penang road chendol

Eh, got one very fehmes stall in Penang Road (which is in Penang, BTW) selling cendol one.

penang road cendol

You gotta be careful ar, there are two stalls opposite each other. The other one con people one, not fehmes at all.

penang cendol

The good stall got a very damn long queue in front of it so it shouldn’t be too hard to spot k.

cendol stall

The fellas there damn fast in making cendol. Super fast. Blazing fast. Lightning fast.

penang famous cendol

I have run out of adjectives. My England not so powderful today k.

cendol workers

Dun play play, they can make your cendol while taking orders and collecting marney one.

eating famous cendol

Each bowl RM 1.70. Damn nice when the weather is hot. Syok! No seating ah, no place for VIPs here. You eat by the roadside holding your bowl like everyone else.

cendol pck

This stall so fehmes even Phua Chu Kang visit one k?

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26 Responses to “Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol”

  1. wah so fehmes, i also must go and try! Lol

  2. I tried the other stall next to it, tastes exactly the same. lol

  3. they recently open a shop down the road, with a few tables to sit. Also they open a rojak stall outside the shop. The cendol stall remains same location.

  4. fuyoh! dun pray pray, best in penang ah must go try

  5. I’ve tried this wan..but according to the local…the next stall tasted better….

  6. i did a review of this place too! I think damn overrated lah. Quite tasteless one. But gotta agree with you, their hands damn fast!

  7. I tried this before, it’s nice!! If i’m not mistaken, they charged more if you ordered from the shop, 20 or 30 cents more..

  8. There is seating and there is place for VIP with fans further down :P
    It’s nice, but it still can’t beat Jonker 88 in Malacca!

  9. Wah nice meh? I love cendol. My fav is the ones in Jonker Street, Malacca. Will try this one when go to Penang.

  10. eiling: Yup, it’s the most fehmes cendol in Penang. I read that in the guide brochures and the in flight mag. :)
    KY: Must be some corporate, er…I mean stall subterfuge going on there. ;)
    pulltea: Interesting! I didn’t see that, everyone was eating by the roadside. The road is so narrow that we had to siam when cars drive in. LOL!
    Darren: Haha! Yeah mate, it’s really good cendol. Or really hot weather, could be either. :)
    cwee: Really? The next stall doesn’t have a lot of customers while this one is absolutely packed. Non-locals? Could be…I heard the locals don’t eat the Lorong Selamat CKT too coz of the 1 hour wait. :)
    chefmel: I thought it was pretty good. Perhaps they forgot the gula melaka in yours. ;)
    Ya, those people are really impressive, can take orders, make cendol and collect money at the same time. Without pause!
    Jys: Yeah, that’s what I heard too – if you sit down, you have to pay a few cents. :)
    ShaolinTiger: Jonker 88 eh? Hmm…perhaps a trip to Melaka this weekend is in order. Lemme see if I have to work this weekend. :)
    maggot: Yup, it’s good. I think Melaka is more famous for cendol though, planning a trip down there this weekend if I don’t need to come in to work. :)

  11. DuKe, I wEnt lASt tImE thEre be4, Ai, YoH, sO mAny PpL, no plAce tO sIt, Wat to Du? oNly hAVe to stANd in fROnt of a veRy smElLy dRAin wHiLe EaTiNg da YummiliCioUs thE faMoussEst TeoChew chEndoL ( we Kuching ppl say Changlot one).
    Speaking of Kuching ppl, check out my latest Video product…only a Crazy Kuching guy would do this shit.

  12. i tried too…vry bad i can say…haha

  13. i miss cendol T__T. i think i have to find a recipe and learn how to make it here.

  14. Emm.. Wonder what make it so different from the usual chendol.. Always the stall foods getting famous one.. Hihi^^

  15. yummmm….. rat droppings on the chendol. ;-0

  16. PCK visit huh… never know bout it.
    can go inside the kopitiam to makan but addition cost you need to pay.

  17. Like ‘cwee’ commented. As one of the local, I attest the stall on the left which has less customers is nicer. Very strange and sad. Possibly his stall is not in that “strategic” location. Eg beside no coffee shop and also people are more impressed by bigger stall

  18. e: Haha! Hey, I can’t view the video – it says it’s been removed by the user. What crazy shit are you up to now buddy? ;)
    Kun: Hmm…I didn’t check out the other stall coz I wanted to eat at the famous one.
    cindy khor: It should be pretty easy – gula melaka (available at Asian groceries), the squiggly bits, kidney beans (if you like them), evaporated milk, shaved ice. :)
    Shirley Snow: I think Mr. Gurmit Singh taking time out of his busy schedule to patronize the outlet might have a thing or two to do with it. ;)
    DYMM_Tuanku: LOL! See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. ;)
    Myhorng: Thanks for the tip! I wanna go visit Penang again, awesome food…but Melaka first.
    eagle: Hmm…interesting that locals prefer the other stall. I went during the long labor day weekend so perhaps the people there weren’t locals. Anyway, the reason could be solely due to PCK visiting the stall over the other one. Heh!

  19. wow.. gotta try next time. =)

  20. HB, living in states make me enjoyed more your blog. Showing so many interesting things in Malaysia. This entry I enjoyed very much since there no food stalls here just taco trucks and Vietnames sandwiches and lunch trucks.
    In Hawaii in the country neighborhood there were once a man selling dim sums in two containers he carry and produce truck that sell fishes and vegtables and fruits to people in neighborhood.

  21. benjy8769: Yup, it’s awesome stuff! :)
    Erica: Thanks! Hmm…dim sum from a container being carried around the neighbourhood. Warm?

  22. great to “see” u’ve been doing the must-dos in penang..
    that cendol u tried, yea it’s one of the best, have u tried the ice-kacang in New World Park (Swattow Lane)? good shit that one!

  23. please educate me. what is Cendol? It looks like frozen yougurt or soft serve ice cream with french cut green beans. Tom

  24. My friend did not bring me there when I visited him in Penang T_T

  25. shim: Yup! I ate there too. It was featured in Ho Chiak (the TV series). We went to New World Park just to eat that. It’s nice. :)
    tom robinson: It’s a local dessert made out of shaved ice (primary ingredient), gula melaka (something like melted caramel – same taste, same texture), kidney beans and squiggly green bits of jelly (non-sweetened).
    Fumoffu: You should check it out next time you’re there. It’s awesome stuff! :)

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