinese.

Z – Zodiac sign: Aries. The first sun sign in the zodiac. The color
of Aries is usually red, and that reflects in the blog design. I think
the best phrase that I found sums up my personality is this column
where it said to Aries – “You like extremes.”

This one is fitting too:

Adventurous and energetic
Pioneering and courageous
Enthusiastic and confident
Dynamic and quick-witted

Selfish and quick-tempered
Impulsive and impatient
Foolhardy and daredevil

Traditional Aries traits.

Next! Oh, and last!


FAVORITE number?
3 and 5

FAVORITE time of the day?
5 o’ clock onwards…

FAVORITE friend?
I don’t have a “favorite” one, people change, friendships change, the
answer would be different the next time you ask, so there’s no point in
answering this.

FAVORITE weather?
Cold, cold, cold. πŸ˜‰

I have the same answer to this one as to the “FAVORITE friend” question. These things are too dynamic.

Tweaking, writing while tweaking, just tweaking, tweaking with tweaking, and oh, tweaking.

Red. Black runs a close second though.

Sheesh, don’t ask me now, everything sounds bad to me. No food! Food is bad. Urgh…

FAVORITE expression?
Tabula rasa. Literally. That’s “blank slate” for the three of you who didn’t know. Yeah, you, don’t look away.

FAVORITE website?
sixthseal.com πŸ˜‰

FAVORITE book/magazine/newspaper?
Well, I’ve considered many books to be my favorite books in their time. It’s another unanswerable question.

I don’t like it per se, but it’s the perfect theme song to my life.

Green Day – Geek Stink Breath

I’m on a mission
I made my decision to lead a path of self destruction

A slow progression
Killing my complexion and it’s rotting out my teeth…

I’m on a roll
No self control
I’m blowing off steam with methamphetamine

Well, I don’t know what I want
That’s just all that I’ve got…
And I’m picking scabs off my face…

Every hour my blood is turning sour
And my pulse is beating out of time
I found a treasure filled with sick pleasure, and it sits on a thin white line

I’m on a mission
I got no decision
Like a cripple running the rat race

Wish in one hand, shit in the other, and see which one gets filled first.

FAVORITE resto/fastfood/coffee shop?
I can just eat anywhere when I want to eat…I’m not a picky eater.

FAVORITE holiday/occasion?
Chinese New Year.

FAVORITE thing/possession?
Digital camera.

FAVORITE exgirlfriend/exboyfriend?
Oh, I’m not going to touch this one with a foot long pole…

FAVORITE get-up?
Slacks, t-shirt and sneakers.

FAVORITE past-time?
Figuring out ways to overcome sobriety.

Right now? It’s in this chair, in my room. I don’t want to move.

Quiksilver. Just coz of the reasons I bought them – ran out of clothes on top of Mt Buller while skiing and snowboarding.

I don’t watch TV.

FAVORITE radio station?
I don’t listen to the radio…

FAVORITE embarrassment?
The time I went on a high dose shrooms trip and took a hit of nitrous
oxide and achieved total mind-body separation. Those are fancy words
for “the time I embarrassed myself in front of innumerable strangers
and friends while totally fucked up on magic mushrooms”.

FAVORITE gift that you received?
I don’t have one…but it’ll always make me happy when it’s from someone unexpected.

FAVORITE member of the family?
Hmm…I don’t know…they’re all great in their own way.

FAVORITE gift that you gave to someone?
My trust.

FAVORITE person (last month)?
I really can’t think of any…

FAVORITE person (at present)?
It’s hard to think of one…I’ll go for Ah Boon, he has this knack of knowing when I’m in the mood to talk.

FAVORITE fad/craze nowadays?
Beats the shit out of me…I don’t follow fads or crazes.

Seizure Chicken. It’s this game where low seizure threshold people
(like benzodiazepine dependant people) increase their chances of a
seizure by taking a substance that lowers the seizure threshold further
(like crystal methamphetamine). It’s like playing chicken with a
seizure…you basically tweak for as long as possible while not taking
benzos. Fun, fun, fun!

World peace.
Yeah right, fuck that altruistic shit.
I want people to remember me for the great things I did (which numbers at zero, on last count) after I die.

Last words:
For God said He would send His one begotten Son to lead the wild into the ways of the man…follow me…
Eat my flesh, flesh and be my flesh…
Come with me…
Hail Mary!

