Singapore here we come!


I am blogging this live on my Blackberry! Here’s how you can do it:


Capture It

(this is the screenshot application I use to take captures of the BB like above)


(this is a photo editing software for the BB that is used to resize photos you take via the BB cam)


I’m loving this live blogging thing from my Xpax BB Curve.

See ya in Singapore!

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7 thoughts on “Singapore here we come!”

  1. Dude, go to Geylang n try its zhechuan frog legs with broth(porridge)/rice. Ask anyone fr Sing n they would know the place…. Remember frog legs, not CHICKEN legs… LOL

  2. HB, hope you have a better time since last entry you wrote of your dad being treated unkind by hotel clerk. Yes it sometime bad due to they treat Cantonese speaking people better or English speaking. If you’re from States they think you got money to spend more nice too.
    It shallow thinking all in all.

  3. ee: Haha! I just came back from the Nuffnang awards. Didn’t see you msg until then coz it was quite a hectic schedule. Not as hectic as Korea, but still hectic. πŸ™‚
    Tuanku: Heh! Thanks bro! We’re going there tomorrow night. =D
    Got it, frog legs, not chicken legs. πŸ˜‰
    headsteadi: It’s at the Nuffnang office in KL. KL CDB area. =D
    Erica: Well, so far it’s been smooth sailing but I got shafted by the hotel currency exchange. Fuck I should have done it in Malaysia. :S

  4. rissa: You basically need a browser (some CMS like MT is easier to work with on Opera Mini instead of the usual browser), a photo resizing app (I use ShrinkIt) and optional a screencap app (Capture It). Of course a data package and you can blog from your BB! =D


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