jackpot yeah 1

Open Sesame mouth!

jackpot yeah 2

Disclaimer: The Xanax and Rivotril depicted in the photos above are not mine. It is in fact, very empty collectibles. Please do not zoom in or squint in any way to verify the veracity of my claims since you’ll most likely find that it is not in fact empty. In any case, I have prescriptions for both from a doctor in KL.

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40 Responses to “Oh, jackpot!”

  1. It should be noted that I have a legitimate prescription from a doctor in KL for these. I’m just not taking it so it’s been piling up.

  2. Can I have some or maybe half of them? ;p

  3. Shirley Snow: You have insomnia too? These are rather strong sleeping pills yeah.

  4. Oi, log me out from the PC before you comment bro. :p

  5. Those sleeping pills wont work on me…

  6. Shirley Snow: FAMOUS LAST WORDS! =D
    I’ve never seen Xanax or Rivotril not work on anyone in sufficiently large quantities. I’ve taken 50 x 2 mg Rivotril and didn’t sleep last time but then again I was benzodiazepine tolerant and on methamphetamine. I used to be (and still probably can) take a lot of Xanax but it puts a lot of people to sleep. These are not OTC sleeping pills that you can get from the pharmacy ya, these are prescription only benzodiazepines. Discounting Dormicum, I’ll say Xanax puts people to sleep easier coz of its anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects – which is why most people have insomnia anyway.

  7. My insomnia is different with yours… which couldn’t be cured using those sleeping pills. *special case* From yr explanations, you can change yr profession to be a doctor… And I spotted yr fave shirt again. =_=”

  8. DUDE,
    have you ever heard of salvia? would be awesome if you can get some of those magical herbs. forget xanax, go for salvia. :)

  9. hahaha somehow this reminds me of the singapore party incident :P

  10. Good ol’ High Benzo ;)

  11. Shirley Snow: There is no insomia which cannot be cured by a good dose of benzodiazepines. ;)
    No la, I just love pharmacology so I used to read and experiment a lot on it. :)
    Salvia: Yeah, the last time I took Salvia, I had a very realistic hallucination about being on a swing with my mother and sister. Interesting stuff. This was before it was banned in Australia. :)
    KY: Haha! I’m not taking it now, which is why it’s been piling up. :)
    Trey: Heh! The acronym with this would make a very lethal combination, my friend. ;)

  12. if u are not taking them, why da piling up?

  13. annant: It’s a real waste to throw it away. These are brand name Roche Rivotril and Pfizer Xanax in pristine condition. Unopened, mint. Collectibles, so to speak. :)

  14. A major coincident. I just had some Xanax yeserday to help me sleep. My psy prescribed Xanax + Rivotril for my insomnia problems. Anyway, I’ve had my months of supplies piling up too because I didn’t really want[or refused, whichever way you interpret it] to take them and my psy kept on prescribing them. I personally hated the fact that she loved Rivotril that muchhhhh. *puke*
    And yes, I agree they are great collectibles plus it’s a waste to just throw them away. Put it to good use, eh? ;)

  15. Cheers: Heh! I think we’re very much on the same wavelength here. ;)
    I believe more in Xanax + Valium (not pictured, which I also have a prescription for) in dealing with insomnia, the active metabolities in diazepam counters the crash of alprazolam. Clonazepam doesn’t do much in the way of sleep for me, but it’s handy to have around, just in case you’re going on a taper plan. That was how I managed to get off a HUGE benzo dependancy last time – Valium + Rivotril. :)

  16. Just remember not to overdose – these pills can be very addictive, with serious side-effects. Look at what happened to MJ? Sad, truly sad :(

  17. Kiran: Yeah, I’ve been…er, I mean I WAS on benzodiazepines for over a DECADE. I swear to God, it’s the hardest thing in the world to quit – tougher than heroin and meth (which didn’t give me any serious problems coz I quit meth using the classic out-of-the-frying-pan-and-into-the-fire method of getting into heroin instead). ;)

  18. Drop by your blog since 2 months ago when I googled for Panadiene or Paralgin Forte in Malaysia pharmacy. Nvr knew that such blog exists on abusing prescription drugs & cannabis..
    Sell to me la, Huai Bin. Rather than throwing it away or collecting dust in the shelf. Me too.. I do have interest in pharmacology so I tend to read and experiment on different drugs.;)
    Over hear hard to get, bro..Hopefully, our custom did not confiscated it. I’m serious but maybe not now la.. Pretty broke right nw.

  19. Mr. Fatboy Slim: Haha! I don’t sell it, it’s illegal to sell presciption drugs mate. :)

  20. Last time I was hooked on Lexotan but after a while my body got so used to it, taking 3-5 pieces doesnt do shit to me no more. Now I’m using… erm… I rather not say… >.

  21. B: Yeah, I know what you mean…after a while benzos don’t do jack shit anymore. :S
    I USED TO like alprazolam (Xanax) for regular use, midazolam (Dormicum) for sleep and nimetazepam (Erimin) for recreation. :)
    Yeah, I know The Path of Ascension (TM). ;)
    Since you’re anon, I’ll wager a guess here – you’re now on something which ends with -codone right? ;)

  22. what tge amount of rivotril and xanaz, i’m havinf a friends that ia tKIND 30 pills A DAY!

  23. BILL GATYES: Yeah, that’s not a lot – quite common to be taking about that amount for recreation if you’ve been on it for years. It gives you one hell of a tolerance level. :)

  24. please sell me those A

  25. lex: Oh, these are not mine. :)

  26. yeah these kind of medicines you may get right now, for example malaysia dont produce roche dormicum 15mg but ther is something to substitute with the same contain of it , aprazolam there is generic, xanax too, valium is like hmmmmmm stock will be there, too difficult to get local products go for made from different countries , etc dormicum generic 15mg cost bout 4.50 to 4.80 the price now, so it wouldnt be difficult right!!!

  27. J28: We do produce Roche Dormicum 15 mg. It’s available in Malaysia. :)
    Legitimate ones, not parrallel imports. I have a script for it – from a private hospital, and a lot of clinics stock it too.
    I haven’t come across generic midazolam in Malaysia but the Roche Dormicum ones is expensive. Clinics usually charge about RM 70 – RM 140 per blister pack of 10 x 15 mg.

  28. Hi! I just wan 2 know whether u guys sell tis slimming pills called Proactol? May I know d price n where can I buy it?

  29. mika: I don’t sell pharmaceuticals. :)
    That is personal use, with a legitimate script.
    Sorry I can’t be of help.

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  38. U R few chosen one by god to know him better. I was there before but unfortunately i got frequent panic attacks.

  39. hi.. do you know any pill that easy to get at pharmacy like guardian or watson? *im a ex K user*

  40. can i know where I can get xanax? and also lamictal? plz rply

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