Minishorts grills sixthseal.com

I actually replied the interview questions some days ago but didn’t
even have time to post it up until now. My apologies for the sporadic
updates, it’s like work come back sleep repeat. Thank God it’s Friday

1. Alright, tell us how the hell you got to know someone like Veritas?

I’ve known him for ages…I don’t choose certain types of people to
hang out with, but I do tend to gravitate towards recreational drug
users and what people would call Ah Bengs because I don’t enjoy the
company of pretentious people. I’ve mentioned this before, I don’t like
to dress up and sit down at some yuppie bar and try and look cool and
pick up chicks. That is not my scene. I noticed that even though
society brands these subcultures as “bad”, on a personal level, the
company is much more enjoyable than the pretentious people, these are
the people who go all out and have fun. =D

The above paragraph is full of assumptions and sweeping statements
though, so take it as you will. The main reason is because we share key
interests – pharmacology, photography and traveling. I feel like I’ve
know him all my life.

2. How do you separate yourself from Veritas, as in, don’t you get urges to become like him?

This is a somewhat strange question to answer. I can honestly say
that I don’t have any urges to become like him, because I don’t need
to. I’m not living voraciously by proxy, if that’s what the question is
about. I don’t think we have any identity crisis issues, we know who we
are and what we are, so no one gets any urges to be anyone else. πŸ™‚
There is no need to. Unless there’s some Dr. Huai Bin and Mr. Veritas
thing going on that I’m not aware of. πŸ˜‰ I kid.

3. Does your girlfriend approve of your friendship with Veritas and the fact that you are hosting Veritas?

No. My parents are against it too, they all insist that the drug
posts would get me into trouble one day because veritas is essentially
a Keyser Soze, there’s no information about him anywhere on both the
sites and my friends have expressed concern that I might be held
legally liable for the posts which he makes, since I own the copyrights
to all of his writings and photos.

I have been under a lot of pressure to drop veritas, but this is
where I put my foot down – veritas can post all he wants as long as he
wants. I defend him because he’s my content provider. All veritas posts
are copyrighted by sixthseal.com, he relinquishes all intellectual
property rights to me. That is why I protect him and that is why he is
here to stay. Well, not here as in sixthseal.com, here as in
castitas.com. People have constantly asked why I bend over backwards
for him. This is the reason.

4. KL, Melbourne, Sarawak— what do these three places mean to you?

Kuala Lumpur
There’s always something going on somewhere. It’s easy to lose yourself
in the crowd. Choo Ki has kindly warned me about how KL is different
from other places and she’s right. I like KL because of the anonymity
it provides. Back in Sibu, you can hardly do something without word
getting back to people who you wouldn’t want to know the next day.
However KL is in Malaysia and that is a big minus due to the nature of
my interests. Malaysia is home though, and it’s where I want to be
despite the draconian drug laws.

Lovely Melbourne…ah, what sweet memories I have in the three years I
was there. The laws are reasonable and there are a lot of checks and
balances in place to provide a sense of security. The rave scene is
great and the availability of things is greater than Malaysia despite
the fact that Australia is essentially a big island. There’s also
something happening somewhere every day, so you won’t be bored. A place
where you can do the 4:20 in peace, unlike Malaysia.

This is really home. It would likely be the place where I’ll be when I retire. Rx meds without a prescription anyone? πŸ˜‰

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’ll be working in an administrative position, and I’m aiming for a
monthly paycheck which has the same number of digits and first number
of what Wena is earning now. :p I will most likely still be in KL. I
would have finished my Masters degree by this time (or I will kick my
own ass) and would probably go for a doctorate just so I can go “That’s
DR Poh, not Mr Poh.” πŸ˜‰

Thanks to minishorts
for the difficult to answer questions. Remind me to go for confession
this Sunday. I have to sleep now or I’ll be late for work tomorrow so
I’ll reply all comments tommorrow. Sleep beckons me…

Math is not my true calling

The Roberts Hall annual photos have finally been distributed today. It’s huge so I had to scan
it in two sessions, thus the join flaw. I had to collect mine from the College Head’s office
though, because I put A$10 short into the envelope. Heh. Apparently A$17 +A$23 equal A$30 to me.

Well, this week was “Hall in the Wall” week, where Roberts Hall resident artists display their
works in the common room. I liked this one the most:

It’s an artificial pond, set right in the common room. It even has pond scum, cigarette butts,
coins and other miscellaneous rubbish in the pond for a realistic feel.

Here’s a closer look.

Anyway, I got this chain email today. I’ve gotten it twice before, but I’m in the mood to answer
it today, so here goes:

Do you think that you do not understand your friends at all? Maybe you
should do something to make them know you better. If you have the time to
spare then, reply to this.

Okay, here’s what you’re supposed to do. Please DO NOT be LAME and spoil the

Copy (not forward) this entire e-mail and paste it onto a new e-mail that
you will send.

Change all of the answers so that they apply to you and then send it to all
your friends.

The theory is that you will learn a lot of little facts about your friends.

( Caution, can be quite scary!)

**Remember to send it back to the person who sent it to you.


>What is your name?

Poh Huai Bin

>What color pants are you wearing right now?

Light brown pajamas with a Star of David and double concentric circle pattern. It’s comfortable.
I like wearing pajama pants even when I’m not going to sleep. It’s my favorite at-home

>What are you listening to right now?

Religion’s All Ages
[badreligion.com]. The track Winamp is on now is Against the Grain. One
of my favorite Bad Religion songs. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a punk band with oddly
intelligent and thought provoking lyrics.

>What are the last four digits of your home phone number?

I don’t have a home phone here. The last four digits of my cell phone number is 7474. It’s

>What was the last thing you drink?

Vanilla Coke. The vending machine outside the common room has dedicated two whole slots to
Vanilla Coke. Those slots used to hold Diet Coke. Now you only have a choice of (original) Coke or
Vanilla Coke. Useless fact: A 600 ml bottle of soda costs A$2 from a vending machine. It’s
interesting to note that sodas and mineral water comes in 500 ml bottles in Malaysia while it comes
in 600 ml bottles here.

>If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Red. Fiery, passionate and the first one to get colored down to a nub.

>Where do you plan to go on your honeymoon?

I’ll start with Venice. Then it’s off to Rome and Egypt to see the Colosseum and the
pyramids. And of course, the Bahamas [bahamas.com] to wind up the trip. Now, it’s just the
question of how I’m going to fund that. =D

>How is the weather right now?

Slightly cold. It was a scorching 30 Celsius this afternoon. Showers towards the end of the
evening and through the night brought it down to 14 Celsius.

>Last person you talked to on the phone?

My girlfriend. I talk to her every day. It’s a good thing calling cards go for 6.3 cents
per minute. That’s the GPS phone card after a 10% discount from my campus phone shop. The listed
call rate is 7 cents.

>What’s the first feature you notice from the opposite sex?

The eyes. They’re the windows to the soul and everything. =D

>Do you like the person that send you this?

He’s the one on the right.

Yeah. I’d known him since primary school. Heh. Last memorable trip we had was to Sarikei. Read
about that here [sixthseal.com].

>What’s your best birthday present ever received?

I have a real sweet tooth and there was this one time where my father bought a lot of imported
chocolates for me. I was about 10 or 11 at that time. He claimed to have bought it from Kuching (he
just came back from a trip there) but the price tag shows a KL store name. I knew it was a KL store
name because he went to KL some time ago too and came back with chocolates with the store name’s
price tags on it. Hmm…I thought. He must have hidden it somewhere in the fridge. I decided to
root through the refrigerator just in case there were more from that batch and came up with another
stash of chocolates. I’ll never forget the slightly chagrined yet amused expression of my father
then. Heh. I guess it was the memory that made it the best birthday present.

>How are you feeling today?

Pretty good actually. I didn’t get much work done though. I just came off a Simpson’s
marathon where I watched 10 episodes back to back. Downloaded them from the halls network.

>Your favourite drink?

Coffee. It’s perfect for a stimulating boost.

>Your favourite alcoholic drink?

Midori Illusions are pretty nice. Easy to down quickly because they’re not really fizzy
and I couldn’t taste the alcohol in it too. You have to love the twist off cap as well. I hate
having to search for a bottle opener. I like plain old beer tool.

>How do you eat an Oreo?

I put the whole Oreo into my month and crunch it. When I was young, I used to break open
the biscuits, eat the cream filling and discard the biscuits. Heh. Oreos are good in McFlurries as

>What’s the next CD you’re going to get?

I stopped buying CDs ages ago. MP3s are more versatile and uh, it’s free. πŸ˜‰

>Hair color?

Black. I usually color it light brown but I couldn’t be bothered to do that after my haircut a
couple of days ago.

>Eye Colour?


>Do you wear contacts?

No. I actually have severe myopia in my right eye. Anything more than half an arm’s length away
is totally blur to my right eye. However my left eye has near perfect vision and compensates for
that. Thus, I don’t need any prescription glasses or contacts. My optometrist did advice me to wear
one, but I didn’t, and it didn’t get any worse. At least, I hope it didn’t. =D

>What’s your favourite month?

I don’t have a specific month but I love the end of the year period right through to Chinese New
Year. That time is usually spent with my girlfriend, friends and family. Unfortunately, I won’t be
coming home until late January/early February this year. πŸ™ I’m taking Industrial Experience, which
requires me to stay back for summer. Please shed a few tears for me.

>What’s your favorite food?

I find that I crave kampua mee the most. It’s a local dish from my hometown. Basically its
noodles flavored with soy sauce, chili, green onions, fried onions, pork oil, and lots of MSG. It’s
usually served with slices of BBQ pork but you should order another dish of pien nuk (pastry
stuffed with meat) for the best effect. Simply divine. Damn, my saliva glands are working overtime
now, just by typing this.

>Last movie you watched?

Lik Goo Lik Goo San Nin Choi (Fatt Choi Spirit). A fun movie about mahjong meant for
Chinese New Year.

>What’s your favorite date of the year?

Chinese New Year’s eve. Since it follows the lunar calendar, the date changes every year. It’s
the time where all the extended family gathers together for a reunion dinner.

>Are you shy to ask someone out?

Nope. I have a girlfriend though, so I don’t do this anymore.

>Do you like scary or romantic movies better

I like all movies. Even pretentious art house flicks. =D

>Would you prefer hugs or kisses?

I like them both, but if I had to choose, it’ll be hugs. It feels closer somehow.

>Relationship or one night stands?

Relationships. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t go for one night stands.

>You prefer chocolate or vanilla?

In ice cream? Vanilla. It seems less cloying than chocolate and more versatile.

>Do you want your friends to write back?

Sure. It will be interesting to see what everyone’s response is.

>Who is most likely to respond?

I’m posting this on my blog instead of forwarding this, so probably no one. However, feel
free to cut and paste the questionnaire and revive it as an email. Hmm…now that I think of it, I
might as well keep the chain going.

>What book are you reading now?

I just finished Robert J. Sawyer’s Calculating God [sfwriter.com].
I’m either going to start on Greg Bear’s Darwin’s Radio
[gregbear.com] or Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. My interests mainly lie in Science
Fiction and Horror, but I do read other genres from time to time. I tend to average about one
book in two weeks. I only read during my commute and in the toilet, unless I’m finishing the
book soon or I can’t put it down. I read ebooks via WordSmith on my Palm m505.

>What’s your favourite board game(s)?

Monopoly. I can be a bit of a bastard when playing Monopoly too. Heh. I try to snatch up
every color coded real estate and never relinquish it to avoid other people from building houses.
Railways are my favorite too, I’ll pay exorbitant amounts just to control all four.

>What’s your favourite magazine(s)?

Hmm…I don’t read much magazines here. But we have Time, Asiaweek (now defunct), National
Geographic, and Reader’s Digest back home. I like reading Time but by the time (haha) the magazine
is out, I’ve already read the news ages ago online. The only magazines I’ve bought here are
Australian travel magazines. I read those for fun.

>What’s your favourite smell(s)?

Protex soap. The smell is associated with school holidays and Friday evenings where I play
computer games all day long. I made that association back in Form 2 and it’s stuck ever

>Least favourite smell(s)?

Lavender. I have associated it with depression and anxiety attacks and desperation. No
thanks. Go away lavender.

>What’s your favourite sound?

Banging gongs + drums + crashing cymbals + sounds of firecrackers. Chinese New Year ahoy!
I also like church hymns. Those make me feel peaceful and relaxed.

>What radio channel you tune in to?

I don’t listen to radio but the shuttle bus always has Fox FM [fox.com.au] on.

>Date of birth?

5th of April 1981. It’s Ching Ming aka Tomb Sweeping Day [yahoo.com]. A day where the dead is honored by having an extended family
outing to clean the tombs of the departed ancestors.

>Your zodiac sign?

Aries. I’m a classic Aries too. Represent!

>Do you eat the stems of broccoli?

Yeah. I like the texture.

>Do you have patience?

Nope. Absolutely none at all. I’m working on that though, so bear with me. =D

>What kind of people do you dislike?

Pretentious people, arrogant people and know it alls (HAMPALANG EH).

>What type of guy/girl are you interested in?

A nice, simple and trustworthy Christian. I would like my wife to be with me in life and
also in the afterlife. πŸ˜‰

>What would you do to impress a guy/girl that you like?

The most outrageous things. I also tend to hang around them for extended periods of time
to make an impression.

>How would you react if the person you like rejected you?

It won’t bother me. Different strokes for different folks.

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